Tuesday, March 29, 2016


feliz pascua. <3

i hope easter was a good day for all of you, spent with family and those you love in rememberance of that which really matters. <3

i apologize in advance for the short email.. i promise ill write next week. and send pictures... its been a long week, and a long day, and im falling asleep just typing this.

to answer your questions you all have..
no i did not get transfered, and neither did hna lopardo. were staying here in tiquipaya for the next 6 weeks together. hna brady however got stolen from us a week early, presidente called us monday night, and it literally felt like i was losing a sister. it tore my heart a little bit but i trust its for the best. yes my health is doing well, and no please dont tell me how much time i have in the mission because i am so unready to come home (will hna wilson extend or no, question of the day!) there is so much work still left to do. yes my health is at a steady level right now, and the only thing now is to find people to teach. im determined to make this cambio better than the last and hna lopardo and i are taking steps in the right direction.

yes, i was able to watch womens conference. there is a conference for all of the hermanas serving in cochabamba in the mission home. the capcitadoras and hna hansen teach us, we have an amazing dinner (always the best in the mission home) with amazing dessert (chocolate brownie with ice cream) before we watch the conference. its a little sad to split, because its shown in english upstairs and spanish downstairs, but it was a blessing to watch it in the original format. (i probably wont be able to watch general conference in english because its dia de ... no hay trufis. well see). the conference (before the broadcast) was centered on the talk forget me not/no me olvides by Pres. Uchtdorf, and the people who know me best know that is one of my FAVORITE talks de la vida. it was simple, sweet, and spiritual (somos mujeres). there was a video hna hansen showed us about a little girl singing a song "Getsamane, Jesus Loves ME". it had a sweet message, about how truly the Salvador loves us and for that He gave His life for us. like the quote i once heard.. "he lived so He could die, so we could die and we could live" (o algo así). I know with all my heart that He lives. and that we will live one day as well. thats the message of hope i get to share every day. another thing i liked was the question "what if their story were yours?" that question can change your heart and life if you let it. its slowly changing mine, but i think it will be written on my heart forever. we can NOT look at the surface of people, we need to get to know them and see who they really are and where theyre coming from to understand and eventually love them. it applies to anyone and everyone. He didnt come to save just one or two or even a few. He came to save us ALL. and all He asks is that we follow His example, part of which is loving as He did.

I love you and hope you have a wonderful week. i beg you to prepare for conference and make it the best experience possible. go in with questions and they WILL be answered. im counting down the ddays until i have this special time to receive personal guidance in my life and lifted/strengtened with the word of God. (DyC 1:38). its such a blessing to have a living profeta on the earth today, dont make the mistake of not taking advantage of it. i was asked before sacrament meeting to give a talk on sunday about genera conference, and the Spirit led me (because i literally had nothing prepared) to testify (&testified to my heart at the same time) that because the prophet is the Lord´s mouthpiece, it is literally as if the Lord were there speaking to us. if we knew Christ were coming, to give us counsel and help and guidance and blessings, we would be there. we would be early, we would be prepared, we would be listening with hearts and hears. why should it be any different with His living prophet?

i eagerly await your experiences with conference & keeping you in my prayers as always..
hermana wilson. <3

Hermana Wilson

LOOK AT ALL THESE PRETTY HERMANAS!!! :) (taken after the women´s conference in the mission home) so many amazing, AMAZING women in this picture. i feel like a little girl in comparison to them. shoutout to hna lopardo looking like a MODEL in the front row. :)

 playing games with hna king when she had been homeprisoned for 3 days with chicken pox 
(she has hair like me. :) 

intercambio with hna parry

Monday, March 21, 2016


fun fact, the cucaracha song is about a cockroach, in case you never knew that. now you do, and youll also never forget it. youre welcome. :)
another funfact, im becoming profesional in using machettes. every service project we do involves them. but they are too efficient, if you have lawn clippers, use those.

first things first, SHOUTOUTS to two of my forever friends:
BRAD DAVIS for being an awesome missionary and hitting the big 2-0. congrats :) stay golden.
AUSTIN JAMES for getting MARRIED!!! thank you for everything youve ever helped me with and always being there/here for me, even another hemisphere away. i wish you & breanna the very best. :) (&also waiting patiently for pictures...)

funny moments..
"of course youre bigger. everything in texas is bigger, remember?" hna lopardo
ripping hna parrys headband because my head is so gosh darn huge
"what did you say hna wilson?! that elder obregon looks like a walking tree of life?!" e ziering
sometimes we do stupid things... like hna wilson, whens he didnt have a pocket, so she put the pearl in her ear, and then we almost had to go to the hospital bc we couldnt et it out. (shoutout to lindsey romero & your moms ER stories, almost made the list too)
"my stomache doesnt have an end. it doesnt matter how much ive eaten. put food in front of me and ill eat it." hna brady
"!me pincho!" yo "QUIEN?!" hna brady (thought someone pinched my rear, it was just hna lopardo.) "no one touches my hermanas!"
had the water neck pack around my neck, hna brady went to link arms with me, then drew it away disgusted. she thought i was just super sweaty. (but shoutout to hna edwards, those things are LIFESAVERS).

we wrote letters to our future selves, to open when we were finishing the mission.. it was a super awesome experience, and i felt like i was writing inspired things that i needed to hear in that long long long day away. itll be cool to open it. :) hna brady also wrote me a future letter.
hna lourdes gave us pan and palta even though she has no money for herself. shes an angel and loves us so much. she also declined a good paying job because she doesnt want to break the sabbath. :) shes got a lottaaaaa faith.
taught the familia crespo, oscar, and sergio how to cook smores in a NDH. super interesting a humbling and fun experience. :) and i also got to bless their lives with my fire making skills, thank you to my dad for taking me camping so many times as a kid. :)
i had scriptures memorized for every point and question in the lesson with hna carla, made me happy, and motivated me to keep finding more. :)
although hna brady and hna lopardo werent too happy one day this week, my spirits were kept high and He helped me stay positive and happy. super grateful for the strength He gives me.
i found a new hobbY!!! i really like picking fruit off of trees. if i ever get the chance, i want fruit trees in my backyard. :) idk why but i love it, i have pure energy and joy, and it also unstresses .me. and then afterwards, you get to eat the fruit... win win situations
hna lourdes had confizanza to tell us her hearts worst fears of dying and that she possibly has an uncurable sickness... its incredble the lessons were having with her about the plan of salvation.  i have no idea what will happen, if shell live and this is just something to bring her back to the church, or if shell die and this will help bring her family back and her husband to the church, or some other third option, but im so happy weve found her in this perfect planned time of her life and shes recieving everything we teach straight to her heart. <3 keep her in your prayers please, for whatever happens.
we made french toast the morning of interviews with the presidente and we talked about random things, including what weve learned from each other. hna brady has taught me about faith and humility, with her prayers so sincere and her desires to be better and reach her potential. hna lopardo has taught me about diligence with her goals and how focused she is on them, and her gift of serving even if theyre little things- its the little things that become big things. ive been so blessed with companions. it helped us all to focus on the positive, something we could be better with.
we had a SUPER good lunch. it was like homecooked In-N-Out and although it made me super trunky for only a second, i think hna ingrid just might have to open her own business here. it tasted better than In-N-Out even (although its fair to say i havent had In-N-Out in a while, not sure if tis a fair judgement).
ive learned being in a trio that its not important who teaches really, (of course we should all have the chance to teach), but that its more important the person who is teaching is teaching with the spirit. its pretty cool to see the spirit work in a trio. for ex.. hna brady told me there was something she really wanted to say, but i was talking, but then i said word for word what she was thinking of saying, and that it showed her i really do teach by spirit.
we found Tody! there this really amazing brand of cookies from argentina, and theyre to die for, and we FOUND THEM IN OUR AREA. :)
hna González gave me back massages in random moments of our intercambio. she knows me so well. she loves me so much. and she knows how much i love back masages. mi changita. <3
the familia crespo went to the ward activity!!!! juan, meri, adriel, jhalmar, and margod with lucas and santiago were ALL THERE!!!! solo falta la mama. :) i was so happy!!! theyre coming back, slowly but surely. :)
i found my placa! it fell off while walking and i felt like a piece of my heart was missing. its just a placa, sure, but its a part of me and i was devastated it fell off. but then Heavenly Father blessed me with a mracle and it showed up the next day in our study. no idea how it got there bu He loves me, si o si.
other personal discovery! talking with hno jose leaño in lunch, i found a newborn LOVE for history! ive never been a history buff but talking about the pyramids, and world wonders, and things along those lines.. it was just incredible to me. it also testified to me once again that God really does live. like how in some mexico ruins, the tourguide shows that theres pictures of horses on the walls and theres a drawing of a man descending form the sky, a white man, teaching the people and blessing them.... and how weird that is, bc there were no white people in that land at such a long time ago.. aka, when Jesus Christ visited the americas... just little things like that, and little evidence that the BOM is true. :)
im getting better at spanish! im able to read a lot more out of the LDM in less time. progress!!
i went on divisiones with hna valia last night and it was perfect. we only had two lessons, but they were QUALITY. one with hnita silvana, who was super nervous int he beginning but in the end she opened up a ton. we also focused on the santa cena, and hna valia had a sweet spiritual moment testifying that she can feel the difference in her life because she hasnt been coming to church and taking the sacrament- how the sacrament isnt just a five minute thing, its something taht truly stays with you all throughout the week. and then later, whenw e found the parents of hna lourdes (her mom margarita and brother hno cristian). they were super receptive. granted we got in the door because i asked to use their bathroom, but we shared a message with them and there was a literal light in their eyes. :) it was such a blessing and tender mercy. <3

so ive been struggling this week with self esteem. not quite sure why but its been incredibly low, i even shed tears thursday.. anyways. both of my companions showed me charity. hna lopardo did it through speaking words. she asked me waht was going on, and listened as i talked with her. and hna brady did it through written words. she note attacked me, sticking notes in the most random places.. (like under the toilet seat lid). no ones ever taken that much time for me in the mission to do something like that and it warmed my heart. so grateful for them. <3  (see picture)

like the subject says... ive been humbled greatly this week. im not sure how i forgot exactly, but i relearned some very important life lessons this week. like how you need to really take the time to get to know someone to understand and love them. ive noticed many of my faults, and how i was misunderstood and in the wrong. ive grown to have such a stronger love for my companions this week, especially for hna lopardo. hna brady and hna lopardo both shared some very personal experiences and things they went/are going through, and i shared a thing or two as well, and tears were shed from all three of us and its as if the past 6 weeks have been leading up to this point. we each are taking away very, very important life lessons from this cambio and were all better people because of it. its been such a blessing being in this trio. its been super hard at times, but none of those moments matter. what matters is the growth weve made and the areas in which weve progressed. im excited for one more week with them but broken hearted at the same time. cambios will be a surprise, si o si, but i hope this is one last solid, good week of positivity and hard work. <3

may you have the same..
hna wilson

isaias 53:4
DyC 76:41
Isaias 63:9 & DyC 133:53
i nefi 9:6 He knows and prepares everything
moroni 10:32 gracia de Dios
moroni 7:41 esperanze en cristo
mosiah 4:6-7, alma 34:9
2 nefi 2:13 rectitud=felicidad
4 nefi 1:15-17 unidos en cristo
dyc 59: 23 esperanza por paz y vida eterna
isaias 58:9-11 "heme aqui"
isaias 7:14 & 9:6-7
dyc 90:24
psalms 27:1

Hermana Wilson

 we found besos de negros, the candy weve been hearing about... 
but theses were lemon flavored, and not too good. its a good story though. :) 

hna lopardo and i eating pizza on the balcony (literally)

 selling dead baby llamas for sacrifice, just the normal thing

after smores with the familia crespo

 with the hermanas!!

elder bryce, the only elder who makes me trunky when hes around! 
shoutout to my brother, love you lots. :)

 hna miguelina crespo made us pique, ft hno juan

i just love the faces she makes... 

hna ipanaqué (mi mama) y hna beltran 
(mi hermanita, hna ipanaqué is finishing her training)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Me huye

(he avoids me). :)

funny moments
-climbing the stairs of Eli´s (pizza place) pday and the whole room of elders went dead silent and all 30 of them turned to stare at the lost-looking trio of hermanas. pucha.
"quiere ver un pelea de cabello?" hno israel
feeding hna brady a roscita for a castigo, using only my nose
"right.. excercises.. open the left eye, and then the right eye. each take 15 minutes." hna gonzález
"well on the bright side you look like an awesome argentina hippie" hna brady
"are you doctors?" -kids of hna celi "no, were missionaries. we work for God." hna brady "where do you live?" -kids "alla!"- hna brady "EN LOS CIELOS?!" :) (thought we were angels)
"eres loca, no?" hna israel "si, a veces."
"papito! look! this smells like the baptismal font in the temple!" -hna wilson (a fruit from his tree) "youre going to be SUCH a weird RM.." hna brady
"were going to be SUPER (goodlooking) after the mish" hna brady "lets hope so" hna wilson "oh dont worry, i will be." -hna brady
"mira.... no existe!" yo "que cosa?" elder zierings

syd sent me pictures of my GORGEOUS little niece, kira. :) 
NDH with the familia pakar. i love their family so much. super humble, super great, and a perfect fit for hna fidelia. hna diana also has kids the same ages and is super down to earth. hna prima (the mom) is a great example of strength. :)
hna meri crespo had (it died) a little green bird, idk what type it was, but it was so cute! it hung out on my shoulder and tickled my neck and fingers. it never bit me or yelled so i was okay with it. not a fan of loud birds..
i asked hna ingrid for a reference because the idea came into my head and she gave us one and we contacted it right then and there. taught me to always ask, especially if we get the prompting to do so. found a MA of over 20 years (so many MA in bolivia..... sigh..) 
hna jovannah was honest with us and sincere when she told us she is fine with listening to us but shes never going to go to our church, etc. i love when people are straight up about how they feel and dont just keep wasting time of missionaries. shes a super sweet woman though. well visit her if we dont have anyone else to.
im eating healthier and feel the difference in my body, and im also eating all the food i buy & planning my weekly meals better. yay for budgeting! 
hna brady said i was like the best friend she never had. and then the next day or two, she told me i was like a sister to her. a true sister. im convinced we were friends before this life and im convinced were going to stay friends forever. sometimes you just meet someone that you KNOW will be and change your life forever.. shes one of em. :)
abrazos de hnita abish. theyre so strong and quick and full of love. they kind of crush me but shes just really desperate for a role model female i think. shes got three older sisters, lucky her. :)
hno sergio is a great mission leader. he found hna brady and i in the street and started asking us about our Is and MAs, he really cares and wants them to progress as much as we do. 
hno jose leaño taught me how to make his secret vinagreta. :) so good and you better believe im making it for my fam when i get home (falta tieeeeempo no te preocupes)
hna lopardo went to bed way early bc she didnt feel well. hna brady and i talked in the kitchen and cleaned and ate and she opened up a lot to me. she also told me that shes noticed the little things ive been doing for her and hna lopardo all cambio and thanked me for some other things. it was a good bonding talk. she even invited me to be one of her bridesmaids mwaha. 
hno israel helped hno eduardo get over his fear of the water for baptism (he had a date... not really right now.. working on that.). he asked what his bad experience was, listened, and then gave inspired advice. it was awesome to see and the spirit was super strong. 
hna meri crespo has the goal of going to the temple to be sealed with her husband juan!!!! ahhh, son exctiing. :) i wont be here... but hna brady will if they get right on it. :) 
hna mishel pakar came on divisiones with me and didnt complain even though we were knocking doors and contacting for 2 hours without a single real lesson. no better way to prepare her for the mish mwaha
my little race with eduardo. he was on his way to play futbol with israel int he capilla and we were on our way to the familia crespo and beause it was dark they walked with us to protect us from barachos and i had that little guy giggling. he reminded me of craig in that moment. i let him win, but man it was good to see him with a real smile. 
we gave service to hna yecenia. two blessings with that.. one, i am now a master and peeling these bean like vegetables, i have a method down. two, she trusts in us more and hopefully shell progress now. :) if not... shes getting dropped. but she opened up to us that she has no friends so well get right on that with member visits.
we had a short and efficient consejo de barrio. i made the goals of what we needed to do and we sacar-ed citas with each memebr for each day and lesson and NDH and it felt GOOD to accomplish what we needed. 
i have the gift of knowing when things are pasando in peoples lives, and at times, their thoughts and feelings. im developing the gift of discernment and it helps in every aspect of the work.
hna lourdes went to church and had a light in her eyes. :) she was so happy and particpating and just PERFECT, like she is.
papito gave us banana jugo and pan with mermelada de guayaba..... he grows those in his backyard.. hes the sweetest. :) hes going to miss us when he travels to potosi and tupisa. 
e. obregon helped me wash the dishes. hes a good elder that works hard and has lots of patience.
walking through the area of the elders coming back fromaa service project.. bolivia never fails to take my breath away. its BEAUTIFUL. 
we found the familia crespo and read from the BOM together. MIRACLE. that never happens! theyre never all together and not doing something! it was also super humbling, because not all of them can read too well. but they had the faith and courage with our encouragment. <3

hna brady and i went to a lesson with hna lourdes. when we got there, she was trying on dresses for sunday the next day. it was the sweetest moment of this week, and one of the sweetest moments of the entire mission for me. she had the excitemnet of a little girl. she was going to chruch for the first time in 20 years. also.. she found out our names and she is now going to name her baby girl natalia araceli, after us. :) she had already wanted those names and it was cool for her to see that they were ours. also in that lesson... the spirit testified to me that she is one of the people i was sent here to find. i love everybody, or try to, but i still at times have favorites... shes definitely one of them. i have so much love and respect for her. also... before that lesson, i told hna brady about some self esteem things i was going through and how i felt about my teaching, etc. she tried to convince me otherwise but it wasnt until after that lesson with hna lourdes that the spirit testified to my heart.. "look at yourself. look at what you taught. look at how you taught. look at what you, and hna lourdes, and hna brady, all felt as you spoke. you CAN teach." it was just an amazing experience to teach word for word by the spirit and then afterwards recieve a little boost by the Spirit that yes, i can teach and yes, the people are feeling the spirit powerfully as i speak. 

seeing hno israel interact with hno eduardo. i would have never thought of it before, but they are truly perfect for each other. hno eduardo feels comfortable and safe with him, something hes never had in his life before esp from a male. he laughs with him, he smiles, and he has deep discussions about what hes learning. its perfect, and it made me get tears in my eyes seeing it. hno israel can also help him with his priesthood callings and preparing for the mission when that time comes. :)

hno jose varela asked me why im always so happy. how hes jealous in a way. how he craves to be happy and have the inner joy i always have. how even when he knows im having a bad day, theres a light in me. i told him that i and my companions could help him find this peace, this joy. and that this joy and happiness only comes from Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I testified of the love his Father has for him, and he gave me the most sincere thankyou at the end of it. that is why im here. im here to help people feel and experience and live in the love, joy, and peace that the Gospel has brought me and brings everyone who accepts and listens to it with a sincere and humble heart. <3 

con cariño,
hna wilson

mosiah 5:12
romanos 10:17 fe=escuchar
1 nefi 7:17-18 prayers are always answered but not always in the way we want or are expecting
1 nefi 7:21 perdón inmediato <3
apocalipsis/revelations 21:3-4
1 corintios 2:9 <3 
mateo 5:48 perfecto como cristo
2 nefi 28:30- learn and pregress poco a poco
1 corintios 11:28- the sacrament is the time to reflect

Hermana Wilson
Like a boss.

 random rainstorms, i had nothing but a white shirt, 
mercy of hna ingrid for her super fashionable ponchos. nos ama. :) 

hno jose (esposo de hna ingrid, pensionista) and his 10 foot selfie stick haha. 
i love them so much!!

  papito has the BEST fruit in his jardin... maracuya, chiramoya (de la paz), guayaba, granadas, etc etc!!!! he is the BEST

why o why o why cant maracuya grow in california... 
he had it wrapped all around his jardin. i was in love. :) 

 it isnt real service until the dirt & mud enters your shoes, and socks,
 and everywhere else 

such the little gentleman,
holdin the umbrella for all three of us haha. (hnito eduardo)

 hnita maite y hnito maitas, hijitos de fidelia

hna lourdes. <3 she is SUCH a sweetheart. <3 

 so it kind of looks like we got yoked, but this is just rain. it POURED. 
(only takes 1 min 20 seconds)

my tortitas for my 9 cumplimes from the comps and hna gonzalez, 
yes they ended in my face (obvio)

 the bandera we made for hna lopardo y su cumpleaños, signed by the ward.. 

 hna jhaneth doing baptisms in the temple, ft hna bisama and elder ortega

oh, flour fights, thank you birthdays... with the familia garcia and lourdes and her hermanita julie

Monday, March 7, 2016



just a few randoms.
1 its the culture to saludar every person when you enter and leave a room, including walking to the door... but then they also really like to TALK here, so its normal to get a total of 5 or 6 hugs in the leaving process. oh, bolivia. youre so loving.
2 theres a lot of people that dont know how to read ive met during the mission and teaching process. for example.. we ask if theyve read the folletos and they say no, and then they say they cant read. its a super different process but we work through it and its a good faith building experience. me gusta. super humbling as well.

funny moments
"hna wilson... youre from california right? theres a lot of spanish there, right? (yes). hna brady.. youre from texas. thats close to mexico. is there a lot of spanish there? (no). hna lopardo.. youre from argentina, and i hear thats kind of close to bolivia.. do they speak spanish?" hahaha, techniques of hno oscar of cheering up misioneras
"some people bring the love, some people bring the advice.. i bring the chocolate" hna parry
"im not letting go until you hug me like you MEAN it!" yo
"!CULPA DE CAROL" yo y hna king
"colors! learning!" hna brady
"tienes que ir a la iglesia de los mormones. es mas chevre." hna meri crespo
EVERYONE staring at us as we walk down the street in our bolivian skirts. :p
"obvio you cant see.. your eyes arent open" yo @hnita abish

so we sacrificed last pday and spent a good chunk with the familia crespo, but we now have their amistad and confianza so hey, vale le pena si o si.
finally planned semenal on thursday, nothing got in the way of it. and we didnt just copy from another planning session, we actually took into mind the people and their needs and it was the best weve had yet.
studied the fe in my personal study. i learned a lot and the spirit was super strong. so grateful for all of the study materials we have to learn and apply.
han ingrid gave us LETTUCE! i about died of happiness. (theres one brand and one brand only were allowed to eat, and she bought it) i dont think ive savored a food mroe in my entire life. hna parry (had intercambios with her wednesday) siad that i love every person i know, even if its my first time meeting them. that i bring the love of Heavenly Father directly do them. hna brady said im like a walking heart/heart with legs.
we were in a lesson, and one of their daughters has down syndrome. she was sticking things in her nose and doing snow angels on the floor and was scared of the wind. but the only thing i could think and feel was the pure love of her Father above. i saw her through His eyes and let me just tell you.... Heavenly Father loves all of His children, this ive known, but His love for some children, like this Daughter, is incredible. theyre angels sent to help us be better. so grateful to have had this experience, and to have an angel of a little brother as well. <3
we met hno fredy. hes MA, and he broke my heart. he was sealed in the temple, yet he says that all of the churches are true and that were just brainwashed... not sure how that can happen, how he can think that, but it showed to me once again the importance of TEACHING people , and helping them know the truth for THEMSELVES. if theyre baptized without a testimony, thats a bad start from the getgo.
something i learned with my intercambio is that it doesnt matter if we ever get recognition, what matters is that were able to make a difference.
hna lourdes and hna maida are both MA but both COMPLETELY opened up to us- hna maida for why she doesnt go to church, and hna lourdes why they stopped going to church. two amazing, AMAZING lessons and completely led by the spirit. it caught me off guard in the lesson with maida, i was teaching about Heavenly Father, and all of a sudden my heart just ripped open and i literally started crying and Heavenly Father literally spoke through me that He loves her, knows her situation, and sent us here to help her. and when Sunday came around, there was Maida in the back row of sacrament, returning to His arms. <3
hna ingrid and hno jose are super pacient and loving to hna fidelia and her hijitos. hna ingrid held her in her arms as she cried and offered her testimony and love.
found a super good flavor of ice cream, it comes in a litte tub and is only 8 bs and is vanilla tasting with hot fudge on the bottom and peanut pieces in the middle. mm.
i was able to apply my EP directly to my situation, and the Spirit told me what i needed to do to fix the problem- fast, little acts of service, and He will change the heart of the person. (and He did.)
talking with Hna González. she gave me consuelo and listened to me and testified to me that yes, i AM a blessing in this trio, and that God needs me here.
we played a scripture mastery game in our zone meeting and brad davis wasnt there to help me but i was first on my feet to lots of them and knew almost all of them! progress. :) (but shoutout to brad for all youve ever helped me with)
hna bisama is having a hard time and feels alone. i was able to give her love and support. we didnt talk about anything specific, im not the one to come to if youre tryign to vent about a companion, but i knew she needed me and i was able to be there for her.
noche de hogar with the familia garcia and hna lourdes! i led it, and it was on hope through christ. it was a short and powerful lesson, and hno oscar & aulbertos testimonies touched my heart.
hna brady and i went to work yesterday, hna lopardo went to a members home for some birthday cake and presents. we only had about an hour to work before we had to go to practice for the charla fogonera, but we went to WORK. we didnt find anyone and we didnt teach a single lesson but we didnt stop until time was up and i know well get blessings later for our dilligence. it feels good to work, regardless. pres packer´s promise is true.
i was able to memorize all FOUR verses of llamados a servir before the fireside. blessing!
hna lopardo got mad, left us to sit with other hermanas... but half an hour later, we talked it out (she started the conversation even), and we put goals to be better and made ammends before the fireside started. it was an answer to my prayer, being able to have communication and TALK things out. i offered a prayer of gratutid in that moment.
hna brady was super sensitive to how i was feeling yesterday, and just smothered me with love. did my hair, offered to get some air outside, scratched my back.. super grateful she was able to see i needed someone and that she took the initiative to be that person.

highlights and miracles and deeper thoughts
saturday i was able to go with hna jhaneth to do baptism for the first time. :) (hna bisama and e ortega with their companions were also there). it was amazing. she truly looked like an angel. she was glowing! and then, looking at all of the youth that were there (about 30, 40 maybe) touched my heart. most of them had come from santa cruz. so far, such a big sacrifice, but those few moments were worth it to them. i pictured how the Heavenly Father must feel about them and once i did, a tidal wave of love hit me. lagrimas came and i just stood there, humbled by their example and faith.

yesterday sitting in SOCSOC hna maida leaned over and asked me if i had been praying for her. she took me off guard but i told her yes. she smiled and said " i knew it. ive seen so many changes, miracles even, these past three days in my husband (not married, but hes referred to as that.). and you know what he told me? he wants to meet you." (here was a man who we had to hide from, because shes scared of him, and hates the mormon church) i couldnt believe it, but i did. we hadnt just prayed, we had included her in our fast, and Heavenly Father was already getting to work on granting our blessing we had asked Him for. it was a testimony to me that yes, Heavenly Father DOES answer prayers and yes, fasting brings a special added power to our prayers. she came to the charla fogonera as well, and she had a smile on her face the entire time. :)

charla fogonera musical! i guess ill explain what im talking about haha. last night our zone (cobija) with presidente and hna hansen. their were testimonies shared, president spoke, and special musical numbers- a group of elders singing o mi padre, hna parry playing the violin, e farnsworth with the piano, hna roberts singing te necesito si, and...... us! the trioismo! we started singing called to serve, and on the third verse the zone came up and we all sang together, and thenthe crowd sang too on the last verse. it was amazing. as i sang, it felt like it wasnt even my voice. i wasnt nervous at all. i had a fire in my blood and it felt like i was singing my testimony- my testimony that i KNOW this chruch is true, and i represent the living Christ. i had so much joy and pride in my heart . and when the members stood, it was as if they were testifying they knew the same and promised to help us in the work of salvation. every testimony that was shared was so simple, and talked about basic gospel principles, but so POWERFUL. i loved it. as i sat down after singing, the last speaker spoke, but i didnt hear much of what he said. i was writing my thoughts and feelings and i filled a PAGE AND A HALF. page and a half of pure revelation from my Father. it was the neatest experience. my hand just didnt stop writing and everything i wrote came from the Spirit and as i was reading what i was writing the Spirit testified to my heart it was true.

there isnt a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father lives, we are His children, and He is always here to help us. His Son, Jesus Christ, is in the exact position to give us His hand and help us. The Atonement is real. We CAN recieve forgiveness for our sins. We CAN recieve strength when we´re weak. we are NEVER alone. NOS AMA. <3

so anyone who isnt a member might be confused or think this just sounds crazy.. but if thats you, all you have to do is pray. pray with an open mind and an open heart, believing youll get an answer, and you will. He loves His children and doesnt want them in the dark any longer than necesary. por eso.. estoy aqui. to help people find out for themselves this joy giving life changing truth.

have a great week!
(no pictures, i have to find my flash/adaptor.)

hna wilson

1 nefi 11:17
mosiah 26:10
dyc 18:10,1516
juan 16:33
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dyc 76:40-42

Hermana Wilson