Monday, September 28, 2015


give her a huge hug and let her know how beautiful she looks if you see her this week. :)

little things that dont fit in a category..
theres fireworks literally EVERY night
there was also a storm one night this week, it felt like the end of the world haha. super crazy weather sometimes!
ducklings are now ducks... i guess i have been here for a while.
my goal is to make no bake cookies and muddy buddies for conference, splurging at its best. wish me luck in fnding the ingredients!
this is the last week before cambios....... ahhh
crazy dog fights this week. ive officially seen a dog pinned and getting its ears ripped off. so painful ..
eclips last night! super awesome
the mision home is awesome. the temple is right outside the window. its across the street. ahh jealousy
la paz and españa is a cross street in central, hah. two countries in one place!
met a lady from england in central that doesnt speak spanish.... buena suerte, mujer
MAMA CLAWS have been coming out this week, let me tell you. i love my investigadores.

funny moments
i asked why its always a crazy storm if im sick, hna ipanaquè said its because the heavens are sad. :)
"hes got a THICK gringo accent." "hes got an accent that doesnt EXIST." haha
trying to ask what the word for garlic was, acting out vampires biting someones neck (bc garlic scares off vampires), hna ipanaquè had no clue and hna hansen was laughing so hard she cried
"theyre so WHITE!" while watching womens conference and seeing the choir
president hansen accidentally dripped ice cream on my camera. so, he licked it. i know have a lucky camera. :)

pablo, my watermelon baby, is (was) super sweet. i ate him in about... a day.
i was unnaturally calm and felt gods love strongly in a lesson that should have made me super angry. god works in mysterious ways.
finally able to share a scripture with hna estella, the tienda lady near our house. shes menos activa and super great. slow and steady, well get her. :)
im gettin more bold in my lessons and talking about baptism more.
thinking back to my first week here... i survived off a bag of peanuts, sharing with my companioñera, for breakfast for the entire week. definitely a loaves and fishes real life miracle.
hna reina gave us roses from her rose bush. super big, super red, super strong scent, lots of love. :)
hna routsong gave me her first aid kit (she wont need it, shes dying next week) and her parents are bringing me a bottle of pepto bismol. whoohooo!
hna graciela is MA, her boyfriend is an investigador. they have been VERY HUMBLED by the lord, they were in la capilla temprano este domingo, and MAN im so excited to work with them. theyyre going to be married. shes going to be rescued. hes going to be baptised. theyll be sealed a year later, and rught in time to baptise their oldest son. :) ahhhhhh so many blessings in one family!
food in the mission home is always the best. we had LETTUCE. and BACON. and BROWNIES. and HOT FUDGE. and CHEESEBURGERS. and MEXICAN FOOD.
president hansen gave all of the misioneras roses at the conference
singing with the hnas sounded literally like angels, the spirit was so strong!
hna cruz gives me so much love and support. such a big blessing.
forogt my water in the pension, prayed for help to get through the day (didnt want to break the sabbath and buy a water). the temperature dropped and we recieved three glasses of cold soda from investigators. siempre tender mercies in tu obra. <3
the moon was SO BIG last night, we watched it rise, it was SO BRIGHT, and then an eclipse. i love the sky! super grateful for the farm land area im in so i can see it all clearly. :)

entrovista con presidente hansen. im so glad hes my president, hes amazing. i trust him completely in his calling to recieve personal revelation for me. i was able to see him three times this week! super awesome. the spirit was super strong in the entrovista. he called me a "wounded warrior". :) you better believe im going to fight to the death!!
putting fechas with hno franklin, hna eveline, and hna yoseline (they really are sisters!). theyre some of my favorites, (although i really cant pick a favrotie i love all of my investigators), and well be adding hno eduardo and hna samantha, a total of 5 BAPTISMS on one fecha, oct 24. its the best feeling, watching people realize the truth and crave to make it a part of their lives forever. (literally, forever).
womens conference! because im in cochabamba (technically, just a litle outside of it..) i was able to go to the special hermana conference in the mission home with the other cochabamba missionaires. (sucre and potosi and others cant, theyd have to take an airplane to get here, our mission is.... big.) it was the pearl of great price themed. the classes were good, and it was nice to meet more hermanas and see old friends, but the highlight of the night was definitely listening to the conference itself. one hour?? no way. it went so fast but it was so good! i liked the first counselors talk the best (forgot her name, perdon..) but of course uchtdorf as well, he is my FAVORITE, we all know. i found life motos in the session and im determined to be better. super excited for this weekend!! :)

reflection time...
so weird to think im finished with training as of next week. ive learned and grown so much, and definitely in ways i couldnt have without the mission. ive seen milagros CADA dia. the fact i can speak and think in spanish is a miracle of its own in such a short time. the Lord has helped me through every step and i know He will continue to do so. I have full faith in Him and President Hansen to guide me in tu obra. theres no greater joy than helping people remeber who they are and whoñs waiting for them to return. <3

phillippians 2:14-15
phil 4:13
1 john 4:7-11. GOD IS LOVE.

have a great week!

ps, forgot my adaptor, no fotos, lo siento.
Hermana Wilson

Monday, September 21, 2015

Family, stop worrying about me!

im in the lords hands, and theres no better place to be.

i have no idea how i got sick. i didnt eat from the street, i never drink anything that isnt from the bottle (sorry, i havent been using the purifyers, i dont want to take the smallest chance). i wash my hands al the time. etc, etc, etc. im extremely careful.

i wasnt feeling too great this week. i hate going to the doctors and held off as long as i could, but... i felt like i needed to go, so we went friday morning. i took a bathroom test (funny story, thiought it was a urine test..... definitely, uhm, wasnt.)  and went on the white diet. which really isnt too bad, hna ancalle is a good cook. :)

i got my results today. no, i dont have a parasite. im to finish the medicine im on right now, and i have two other medicines that im to take, and then the pain should be gone. im going in next week after my medication is gone to check up and get the go clear.

honestly, dont worry . im OKAY.

i got a blessing yesterday from my zone leader. it was in english, which was weird to hear, but helpful bc i could understand everything. i am promised to have health, and that i just need to bear this with patience. which i am. you can include me in your prayers, but this is nothing that i cant handle.

my companion is taking extremely good care of me. i cant express all she has done for me, physically and emotionally and spiritually and mentally this week. but shes been my milagro. (her names milagros. im pretty sure i mentioned it before, but my first daughters middle name will be milagros. after her for partially, but also for more reasons.).


i love you! :)
you can pray for me if you wish, but i have full faith that Heavenly Father is with me. it isnt bc im not worthy, it isnt because i did something wrong. it will pass. He knows me. He is with me every step of the way. :)

thank you for your love and concern, but... concern no more. :)
also, your christmas pkg was sent today! syd &david, im sending yours next week. look for big brown envelopes in the mail!: )

hermana wilson

Hermana Wilson

White Diet

ive never liked dieting. but as of today, my white diet is OVERRR! here in bolivia, if youre sick, the doctors asign you to the white diet.. basically, rice and chicken and potatos without much flavor. i celebrated and bought oreos, por supuesto. :)

last week i splurged and bought Trix cereal. here, it still exists in the fruit shapes. my childhood lives on!!!
i discovered our windows are doubled (forgot the word in english). theyre only royal blueish mirrors from the outside, but inside we can see out perfectly. makes me feel a lot better about changing! haha.
they squeeze lemons for salad dressing
salad here doesnt mean lettuce with toppings. it could mean a chopped cucumber, or a tomato, or shredded carrots.
i had my first peach brain juice! its a delicacy, where they cook the peach a certain way, and it sits on the bottom of the cup, and looks like a little brain. but way good! kind of cinnomony. (from a restaurant dont worry)
pepto bismol doesnt exist here. or advil. so... yeah.
one of our investigators sons (age 2) was playing with a machete as tall as he was. talk about training warriors. :)

AUNT JUDY! you finished your book about the tabernacle temple!!! thats so awesome!!! i most definitely want an autographed copy someday! :)
YOUNG WOMEN OF ANTELOPE STAKE! oh how i love my girls. <3 i got a parcel this week full of letters from the girls from camp! thank you so much! i read them as get well cards. :) thank you for all of your kind words & the laughs. thanks for saying im hotter than brad davis and for missing cuddling with me on my cot. ;) mama molina, im sorry you had no one to arm wrestle. rain check? all of you who are considering a patriarchal blessing, GET IT. dont hesitate. i hold my blessing so sacred and close to my heart, i reccomend it to anyone whos able. the words are directly to you from your heavenly father. dont pass up that chance. and all you who are considering a mission, GO FOR IT. &pray extra hard you get sent to bolivia cochabamba bc its the best mission in the world! :)

Elder Cribbs, one of our zone leaders, remembered we had a baptism and asked us how it went. nice to have leaders that care!
dia de mexico! hna ancalle fixed the MOST delicious food, and ive never seen hna cruz (half mexican) so happy! it warmed my heart, la verdad. :)
didnt have shin splints this week!
i recieved a letter from bradley miller!
i have some real quality people that care for me here in the mission, and they came out this week (Hna Routsong, Hna Cruz, Hna Ipanaquè, Hna Ancalle and her family, y Elder Cribbs/Elder Pachas.).
i learned how to incoorporate baptism into lesson one from hna routsong during intercambios. shes the greatest!
hna routsong said i was one of her best friends in the mission. <3 i seriously have so much love for her, im sad shes dying this cambio. :/
when people can recognize my desires to serve and love my investigators
saw hna cicotte and elder wilstead (from my CCM district) at migraciones! so good to see them. talking with hna cicotte lifted my spirits a ton
bus came right when..... i needed it
veggies at dinner! oh how i miss vegetables, and how how i savor them when theyre put on my plate!
hna ipanaquè and i were the only ones who remembered hna fidelia´s birthday. she was touched. so glad we were able to help her have a better day. z3
hno humberto (the bolivian equivalent of zack ludlow) got baptized! he was our investigator, but we realized he wasnt in our area, so we gave him to the elders to teach. hes got a strong testimony!!!
the dog in our neighborhood with rabies wasnt there one day that we passed by. dont know where it went but hey im not complaining. :)
yesterday we didnt have cars again. i saw a dad walking, holding his daughter (2 years maybe) hand. she was riding a skateboard (standing on it) and he was holding her princess umbrella for shade. oh, the little moments touch my heart the most sometimes!!
i was able to recieve a blessing yesterday. the priesthood is REAL; dont doubt it for a second.
hno franklin walked with us for security wise. and while we walked we answered more of his questions. hes scared to be baptized bc he doesnt know everything, but man does he have a desire to learn and hes just golden!
we found hna yoseline!!!  shes one of the people from last week who said she wanted to be baptized. she works late a lot and her brother doesnt want her to be baptized &does all he can to stop her, BUT, as always, God wins. :)
today the zone leaders sacrificed the first couple hours of their pday to help translate for me at the doctors. christlike service right there.

so, yes, i mentioned i was sick. but have no fear, i have my medications and i should be good as new in no time. :) in my blessing, i was promised by my heavenly father that with time i will be healed. among other things. i have firm faith that whatever happens, it is His will, and i know that i will be healed. all i need is patience. :)

ive mentioned before i love my companion. but let me just tell you that this week, i grew SO MUCH in my love and appreciation for her. she has served me in SO many ways this week and weekend. from helping me take off my shoes when i dont have the strength, to little back scratches, to tucking me into bed, to putting her arm over my shoulders and physically helping me through the day... oh, the christlike love and service she has shown me. she has been so uplifting, and not just physcially. she has done her best to make me laugh, and smile, and be positive. she said that shes just trying to show me a part of the love i show her everyday, and that she knows how she felt when she was sick. in all meaning of the word, she is my milagro and especialmente este semana. <3

tender mercies from the lord, is all i can say. i dont doubt or feel alone for single second. whatever happens happens. i know He is with me, and supporting me the entire way. <3

i love you all and have a great week!
john 10:17-18 one of my all time favorites. they didnt take His life. He GAVE it. for US.
D&C 127:2
3 nephi 15:9, 17:7&10, 17:20-24
as you can tell, ive been focusing on christ this week and his sacrifice &love for us. its incredible to me how much love He has. <3

Hermana Wilson
she makes THE BEST guacamole

dia de mexico c/ hna silvano, cruz, ipanaquè, and Ian! 
she decorated and everything, hna ancalle is the best!

one day we walked in and she had made PIZZA. bless her heart. 
heres a picture of the BROWNIE PIZZA she made for dessert.

comidaaa! she even dyed the food for mexicos colors :)

 this is hna carla. she is the aunt of hna emilee (dont have a picture of her, shes  stubborn one, ill have one next week hopefully) and her two sons, angelo and irvin. shes GOLDEN. only problem is her boyfriend, but... its okay. God wins. :) 

not the best picture, but oh well. some of the best people!!! hno rider, hna gaby, and hna arlete. finally have a picture with hna gaby! i love her so much, and ive got big faith in them! hno nibardo´s heart is changing more and more every day. :) 

  one of my favorite places in barrio fabril, outside fredy/yoseline/evelines house (theyre siblings). hna yoseline took us out there with her blanket (special treatment letmetellya) and it was perfect, we related it to the sacred grove, and she accepted the invite to be baptized. :)

peru food! ft pachas. hna ancalle forgot to cook me white diet food one day, so i got to eat this! :) sooooooo grateful.

 hna yosline. oh, ive got some LOVE for her! shes a sweetheart. :) (16 años)

chistosa! take a moment and appreciate for a second that hna ipanaquè got into it this time. :) hahahha. i love it! 

  mi primera saltena!!! :) so good. inside its filled with juice, and food. pieces of potatoes, meat, cheese, chicken.. not really sure, but its su`per delish and ethnic to bolivia! theyre usually sold on the streets but the bishop who hlelps with migraciones bought us all food because it was taking a long time! delish. hna cicotte is holding the peach juice. :)

hno humertos baptism!! elder quispe baptized him, hes on the end. 
i realize it looks like im touching hno humberto.. promise im not. there was a gap. 

Monday, September 14, 2015


for you english speakers, that means "i want to be baptized". i heard that not just once, not just twice, but THREE TIMES this week. and pretty much a fourth, but in different words. ive always heard that this never happens. that its rare. and it is rare. but it HAPPENED. each time i heard it i questioned if i heard it right, but they just repeated it and i could see the literal thirst in their eyes to be a part of this gospel. ahhhh so amazing.

to my brother (others will call him my in law) DAVID for having the chance to sing in the choir and gen. conf, thats awesome!!!!!!! :) ill look for you in the liahona
to jacob barlow for landing a counseling position at antelope HS! remember, once a titan always a titan!

non important things
cultural difference #1: america is ONE continent. there is no such thing as north and south. if you come here, dont make that mistake.
cultural difference #2: DONT toss something. walk over and hand it to them. even if its a hersheys kiss. its incredibly rude and it will be as if you spit in their face.
quechua sounds like a mix of chinese, portugese, and african. oh how i wish i coulld speak it.
ive discovered a pet peeve.. dont force someone to say they "love you too"
all you people who are praying i dont get shocked, your prayers backfired and i can no longer use my shower. at all. our manager said no. so i now wash my hair in our drizzle of a fosset, it takes 30 minutes (im losing hair but its still T-H-I-C-K)
bebe 2 is lost in the calle
we need to rename devin. it sounds too much like devinia, davids daughter. any suggestions????????????????
we dont have church this sunday bc of voting
i got my measurements taken for our zones footie pajamas. by a MAN... awkward
foundout our water is expired.
hna ipanaquè really likes weener dogs. :) dejavu
month one i missed pizza. month two i missed vegetables.
ive grown to like onions.

funny moments
being told i need strong calves to play soccer, and then being told that yes, i can definitely play
kicking hno abraham straight where it hurts and him dropping cold for five minutes. the counselor of the bishopric refuses to pass up an opportunity to tell me hno abraham is going to have kids.
i had a bottle of water with the lid where you have to suck the water out. i was pulling the spout out with my teeth but it jerked and my hand reacted and squeezed the bottle. ALL. OVER. ME. all within 5 seconds, and abot half the bottle down my shirt. at least it was super hot this week.

importants (blessings)
hearing that craig and luke pray for me by ymy name. oh, how i LOVE my little brothers , and how my heart was happyto hear that. <3
got a letter from bisphaaaaaaaam
our pensións family has water again, they went a couple of days without it
i LOVE answering questions about the mission from nonmembers. its so fun.
teaching hna ipanaquè jingle bells
singing the christmas songs (himns)
hna cruz made me copies of her church movies and her CD of music
hno javier knows he was given another chance to live bc theres something god needs him to do before he dies (aka, be baptized.) . his whole family is great. he has a couple aunts, cousins, and siblings and a grandma that all live in barrio fabril.... good thing theres a temple real close too. ;)
shaved my legs!
familia rojas. the ONE member family that is always willing to help us. they arent real people ive decided. theyre angels. hno jose was the biggest help for us this week.
did service for hna delfi and were able to have our last lesson /preentrovista con antoine
both hna ipanaquè and i stopped in our tracks (both prompted) and avoided being hit. the lord protects His missionaries!
speaking of protection. we gained the mercy of a jòven and hid out in his tienda until a very drunk man with very impure intentions left
reading the bible and the book of mormon together. they truly testify of each other and we can only learn it all when we study them both. so grateful for the bible!
missionary nerd moment, in my spanish test (every 3 months on the comp) i got the querstion to tell what it was like to recieve my mission call. i got SO HAPPY haha.
one of my investigadoras has a BAD burn on her arm. it was my first time seeing it, i thought it was new. she was embarrassed. i then went on telling her about my scars andall my ridiculous stories and got her to laugh.
singing the joseph smith prayer song over the calle first in english then in spanish o the tune of come thou fount. P-O-W-E-R
fredy huachalle (inactive RM) along with three other inactives were in sacrament on sunday and witnessed antoine recieving the H.G., yessss.

what youve aaaaaaall been waiting for.. HIGHLIGHTS
the first was fidelia maraza. shes the one who said that every time she sees us she wants to be a part of our church bc were always happy. well we had a lesson this week with her and she said she wanted to be baptized, and asked how. we said she needed to repent first, she asked how. it was literally like in the scriptures were the prophets just teach the people every thing in the gospel and they believe it and gain a testimony right there. she believed joseph smith in the first lesson. she believes in the book of mormon. she believes it all! it was so tempting to not just teach her everything but she needs to pray and recieve the confirmation through the holy ghost. only way to gaina testimony.
her brother, eduardo maraza, came home and joined our lesson. i felt prompted to ask him what he wanted to tell us. and he told us, after a couple squirms and smiles, he wanted to be baptized. whaaaaat. it was so amazing. later this week we had a lesson with him and he said he knew during damaris´s baptism he needed to be baptised into this church, the true church, and he stpped going to his chrch. hes only 11 but man does he have a testimony! in the lesson with fidelia we committed him to pray about baoptism as well and he said that when he did, he felt like an arm was around his shoulders and his heart burned with fire and love. he put his arm around my shoulders when he said that and i knew that what he was saying was true. so wonderful!
the third was yoceline quiroz (sister of eveline y fredy). she came to church with antonio (a miracle) and after MMJJ (young womens) we talked to her. she had a FSOY pamphlet in her hands and she straight out told us she wants to be baptized. what does she need to do. etc. we explained we teach people lessons to help them realize the promise theyre making with God and that going to church is also part of the repentance process, and we have a lesson with her this week. bam.
last night we had a lesson with arlete and gaby sanchez, a miracle. gaby used to be taking the lessons but stopped. she had a dream that she was walking on a path and there was a serpent, among other things, and she needed to change. the spirit prompted me to testify her need to be baptized and repent. ive never been so bold, but i trusted the spirit. she was quiet, and then she said she knows she needs to be baptized,and she wants to be, but she wants to be sure. she was baptized when she was 11 (shes 16 now) in another cuhrch never thought it was actually true so stopped going (this is why hno nibardo wont give permission to baptize arlete bc like my father, he wants his daughters to be committed to what they do.) anyways, i invited her (again by prompting) to read 3 nephi 11. i told her that if she did, and if she prayed about it, she wold know it was true which would tell her the book of mormon is true which would tell her joseph smith was a prophet which would tell her the church is true. i asked her what she would do when (not if) she found out the church was true. she said she needed, and would, be baptized. we have an apt with her friday nigth. :)
last highlight, was the baptism of antoine. its the first baptism our ward has had in over 9 months. satan did EVERYTHING he could to stop it, it was frustrating at moments, but ive always been stubborn and with God´s help we won the battle and he was baptized and confirmed this weekend. :) he had the biggest smile on his face in the font. it warmed my heart. his inactive mother came to both his baptism and confirmation in sacrament meeting. a miracle, once again. solo milagros.

this week and the week before its really stood out to me how much this gospel blesses families. and just the importance of families in general. there are so many families hurting in the world. it breaks my heart but gives me peace that im able to help them have unity and love and happiness through this gospel. im so grateful for my family and all the love&support they give me.

a very dear friend to me once told me ¨the enemy doesnt fight fair¨and how, how true is that statement. especially this week. satan is real, and he is smart, and he will do everything to tear us down. but God is real. and God´s power is so, so much greater. i am constantly learning to rely on Him. there is absolutely no way i could do this without him. each day my testimony of my Father in Heaven grows stronger. I feel His love in the midst of the challenges i face and I know that He is with me as I fight this battle. (por favor, add this to the last part of blessings)
homeless man instead of being down on life and just asking for money performs for the cars and laughs and smiles and gets others to be happy too. perfect example of making the best of life. he inspired me. i prayed for him that night.

and scriptures at the bottom,
songs of solomon 2:5 sick of love!
3 n 14:5/matt 7:5 beams vs splinters
3 nephi 14-15 and matt 6:14-15 forgive others to be forgiven
dyc 84:84 dont worry about tomorrow focus on today, let go of things i cant control

have a great week &blessings for taking the time to read this,
Hermana Wilson
 really unattractive picture but a whole lotta love

mini empanadas! 

 churro chips and orchata (sp?)

PIQUE. my favorite bolivian food

 we take what we can get as far as baptism clothes. little antoine. 
oh how i love him. he reminds me of craig sometimes. he makes us laugh

take a picture with antoine and you get... bunny ears

 jovanni (dont remember how to spell her apellido) and melissa quispe 

my little worm. :) hno ian, age 2, 
the boy who gives us kisses and introduced me to my first bag of chizitos

 se llama pablo (my food baby)

like mama like hijo

 hna delfi, hno antoine, y obispo fredy torrico (he reminds me of uncle john, hes awesome)

mi hermanitas <3
 hna britanie, hna mariana, hna damaris all smashed into the trunk on our way to church with hna marianely and her novio marcelo, hna samantha, marianelys other kids hna lidia y hno fabio, y hna ipanaquè. :) 

 mystery food /veggie but it was a veggie (i think) and it was good and pablo was feliz. :)

once upon a time i discovered a new tan line... i think i should start switching shoulders

 heavenly cookies de hna ancalle. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Worms, snakes and dragons

a snake is someone who is crushing (or obsessed) with you in the mission. could be a missionary, could be a member, could be an investigator. snaking is also a verb. remember, a serpent is what tempted eve. a worm is anyone 2 yrs old and below. a dragon is an older man or woman. fun facts.

so, ive been waiting for an hour (if you want to be specific, longer) for the internet to work. my darling dearest wonderful companion had compassion on me (and my mother) and let me use her computer to send a quick email. so quick it is! im not even going to bother sending more than two fotos because these computers are ancieeeeent, hno aldo (our usual lugar) was closed today. sad.

MY GRANDPA is amazing. i love you! thank you for going to the temple so often and loving your/our family so much!
AUSTIN JAMES & BREANNA SCOTT ARE ENGAGED. what?!!! (if my source is correct). congrats best friend! (repent for not telling me yourself)
 & congrats to ryan scott on your marriage this weekend! Bryce, youre a stud looking groomsman.
EMILIO & KARLYN. i love you both and have been thinking a lot of you this week! i saw someone who looked exactly like you emilio, it was weird. stick with karlyn, shes good for you!

people know where we live. sometimes people that we dont even know. apparently it isnt hard to remember /hear about where the only choqa (quechua for gringa, basically) lives.. i asked hna ipanaquè if we could get dropped off int he concordias down the streett and walk, hopefully that will help for security purposes. :)
i ate a staple the other day. obvsiously not on purpose but i gues that shows my apetite
algunas palabras dont exist here in bolivia. including words from the first vision and the ten commandments... slightly important. its ok, we explain with other words.
area code is only for landlines. cochabambas is the number 4
i bought a bag of nuts the other day, trying to eat healthier, turned out to be the equivalent of honey smacks. not real nuts. jeffrey limary youd be happy.
lightning. lit up the ENTIRE mountain range /horizon last night. i was in love.
dia de peaton was yesterday. illegal for cars. ppl were walking and riding bikes if they had them on the freeway. suèr weird to see.
a veces the water shuts off.

funny moments
my investigator abraham just came into the same internet place were in.
"tengo 19 años" -yo. "¿¿QUE????!!" -hno saul y hna fabiola. (everyone thinks im in my 20s here)
"como se dice fingernail ?" yo "fingernail" hna ipanaquè "no en español!"

hna ancalle gave me a recipe for these cookies that taste like heaven
jose smith video made our investigators cry, the spirit was tan fuerte. hno elio y reina.
our pension was too sick to cook one day so we cooked in the house of hna cruz and hna silvano, it was fun. we also had oreos and a tub of ice cream to share, tan trunky.
hno fredy H remembered and waited for us for our cita. hes an inactive RM, a miracle we found him, i have hope for him.
hno David, our neighbor, has a LDM and told us he was reading it. he talked about how the part of nephi returning to his parents touched him. miracles. we met with him and his wife NeLinda. theyre golden.
we found a cake for hna ancalles birthday
the man who accused me of witchcraft once upon a time smiled when we saw him/said hi, and talked to us for a little bit.
i was able to ignore my pain/tears on a particularly hard day and lose myself in the work. thats a real thing, losing yourself in the work. and its so easy. my problems are so small compared to everyone elses...
weve been doing everything we can to help hna arlete be baptized, but we still dont have permission. the spirit told me that it is up to her at this point. she needs to really show heavenly father this is what she wants. i pray that she has the faith to do so.
got my alamos sweatshirt. i love my zone. theyre great.
hna liz gave me a rose from her garden. so sweet but not as sweet as she is.

sanchez family (family de arlete). we met with them for a noche de hogar and showed meet the mormons and talked afterwards, it helped her dad hno Nibardo a ton. and we have an APPOINTMENT with him on wednesday! such a miracle. and the mom, hna Marleni, said that she has hope for her two younger children (who have the lessons) and can see the difference for the good the gospel is making in their lives

hno javier is home from the hospital! such a miracle! hes on bedrest im pretty sure but compared to before, SO much better! were hoping to meet with him wednesday.

hna ipanaquè had the respect to tell me that missionaries are talking about me behind my back to her. it defintely caught me off guard. she also told me that she tells them not to talk about me behind my back and especially not to her. so much respect for her. loyalty is big for me. satan has been attacking our companionship lately but im so grateful for her love for me.

3 nephi 12:44-45 (notice its sun RISE)
ether 12:27
DyC 84:88 (thank you mom, found this one from your card)

have a great week,
paz y amor,

Hermana Wilson
 pday today with the zone. lunch, gracias a elder pachas for grilling. 
(hna larsen, hna boyle, elder pachas, elder cribbs, yo, hna ipanaquè)

look closely, i have llamas on my shirt 

 granadilla up close and personal

once you get over the fact that it looks like youre eating baby tadpoles, its really not that bad.

 hna liz. im in love with her smile

hna melanie 
i love them SO MUCH. (same girls from the hair braiding pictures way back when)

 granadillas require two hands

this pretty much sums up the moment haha

  oh, temptation. we were fasting and hna NeLinda brought us delux food.
including lettuce, which we cant eat. oh, it smelt so good. 
shoutout to debbie williams, are these the sandals you were talking about?

hugest dog ive ever met, his head was bigger than my torso. 
ive also never met a dog that drools so much

 money, falta some of the coins