Monday, November 23, 2015

mi cuerpo is mi enimigo

word to the wise, cooking eggs in a soup pot doesnt turn out well. i suggest sticking to the frying pan.
tjere arent many stars here. we have all the city lights below us from being on the mountains. its a different kind of beauty.
our house has lots of spiders.
theres an elder leòn here, and he is the latino doppleganger (looks anyways) of elder limary (shoutout to the windy city). SUPER weird.
my no chuño streak ended this week.
cambios are dec. 15, 10 days before christmas.... que feo. :( itll be for the best though. 2n2:24.
elder godoy va a vistarnos esta semana! whoo for conferencias con autoridades!
hna silvanos been super sick with the gripe. keep in prayers?
zona alamos was 16 people, 2 districts of 8, exactly half hnas. zona sacaba (my zone now) is 24 missionaries, 3 districts and........ 4 hnas! hna silvano and i are the only hnas in my district. super different...
my MRI is this wednesday at 8 am. whoo!

funny moments
"just drink water, and your butterflies will drown." "ya, pase me su agua. tengo sed."
hna silvano told me that every night since ive been here, ive talked in my sleep. super funny. i say names, too. one time i prayed in my sleep. i sat up in bed and prayed for hna silvanos family first, then mine, then elder ortega (an elder who left and didnt get to say goodbye to a soul) and two investigators we have. saying i wanted to help them. so hey! im focused on the work even in my sleep! and i speak in PERFECT SPANISH! aha. hna silvano teases me that i really do know spanish, just... when im sleeping. changa jaja.
"ah, mi tentaciòn..." (piña)
we saw dissappearing gringos. twice. not sure if they were real people or angels.
i contacted someone by asking if they would protect us from being eaten by the dogs. hows that for a contact aaron weaver?

presidente hansen is proud of my positive attitude. :)
we had THREE contactos in one day! a miracle, no one is ever in the street .whoo<!
sharing the parable of the ten virgins w hna rodriguez. shes a member but has never heard that story. i could tell it changed her. :)
were going to strengthen the ward here, if anything. and then THEIR kids will serve missions, and THEY will have lots of baptisms.. right? some are planters, some are sowers.
had a plan for a noche de hogar and lehis dream. for the activity we bougth fruit candy and iw as goig to be the tree and they would be blindfolded and make it to me... didnt end up happening, but i now have a plan for a NDH for the future! (mas, por favor?). boy scouts motto, always be prepared right?
i prayed to know in my personal study what i needed to dejar to be a better missionary and example of christ. i got my answer within half an hour. such a blessing. :) reminded me of the conference talk. the spirit really can talk to us specifically.
watching and learning how to wash clothes from hna daniela (MA). at one point, she had the tin of clothes and water, and the soap, and was barefoot dancing in the tub. :) im definitely helping her next time. theres always a way to make service and chores fun.
had sopa de mani for the first time! no wonder its the favorite of lots of missionaries. its way good.
i have my carnet! im officially a boliviana! worst picture ive ever seen of myself but hey, im legal.
peptobismol .need i say more?
lots of wind=not as much sweat
good news, elder beecher is from my zone and brought letters that were sent to me in the peru CCM late to the mission! bad news, the letters are lost somewhere in the mission office haha.
im recieving more love for this area day by day. a blessing!
cristo en la noche. its breathtaking and i always feel super peaceful.
im getting to know a lot of different cultures. it feels like im world traveling. all of my dstricit leaders, for example, are from different countries. my zone leaders too. peru, chile, US, guatamala, bolivia, ecuador, central america.
serving hna silvano while shes sick. its bringing us unity in our companionship .the lord works in mysterious ways let me tell ya.
finished the UDDJ program. my testimony about my savior and is atonement is much stronger now. awesome experience, i recoomned it.
theres a missionary that acts like a punk, but really just needs to be loved. no one has given this missionary a fair chance. i have faith in the missionary and am determined to help them stay in the mission.
visiting menos activos with hna mirian (the lady that lives in our house area). got to know her and the members better, and the spirit led us to help people with their specific problems. amazing.

im becoming a true student of the scriptures. ive gained a lot more knowledge about them and the gospel. i realized it when i was preparing for my talk. its an attribute of christ ive been working on and it felt good to see some progress. its amazing how much i still have to learn, but i love learning. ive rediscovered that passion in myself.
preparing for my talk on sunday in general was amazing. i wont go into much detail, but the veil was thin and i know God was aware of one sick hna studying in the night time for her talk . He was with me, and sent me His love.
hno abraham. de ORO. our first real, potential investigator in my opinion. we had an awesome talk about the LDM. he believed it all, wants to know more, and even asked US where and when church was. it was a super natural feeling contact and i have lots of faith in his progress.

hechos 5:29 obey god not man
dyc 29:5 siga adelante
dyc 50:16 lords promise to the weak
dyc 64:33-34 dont give up and keep a humble heart
mos 5 :5-9
isaias 56:6 if you love god, youll serve him. yuo serve him by serving others.
prov 27:23 protect and love your people

and a scripture that reminded me of those early mornings at camp when the bright sun comes up... prov 27:14

have a great week! thanksgiving is this week, right? eat lots of food and spend time with FAMILY! black friday doesnt really matter. "where your heart is, there shall your treasure be also." remember what matters most in life, and if that something is a person (it most likely is) make sure you take the time to tell them.

im thankful for everyone who is supporting and praying for me, and especially for my family. i love you all and pray for you by name. my prayers and love go out to you. <3

Hermana Wilson
  estoy EN enomorada, get it?

my favorite flowers here

 good companionships share. even their hair

sin descripciòn

 cristo from our house! ill send a night shot one of these days

 shoutout to sis edwards for our icepacks (theyre AMAZING)
 and helping us be REALLY attractive sick puppies

 my bag! whoohoo! 

 un discipulo de jesucristo program. super awesome! send to your missionaries and do it youreslf! sorry, its in spanish.... get a dictionary. :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

frutillar. . . a whole new world

first things first, shoutout to my sister syd! your maternity fotos son MUY LINDOS & im super happy you had a good birthday! i love you a ton and hope whenever my sobrina comes, things go well! besos & kisses!
and to my brother bryce, i think its my turn next for your surprise visits. si o si. ;)

so this area is incredibly different than my other area. La Floresta was el campo. super humble. here, Frutillar, is hylona. rich with a capital R.
there are cameras EVERYWHERE at our house. theres even one in the tree across the street haha.
we have automatic lights. kind of creepy bc ill be walking in dark and then a light finally turns on. fe, right?
we kind of live with members. the main house belongs to Max, his wife is sick with cancer and is in the US so he travels back and forth a lot (like I said, $$$). a lady, Mirian, lives in a side house and her rent is to cook for Max. theyre not married. we live in the back, a mix between a basement and side house. its small but its safe and we have all we need.
 first night here, hna silvano dropped my peanut butter jar and it shattered. thats a worse omen than shattering a mirror. ;p
there was a nutella jar on my night stand!  huge one! but.. not mine. sad.
our house is tiny. two of my bodies lined up with each other wouldnt fit, its that small ahha.
my last house had water issues. this house has light issues. all of a sudden the lights in the bathroom will turn off and it is PITCH black haah
NO ONE is in the street here. its like a ghost town. they stay in their houses all day or travel.
almuerzo is HUGE. we have soup everyday, and THEN a mountain of food. we eat with the elders in our ward. im never hungry anymore. for cena its just hna silvano and i. we get a piece of bread, hot chocoalte or mormon coffe (eco), and a side (yogurt, jello, etc). its pretty small but im still full from lunch at that point. we eat dinner at 7 and have to be in our house by 8 in this zone (sacaba), something happened so its for our protection. so we just have to work that much harder while we have the time.
the hills here remind me of san fransisco. theyre everywhere. you cant see the road it dips down so deep and fast in some parts. i have a feeling my calf and quad muscles will be coming back REAL soon.
putting my hair over the girls here to see what they look like as rubias is an automatic ice breaker.
our area is to the right hand of the Cristo. were super close.
were opening this area. our goal is to get to know the members &have noche de hogars with them and that way get references. so far its been working. (speaking of.... WHAT ARE FUN/SIMPLE FHE IDEAS? AND GAMES? send them to me, por favor. :)
it feels like im learning spanish all over again sometimes.

funny moments (this week and last)
hna silvano shrieking when  (one of) the pension´s cat jumped on the table. SO funny.
"esta mejor?" -elder ortega (after having cat fur all over his pants)
"sabe besar?"
locking our door to the study on accident, with ALL of our books & all of hna silvanos clothes. it was quite the adventure breaking in..
"im just not going to let go, JUST to make it awkward" elder cribbs
when i took my picture for my bolivian ID, i had to retake it. the lady said she couldnt see my eyes, and i needed to smile not so big..

the dogs here are TRANQUILOS. my fear of dogs shall flee! :) they dont chase or try to eat me. its wonderful.
havent had chuño yet in frutillar! knock on wood.
gave hna silvano some books on learning english. she was super excited. she really wants to learn. her last comp didnt help her too much, so shes happy to have my help.
serving hna pastora. like my last area, the first person i met here was an old lady se llama pastora. she is a slightly  more duro old lady, but by the end of our service/reading the BOM she was smiling. a miracle.
getting blessings from the bishop. our bishop seems really great.  and he knows my old bishop!
lunch is an act of faith, faith to finish my plate. so far my prayers have been answered.
getting to know hna albalucia trujillo. shes a member, and i think shes going to be a big help for us. she told us all about colombia, and how the kids there play in the street until 10 pm. sounds great. :) the spirit in  our lesson with her was incredibly strong.
talking with a little girl from the Valdiva family. probably the first person who wasnt constantly judging me here. i love children!
walking up the hills backwards with hna silvano. somehow, its easier when theyre super steep ahah.
i have sheets! the old ones from hna hermansen (the hna who left this area).
hna silvano is talking more and has friends here. shes really opened up a lot and gotten a lot more courage. it makes my heart happy to see. :) she has a lot of love for this area.
elder ortega helped us with the list that the bishop gave us, writing who was in our area and who was in theirs. its a five page list of names. huge help!
talking in spanish again! with hna gonzalez there was more english than spanish. ive missed spanish. no one speaks enlish here, but i like it that way.
seeing the temple! we walked to get hna silvano´s patriarchal blessing and it was well worth the more than an hour of walking up hills. the temple is my favorite place and my patriarchal blessing is oneof my favorite things and to see the joy of hna silvano.. cant even describe it in words. its going to bless her life incredibly to have it. <3
laughing with hna silvano. its a miracle in itself to be able to laugh and be myself in another language. super grateful to have her as my compañera. its super weird were comps, es un sueño, but its great!
talking with hna silvano, about anything and everything, to build unity and confianza. i feel bad for the comps who dont ever talk to each other all day or walk together. shes all i have sometimes, and im grateful we have unity. it helps so much with the work. she opened up to me a lot the other day. weve been together only a week but she already trusts me completely, and im grateful for that. <3
cita de pres gordon b hinckley in PME/PMG about how to be happy. look it up. basically.. forget yourself, and LIVE the gospel. testifico de sus palabras. <3
my agenda for this cambio, me gusta MUCHo. it has significance, too. ill send a picture later, but basically its about being the light of christ /becoming like him.

2 milagros muy especial para mi..
one. we contacted an old cholita in the street. we were walking, but i stopped to ask how she was doing. i couldnt understand or hear her very well, i think she was speaking both spanish and quechua (not sure how to speell that) and there were lots of cars passing. i prayed that hna silvano would have the words she needed to hear. she ended up crying with us. we gave her the plan of salvation folleto to read and set up a cita. when we were walking away, i looked back and saw her granddaughter crouched next to her, reading the folleto. they had a light in her eyes. her granddaughter looked up at me and smiled, then kept reading.
two. we were leaving the house of the familia rodriguez, and hna daniela (menos activa) was standing in the street by her door. we basically ran to her. we had been trying to find her all week. she let us in and we talked with her and her daughter while she washed her clothes and got to know her better. she and her daughter want to participate in the stake talent show this week, dancing together (how CUTE), and we set up a cita.

these probably seem super small to you but to me they were huge. precious, small, beautiful moments.  I think sometimes people only look for the big miracles. But the little miracles are just as special, if not more, especially when you recognize them. . open your eyes.

.I have been trying to focus my thoughts on the Savior and His Atonement more. I´ve definitely noticed a difference in myself and the work. I´m more patient. My trials don´t seem as big as they are. I have more strength to go on. I pay more attention to the needs of others. The list goes on and on. But it´s incredible how when we really make Jesus Christ the center of our lives and thoughts we become more Christlike in every aspect. I´m in no way perfect. But my trials in comparison to Christ´s are practically nothing.  it would be easy to feel alone here i think, but i dont. i know that   Heavenly Father is with me. by studying the life of Christ & His Atonement more closely is making me a better person. its helping me to see the b igger picture. its changing everything.

2 nefi 10;22 &23
salmos 46;10

Hermana Wilson
 familia rojas

maria nelly and fam

 hna silvano and i at our proposal spot

were best friends i promise

 prima love

¿sabe besar?

 call me. or..... just send me a letter, thats all i really want. :)

elder castaño (from colombia) hna silvano (perù) yo y elder ortega (perù, also the trainer of elder rincon from our grupo)

  one of the hills / part of the area

so like i said our house is small. i sit on the fridge to wash our dishes. we only have one plug in the kitchen, and the fridge cord isnt long enough to be under the counter haha.

 zona àlamos at the "waterfalls" haha

arlete gaby lindsay rider

 zona àlamos after paintballing

closest ill ever get to crowd surfing on the mish jaja

 hna custode and i <3

happy birthday to hna cruz!!! we love you!
mis abuelos! RIP elder pachas, he dies tomorrow

an old pic of hna gonzalez and i paintballing

 one of the study programs ive been doing from our mission, we were invited to particapate at the conferencia de la zona. feel free to use it and send to other missionaries you know, but credit goes to Misiòn Bolivia Cochabamba!

last pages of obedience study activity

Monday, November 9, 2015


what. a. WEEK.
to be honest, im exhausted. this week has been full of everything it seems like. spiritual experiences. heartbreaking experiences. happiness. joy. surprises. true sorrow. todos.

we got a call friday night saying we had cambios emergencias. (nothing we did wrong, no se preocupe, but im not going to explain the story.)  today, i recieved my new companion. yesterday was full of goodbyes. it was hard. its a blesing to love people so true and deep, almost on a soul level, but it also is HORRIBLE when it comes time to say goodbye to them. i pray they accept the gospel and i can see them in that final day, and embrace them never to have to say goodbye again. i am not a fan of goodbyes para nada.

my new companion is hna silvano! shes from my group, and i love her. super unexpected bc no ones ever heard of this happening but here it is! it might be for a week only because next week are cambios, or it might be for the next transfer. if im transfered, which i might be bc she might train, i might be sent to sucre or tupisa. (warning, if im sent to tupisa, its super hard to email and i definitely wont be skyping for christmas). lots of changes but i have peace in my heart its what the Lord has in store for us all.

(i forgot my other blessing journal, i finished it and started the second one, so blessings only from thursday on.. sorry).
zone conference with president hansen. he forgot his notes and had no choice but to rely on the spirit completely. we needed the conference. it was powerful. he loves each one of us, and is called by God. this i have no doubts.
hna silvano came and visited me when i was on bedrest for the day. her companion went home, so she was in a trio with hermana cruz and custode, but they had intercambios, so it was cruz and silvano and ipanaquè in our casa. i was super excited to see her. i love her. shes so strong for what shes been through. (and now were comps! whoo!)
so once upon a time, my spirits were low. hna gonzalez bless her heart jumped up and said i have an idea. we moved the beds and put the hammock i bought (its AMAZING) in between them and i layed down in it and fell right to the ground. super funny. so grateful for her efforts to cheer me up. reminded me of when syd & i would move around our room just to have something new  smoething to do.
i woke up and hna gonzalez showed me pics of the sunset. BRIGHT ORANGE. ill attach a pic if i have time. so incredibly beautiful. the sky never ceases to make me breathless.
the zone leaders bought my medicine when i had my sick day. super grateful for all they do for me and the rest of the missionaries in our zone. they have a talent of lifting spirits.
LAUGHING. such a blessing. no need to say more.
the Liahona magazines. i love the fotos, the quotes, the talks, todos. new hobby.
hna cicotte called me to see how i was doing and give her love. bless her heart.
hna cicotte made me no bake cookies! mm. with real peanut butter, not just crushed peanuts!
laying in my bed when i couldnt sleep and just opening the windows wide and staring up at the stars. i feel so small sometimes esp with the stars but in that moment i felt the pure love of my heavenly father, and that i knew exactly where i was. super peaceful, personal, and spiritual moment.
friday we left the house to work. all of our appointments fell through and not a single person let us in to share a message. but i worked up until dinner, and knew that heavenly father was proud of us.
preparing my talk on faith. i love preparing talks. its hard bc i have too much to say, but its such an increidble experience praying for the spirit to guide you in your preparation and watching it realmente happen.
hna angelica (otra pensionista) washed my clothes for me. i didnt have time bc of emergency transfers, so it was a huge help.
hna estella went to church!!!! shes the tienda lady. for teh first time! and she was touched by our talks (all four of us missionaries gave talks fe arrepentimiento bautismo y E.S.). super hopeful for her!
i prayed elder bryce would be able to have the confidence and words to give his talk without reading it from the paper. and he did! and he did great! (hes super new and has very low confidence with his español). im sure it wasnt just my prayer being answered, but it was amazing all the same.
hna maria nelly, her novio marcelo, all five of her kids, and hno eduardo came to church. <3 such a miracle, and so grateful they were all there for my last sunday.
farewell from/with hno james, my mission leader. i was truly touched by his words, and by his faith. he thanked me for my service and bore testimony i was being sent to where i needed to be, that there are more people who need me to help them and bring them the gospel. it was hard saying goodbye to him but im super grateful for the opportunity i had to have him as my leader. he is christlike in more ways than one.
we gave elder pachas a special dinner surprise. we all wore purple. he was quiet during dinner, but afterwards he told us all that he was touched by the act of service. hes an awesome missionary and leader. its sad to see him go but everyone who has met him is a better person bc of him.
this morning i made breakfast for hna gonzàlez. it was our last morning juntos. i thanked her for coming on a mission, i shared with her why im on a mission, and it was just a powerful, spiritual conversation with the love of God between and all around us.

hna gaby sanchez LITERALLY fell at my feet when i told her i was leaving, and tis was the last lesson. she bathed my feet with her tears. it reminded me of christ, and his disciples. i am in NO WAY saying im anywhere close to the Savior, but to experience the same type of true love... it was touching, to say the least. i cant put the feeling into words.

on sunday, i broke down on sight of lindsay rojas. she would always acompañarnos, and give us her love, and light, and todos. i was surprised how affected i was. she was surprised. i was crying so hard i couldnt explain. i was just so filled with gratitude and the love of God.

saying goodbye to marianelly was also very hard. more tears.

saying goodbye to my zone was hard. they have become my second family.

why are goodbyes SO HARD?

its incredible to me how strong of a love i have for the people here, members or nonmembers or just random people i pass on the street, no importa! my heart is so full of love. its a miracle how i have grown to love them so deeply and so truly in such a short time. i am so grrateful for this short time i was able to be in their lives, and them in mine. me voy, but im going to continue to pray for them with all my heart. they truly are my brothers and sisters.

i have yet to say goodbye to hna gonzàlez, but i know that it will not be easy. it has been incredible to see how truly inspired our companionship has been. i have helped her in some very hard trials shes been put through. and shes been there for me. ive never gone through more life experiences in such a short amount of time than with her. but we have grown, laughed, cried, and learned together. thats what companionships are for. to better ourselves, to strengthen one another, and to realment venir al cristo.

i love you all. thank you for your prayers, your love, your support, everything. my heart is broken, humble, and forever grateful.

d&c 84:106
lucas 16:19-31
Hermana Wilson
 en la plaza. hay chile y los estados unidos

el cielo. <3

 con hnito ian

hna nelly with her kids, hna mikaela and gaby. hna nelly cried saying bye to me. ive only known her for a very, shorttttt time. its hard enough me crying saying goodbye, its even harder when they cry.. it broke my heart, but i pray the Lord watches over this family. super humble, wonderful people.

 hno saul (in between) and hno abraham rojas. my last lesson with saul was teaching about the temple, and family history. he had no idea what the temple was, or waht we did inside. broke my heart, because he is baptised, but it was a powerful opportunity to teach him and see a light in his eyes. families are forever. i think he will be reactivated through family history. he turns twelve thursday. sad i cant be there, but i know hes in good hands

just look at their smiles. theyre angels

 hna janet. shes got some hard trials, 
but i know if she accepts this gospel shell have joy through them all

zone conference! my zone! solo falta elder hunter and torres

 did i mention that we went to the mission home, and while my comp had an interview, i made cookies with hna hansen? shes such an amazing woman. so strong, so loving, so wonderful. nice spending one on one time

and.. did i mention they had real tollhouse semi sweet chocoalte chips?????? GOLD

 with president

with hna silvano

Monday, November 2, 2015


dont you just love that?^^
we were sitting in relief society, the topic was visiting teaching, and a sister spoke up.. "im not from here, im just visiting. but theres one thing i know, and its that for the lord there are no excuses." HUASKA. oh i wanted to hug her so badly. so claro, so sencillo, so bueno. sometimes people just need to be told straight up. disobedience and sin is never accepted by the lord. no unclean thing can enter into His kingdom. you can try convincing yourself of your actions, but... good luck in that final day.
rant over. :)

yes, they celebrate halloween here but only in the rich condos do the kids trick or treat. everywhere else, no. but yes, there are definitely parties. por supuesto.
there is a high chance i will come home from my mission hating dogs, which hurts my heart. but i seriously have anxiety when i see them now. theyve tried attaacking us too many times to count this week. when i heard there were dogs in latin america, i pictured little dogs like chuwawaws or something.. not rotweilers and german sheppards. hah.
dont try to buy my love. i dont want your money. im discovering that about myself even more on the mission.
my mom sent me chocolate covered pretzels in the mail... i shared them with my comp, shed never had pretzels before... i opened her eyes to what life is all about. :)

funny moments
"¡DIGAME!" (with thunder)
"feo." "oh, this way?"
"oh, it´s its tail.. i thought he had a tumor in his (butt)"
"who sings this song?"-ariel "john legend. do you like him??" "yeah, and i think you should let him sing it."

conozco la cancha. biggest open market in south america (maybe the world no se), you cant walk from one side to the other in a day its so big.
strawberry jam! so good. see foto.
hno ariel wrote his bro in the mission asking why he never told him la iglesia era TAN buena antes. he can feel its true. :)
we taught all of L2 (plan of salvation) in one lesson!
our correlacion misional went a lot smoother and there was more respect. our mission leader hno james is perfect. he prayed for me by my name in his prayer specifically for my needs, and also the other missionaries.
hna carmen at the beginning of the lesson said i hope you know, im not going to change. im catholic. ill listen, but dont try to convert me. and at the end of the lesson, she said that there was a good posibility these things were true (restoration) and that she would pray to know because she thinks they are. she reminds me a LOT of jinx from the district videos.
teaching la ley de castidad and (the person) accepted it very well. super strong spirit, she committed to live it.
migraciones! saw hna cicotte and elder wilstead (from my grupo). SUPER good to see them and talk to them. theyre awesome.
elder pachas gave me his oreo pie crust. hes awesome but doesnt like chcooalte, weird.
hna ancalle found a lady for massages. theres also chocolate massages.... :)
we fulfilled a goal of getting to know another part of our area and found some potential peiople to teach
my gramar is getting a lot better! and im getting better at speaking in the past tense.
smell of fresh bread ona  cold rainy day... yes. so good.
playing futbol with hno ariel and gettting him introduced to more of the ward and feeling more comfortable.
teaching L1 in a different order. started with reading JST from a personal progress experience with hna arlete and gaby, then went into lesson one. it was nice to mix up the points and really let the spirit take over.
hna gonzàlez and i have never gotten into a fight or an argument (hopefully i didnt just jinx it). we have a ton of love in our companionship and its amazing to see the Lords hand/why were comps
praying with hna gonzàlez to start her fast. i couldnt fast, but just praying with her was an amazing experience for me. super powerful, and it strengthed our companionship for sure. strengthened my testimony about praying in numbers (ex, with the family, within a marriage).
i could feel the spirit throughout the day in random moments, extremely strong. it literally felt like i had the companionship of an angel walking with me. theres no better feeling than feeling a connection to heaven &your father above.
we dont live in an apostasy. we have pruebas but we have the gospel to help us through them and the spirit to guide us.
the smile hna gonàlez got when an old lady went up to bear her testimony. she has such a pure love for old people. its so sweet to see.

hno carlos gonzalez & hno fredy huachalla were in sacrament meeting, temprano! it was the first time hno carlos has been to church in over a year and ive only seen hno fredy at church once before, and before that it had been 20 years. SO awesome. so excited.
testimony of a little girl in sacrament meeting. she was probably 8 years old, ish. it was so simple and so sweet and so pure and so powerful. i think a lot of people are scared to bear their testimonies because they arent as "pretty" as others. they dont have a lot of experiences, they dont have a lot of big words, etc. that does NOT matter. a testimony is personal. like the 10 virgins, you can share it with others but you cant give it to them and only you can earn it through obedience and faithfulness. testimonies dont need to be long, or fancy, or elaborate. theres a story, i think it was brigham young, who heard a man say something simple in his testmony such as "i know the book of mormon is true, i know this church is true, and i know god lives." and that was it, but he said he had never heard a more powerful testimony. its all about the heart and intentions behind what we do. dont do things just so others can see you do them. do them because you love the lord. do them because you are grateful for his atoning sacrifice for you. i loved this little girls testimony. it touched my heart, and reminded me as well as everyone else in la capilla that this gospel is simple. and it is true.

i hope you all have a great week. <3

d&c 12:8
moroni 7:44-48

Hermana Wilson

ps, shoutout to syd & david for having literally the funiest halloween costume i have ever seen. i about cried from laughing so hard. hna cruz and hna gonzàlez approve & send your love. :)

 my mug & daily reminder, ft. my wonderful breakfast

today is my 5 mo mark & my comp bought me an oreo cake. shes the best. <3

 after migraciones

best way to heal a broken heart is ice cream. obviously. :)

 halloween food de hna ancalle. shes the cutest. 
its a strength to find reasons, even if theyre small, to celebrate and enjoy life

an asteroid hit! not really, but it looked like it