Sunday, June 7, 2015


June 3, 2015


I only have four minutes. i was told to write:
"im here. i have the best teachers ever. im good. " haha so there you go!

it took a while to get here. our last plane was delayed and we didnt arrive to the mtc until 3am, give or take. i was super scared i was going to lose my luggage especially bc they ended up checking my carry on. i guess there wasnt enough room on the plane, weird. i got to sleep a little on the planes but not much. there was turbulence on every plane and i got pretty nauseas. it was a blessing for me that we were stuck at atlanta for so long bc a lot of that went away. just traveling here theres been so many blessings! its wonderful!! the Lord really does watch over his missionaries. i was alone the first flight but before my second flight i went to get a snack. guess how much my apple and box of (sour) grapes cost? 6.30 ish haha ridiculous. but while i was washing my apple someone asked are you a missionary? i turned and smiled and saidyes. it feels so good to say that! her name is hermana cicotte (sea cott) and she ended up being my companion here in the MTC! neither of us speak spanish really so well have to work really hard but shes great and we get along great! i like her a lot. i like all of the hermanas in our room actually (room 213! my birthday! tee).

well i better go! theres elders waiting for the computers. its great here! its pretty small but great! i love you both! thank you for the card mom. no need to worry anymore! THE STONE WALLS ARE HUGE haha didnt mean to hit caps oh well the keyboard is diff. givbe the boys hugs for me!

i love you! this church is true! i know more than ever im meant ot be here! my p day is wednesday.

Hermana Wilson

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  1. I'm not a parent but I love you!
    So excited for you and to hear about your adventure.