Monday, November 28, 2016

Last email from Bolivia

it truly doesn't feel real. i feel numb and in shock and that i wont actually be home in a week. it has hit me about three times for just a moment, &the tears came hard, but other than that... im still working & honoring the placa on my chest the best i can. this next week is going to be insane, im not exactly sure of anything that is happening, ill be in a personal meeting with a general authority for the second time (this morning being the first), ill be in another area and with another companion, ill be battling with dia de peaton and trying to say goodbye to the people i love, but it doesnt matter at the end of it all. im still here in bolivia where i want to be and love to be. i feel such a strong love for everyone we pass in the street.. how is that possible?

i dont have time to write much but let me just say that i have seen an incredible amount of miracles this past week. its as if the windows of heaven have been opened and God is just showing me this is His work over and over and over again. i feel like it is a blessing from Him for working until the very last moment of the mission. miguel, jose luis, nowal.... my heart is literally overflowing with gratitude and amazement at the miracles God has shown me. i have so much JOY in my heart.

im sad to be leaving but i have peace. i had a wonderful interview with president hansen this past week and he helped me find an answer to a question ive been holding onto in my heart for the past 18 months. ive had experiences with prayer and revelation that jamas olivdare... ive been blessed left and right and all around and there truly isnt a way of explaining even the half of it, even if i did have the time..

speaking of time, that doesnt exist, and so here is my "final" (not actually the final, because a testimony isnt something we lose while sharing, its something that grows and burns even stronger al compartirlo..) testimony. for you syd, for the rest of my family, and for anyone who has taken the time to read my blog for these past 18 months. thank you for your support, your love, your prayers. i love you all and i will see you soon.

(you are welcome, it is in english, because president hansen asked for it in english for my final interview. forgive the grammar and spelling mistakes.)

ps, aunt judy, i love you so much. thank you for shooting me that email. those are JUST the words i needed to hear. <3

(not-so) final testimony:
It would be impossible to describe with words everything I have felt, experienced, and learned over these past 18 months. My time serving serving as a missionary in Bolivia has been such a blessing as my eyes have been opened to a better understanding of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. My testimony is simple but it burns in my heart and soul without a single doubt.
                I know with all of my heart that this is the only true and Restored Church of Jesus Christ. I know that Christ is the head of this Church and that He restored it through His prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon by the power of God and that by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon any person with an honest heart and sincere desire can find the truth for themselves through the power of the Holy Spirit. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the true and living prophet today. I know that the priesthood is the true power and authority of God Himself, and that it is found in the Earth today.
                I know that God the Father lives. I know that He truly is my Father. I know He knows and loves me by my name and wants the very best for me. I know that He will provide me with the experiences I need to learn, grow, and become like Him. I know that His plan is perfect and that His Son Jesus Christ is the way back to His presence. I know that living and loving the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to gain true and lasting happiness in this life and in the life to come.
                Perhaps the most important thing I have come to know during the mission is that Jesus Christ is not only the Savior and Redeemer of the world, but that He is my Savior and Redeemer. I have come to experience the true power of the Atonement. I have come to know my Savior on a personal level. I have felt His love enter my heart, wiping away all sin and filling me with the power to continue on. I have felt His hands lift, comfort, and guide me. When I have felt lost or weakened by life´s trials He has taken me by the hand and helped me back to my feet. I know that He truly and willingly gave His life for me. I know that each drop of blood was shed with love and that the marks in His hands are evidence of that love. I can feel of His love each and every time I take the Sacrament, read the Scriptures, pray, or serve my neighbor. I love Him, and I know He loves me. He lives. And I know that thanks to Him, we will all live again through His perfect and holy name.
                I know that through God the Father and Christ the Son we can find hope and joy. I know that there is not a single sin we commit that is not able to be forgiven through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that there is not a single trial or weakness we can be given that can not be overcome with the help and strength of Christ. I know that all that is unjust in the world and this earthly life will have justice in the Last Day. I know that the Windows of Heaven can be opened and that the blessings can rain down in abundance to us here on Earth. I know that God loves each and every one of His children. I know that He will never abandon us, that it is not in His nature. He is loving. He is perfect. He is All-Knowing. I am grateful for the patience He has for me. Even when I forget Him, disobey Him, or fail Him, He always accepts me back into His loving arms. It is those loving arms that I crave to enter once again. The only words I wish to hear as I see Him for the first time once again are “I missed you.” I want Him to know me. I know that I can come to know Him as I continue reading my scriptures daily, praying daily, and attend His Church weekly. I love Him with all my heart and will show that love through trying my best to keep and honor the sacred covenants I have made in His Holy Temple. I do not doubt these things for a single moment. The truth of this Gospel brings a sure fire in my chest and fills me with His perfect love. This is my testimony. I know these things are true and I testify of them in His sacred name, Jesus Christ, Amen.
Hermana Wilson

Monday, November 21, 2016


hno james and his wife hna soraya came to Sucre for stake conference! it was so special seeing them :) all of the missionaries in this foto (e southern, h renovato, e quispe, falta h plater) served in la floresta. :)

 shes a good sport (see what i did there?) to play soccer with me every pday.. i love her.. :) 

you havent experienced bolivia if you havent been crammed in the back of a taxi

soccer in the rain... on a real field... in bolivia... 
does a pday get better? (zona sucre)

 area san juanillo with h plater, shes AMAZING

 intercambios with h plater &h andreve

intercambios with h silva and h amaguaña


  lider de distrito, e leon (the latino jeffrey limary)

  i hug/selfie attacked h cardoza from behind. shes a sweetie. :)

  hna renovato and her comp (^^) always give me a hard time about going home, 
so heres me with airplane arms.. 

 hna christensen. love this girl. :) 

hna geertsen!! 

Monday, November 7, 2016


hi blog stalkers! :)

there is absolutely no time to write, ni to read the 30 emails that flooded my email this week.. forgive me.. we were looking for a while for a glasses store to get my comp measured, then her getting measured took a while, and then finding an internet cafe that wasnt filled took another hour.. but in the end its perfectly fine because my comp NEEDED glasses, 4.5/5.5 (not sure what e preslar was but shes pretty much right there with ya). anyways, just details you dont all really even care about so ill stop talking about p day.

im happier than i was last week, i dont feel so out of place, and i have accepted that its not important to know why im here, just important that i am here because its where the Lord wants me to be. i trust Him. i love Him. my mission president told me to just be myself and continue doint what im doing and that ill have success, so that makes me feel good. i definitely have a testimony were called to our mission presidents for a reason. hes such a great man..

bueno ill send this email next week if time lets me, but if not.. thats fine too. what is time?

i hope every single one of you reading this gives my SISTER, SYD a HUGE HUG for her BIRTHDAY! syd youre the best and i love you with all my heart. :) congrats on making it onto the blog as a weekly thing, youre in my heart as a daily thing.. i love you.. air (internet) hug.. &now go read your personal email :)
&also to connor (elder) showers, happy birthday to you too! thanks for always being a loyal friend. :) go get yourself some egg in your hair!

sorry i didnt write much, i think i wrote this in 4 minutes without even rereading it or thinking what i was writing..... but thank goodness that true forgiveness exists, gracias a Cristo.

Él vive. esta es SU OBRA. y la amo con todo mi corazón. amo a Él.
&theres not better way of showing that love than working until the end, every day, every moment, to the best of my ability.

chau :)

Hermana Wilson
omni 1:26 and palabras de mormon 1:7. <3

so when we went to cocha for la conferencia de lideres, we stayed the night in the mission home.. more details later.. but the important thing to know is these hermanas were introduced to the beautiful world of blueberry muffins and it was just a very special moment. :) h bisama, h alvarez, h rosillo, h wilson, h balderama

Monday, October 31, 2016

Feeling Numb

feliz dia de nevada!!! (shoutout to h. plater).
also dia de brujas, halloween, etc.

my companion, hna rosillo
shes from piura, perú. shes 28 years old (but youd never think that, she looks like shes 22). she is a little serious but when she laughs, she has a smile that lights up her entire face. she likes to play soccer as well. shes super diligent and obedient and that makes me happy. ill die in peace with her. :)

so a couple of randoms..
i was going to be a haunted rapunzel for halloween bc h vargas knows how to do costume makeup but... ya fue. oh well. ill just be a missionary. :p
sucre is all hills. it doesnt wear me out, i can feel my calf muscles coming back, but the altitude... it makes me run out of air so quickly.
tomorrow is dia de los angelitos.. they celebrate all of the children who have died. 2 de nov is dia de los muertos, they celebrate the rest of the people who have died. they make bread in the shape of people and the doors are open and people go house to house "praying" (memorized prayers) and the people that live there give them food, etc. super interesting.
most of the streets here are pebbled (is that what it would be in english?) not too much dirt, and not too much greenery either.. its a different pretty than vinto.
sucre taxis charge per person, not for destination.. aka mas $ :/
hna ipanaqué, my trainer, was born here in delicias. she sent me saludos through a couple of members here, and i found her name in the carpeta de area. small world
my district leader, elder león, is the exact twin of jeffrey limary in colombian form. super weird.

funny moments
"hna wilson, look! theyre brazilians!" e santos
"how did you know my back hurt?" e fierro
" we shouldnt even have navidad" hno guido, husband of my new pensionista
and the best for last..
"are they just talking really fast?" e orme (new gringo)
"no, theyre speaking quechua" e leon (from colombia)
"what is quechua?" e orme
hahahahhaha pobrecito. theres a TON of quechua here, and our ward does the whole sacrament meeting service in quechua the last domingo of every month

e robbins left me his camera when he died, so ill now be able to take pictures my last cambio of the mish. whoo! (shoutout, thank you!)
i didnt cry saying goodbye to anyone. (a little bit when i kissed alvin on the forehead while he was sleeping, but that doesnt count because he wasnt awake). i have peace that i served my time in vinto. idk what will happen with the people from here on out, but i pray that the lord will take care of them.
i got to sucre without any problems! first time without travel problems haha.
i already have total confidence with my compañera, something that i value greatly. shes awesome.
im gaining confidence quickly with the people here, and i can get them to laugh
h rosillo does her contacts in a different way each time, shes an awesome example
h dora (our pensionista) told me that shed adopt me if i want to live here in sucre with her. she has a slightly hard way of showing her love as well, but i know she loves me already and shes awesome (even if she cooks us chuño)
h rosillo was talking to h beltran por celular and she said that "no, i dont have to worry about that. hna wilson is super diligent and a great missionary, shes not trunky, shes a good missionary..." and it made me happy to hear that, sometimes i dont know how to read her
yesterday, was awesome. i think the best part was finishing the night testifying of faith and repentance to an incactive. there are few moments when the spirit is as strong as when we testify of our savior and express our love for Him. when it comes down to it, the Atonement is everyones "necesidad". la mia también.

miracles & highlights
1 i was reading my LDM the first day &second day being here in jacob 5 and 6, and it took me by surprise how PERFECTLY some of those verses fit to my life... it was word for word what i needed to hear. it strengthened my testimony once again that the LDM truly is the word of God, and by reading it with faith and a prayer in our heart that we can find the answers were looking for. i feel strongly that one of the reasons im here is to bring obedience back to the hermanas & zone.
2 h rosillo doesnt have a warm jacket, just a cardigan. it was FREEZING the first couple of nights here, but i gave her my jacket. i prayed in my heart that Heavenly Father would bless me with strength and that He would keep me warm and the second i said the word "calentar" i felt a warm breeze blow my back. that also took me by surprise to recieve what i was asking for literally instantly, before finishing my prayer. it was amazing. it strengthened my testimony that He truly does listen to our prayers, that He is forever merciful with His children, and that with faith anything is possible. it felt good to serve my companion and recieve a blessing in return.
3 to change up the contacting routine, i decided to contact with fruit. it was about 7:45pm, dark, but we saw an hna (22 maybe? not sure how old) walking with her baby in a white onesie. i said "aw, how cute! hes like a little chiramoya, white and sweet.." and i looked at her face, and she had one fat tear falling down her cheek. i asked her if she was okay, and she said yes. obviously she wasnt. i dont remember a word i said but i talked to her about the plan of felicidad, mixed with the restoration just a bit, and testified of God´s perfect love, my companion también, and at the end of our 3 minute conversation she had a smile on her face and was saying "thank you, thank you..." from the bottom of her heart. her name is fernanda. i dont know if well ever see her again, i hope so, but even we dont, its okay. for that one glimpse of a moment, God sent us one of His children in need. we wiped away a tear with the love of the Savior. there truly is nothing better than that. sometimes, (often times) the  smallest moments and experiences become the greatest in the journey of our lives.

i feel a little out of place here, but i pray that if i just show a little bit of patience the Lord will make manifest to me the reasons im here and what He needs of me. im grateful to be far away where the majority of the people dont know when im dying, so i can just work in peace until the very last day. i fully plan on doing that. i plan on leaving every last bit of strength and testimony here in sucre and coming home on that stretcher you mentioned, syd. :)

i love you all! be safe but have fun tonight!

Hermana Wilson

dyc 6:34-37
juan 16:32
The great escape.

 heres a small part of my area

my wonderful comp. :) que felicidad... (without her glasses) 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Feeling Numb

cambios came, and im officially leaving cochabamba! im headed to SUCRE! there isnt too much time to explain sucre but look it up, its worth the time i promise. :) im going to be with hna Rosillo (peruana) as an hermana capacitadora. it caught me off guard, i was expecting to just stay here and die in vinto, but... the Lord has other plans for me

im extremely tired from packing my bags all night, and not too much happened this week, so it will be more of a refexion (how is that even spelt..) &shorter letter.

every single day this week weve had at least two service projects. ive never had so many service projects in all of the mission. we were able to serve the people in different ways though, so that was good. from moving bricks to picking haba to cleaning tiendas to cualquier cosa... i was grateful to use my hands in lots of ways this week. isnt it incredible what we choose to do with our hands tells about a person?  i wiped a tear, (then put it on my tongue to get them to laugh,) helped a person to their feet, hugged a child, shaking a priesthood leaders hand, turning the pages of the scriptures, lifting heavy loads and carrying someone on my shoulders... the list goes on. everything we choose to do has a purpose, and if the purpose is to serve someone else, we will have fulfilled our role in God´s plan..

ive met so many amazing people here in vinto and ive grown so much as a missionary. ive gained more confidence, more knowledge, and more joy each day in the Lord´s work. ive had high points and low points but through all the "points" ive been able to see the Lord´s hand leading me and thats truly the only thing i can ask for. He has strengthened me through His Atonement. i have been able to become more of the servant He needs. He has worked miracles through me. He has touched and changed hearts, (mine included). i cant even explain the gratitude i feel to be able to lift a person back to their feet and help them feel God´s love.

this Gospel is so simple and so true. i love it. and i love it when people understand its importance.

saturday was jasmine galarza´s baptism (daughter of members, hno narciso´s granddaughter). it was a little hectic with the details but when it came time for the ordenance, and as she entered the water, and her father baptized her with the true authority and power of God, the Spirit testifed to my heart the truth and sacredness of this Gospel. this was our conversation beforehand in the semana
"jasmin, why do you want to be baptized?" yo
"because jesus was baptised" jasmin
"and why does jesus being baptized make you want to be baptized?" (its better in spanish, sorry)
"because i want to follow His example." jasmin

that is exactly what we invite investigators to do in the very first lesson, to "follow the example of jesus christ and be baptized by someone who holds the true priesthood power and authority of God". it is of HIM whom i testify, represent, and love. it is JESUS CHRIST that we all need to do our best to follow His perfect example. and perfect it is.

its always touching to hear and see the impacts weve had on people and their lives. this morning our bishop called me (6:20 am) and expressed his gratitude for my service. he said that he and his family and the ward truly are going to miss me and its going to be a hard spot to fill for future missioanries. he asked my apology for not helping me more, for not doing more for the obra misional, but i told him not to worry. hes a humble man, and it was humbling to hear him express his love and gratitude for me. it testfied to me that when our heart is in the right place, if our desires are aligned with God´s, anything is possible. im leaving vinto better than how i found it and i pray that it can continue progressing. i truly love these people. my companion, my ward, my investigators, the people in the street.. its incredible all of the moments and experiences ive experienced here but im keeping them close at heart and i look forward to what these next and last 6 weeks bring.

have a great week! sorry this letter is all over the place. im filled with mixed emotions. im not sure what to expect but i trust in my Señor to lead and guide me to those who need me.

sonrie! :)

Hermana Wilson

heres jasmin with her dad johnny & brother cristofer 
(not sure who the little girl is, i think its her classmate)

h mebetabel, h giomara, y sus hijitas 

obispo raul jauregui, barrio vinto

 zona quillacollo! im truly going to miss these people, theyve become my family

 part of the district Nefi

 RIP E´ Robbins! heres the closest thing youll get to a hug. youll be missed!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Feeling Tronki

just kidding, not trunky aaaaaat aaaall, but i did recieve my go-home date.. so thats that..
its raining outside (POURING) and but im soaking it up in my hoddie sweats and comfy socks (with a fan blowing on us because its still somehow toasty inside the internet cafe). life is good.

shouotut to my cousin mckenna for getting your mission call, thats AWESOME! im so proud of you. :))
&also to adam and jen for getting engaged! whoo hoo! :) felicidades

our mission is going on the upwards slant, and in lots of areas were above the area average.. wahoo! :)
people cant tell the difference between hna varags and i on the phone, and that makes me happy. :)
i have the most painful mosquito bites ive ever experienced in my life, and one bendito mosquito bit me twice on my thumb (where the flesh is, and my inifity ring.. shoutout to traci)
ive been craving chinese food. someone go eat some orange chicken for me.

funny moments
passing a guy and his daughter int he street, i said "están buenos". i meant to say buenas tardes and como estan?¿ but my mind mixed the two into a very awkward phrase and i was red for about a half hour laughing
"todos los hombres son malos... menos yo" e fierro
"im elder robbins, and this is my companion, batman." e robbins

people went out of their way to ask i i was okay at our zone meeting. this zone truly feels like a family, and its going to be sad when cambios hit next week.
i went out of my way to try and make 11 oct (my comp´s birth mom´s birthday) especial. we bought donuts and brought them to the district meeting and sang happy birthday and made a video. she couldnt even talk she was so touched.
we bought 25 oranges for only 8 BS and they were delivioussssss. i thought of you momma.
hna mikaela, a less active member, left to go on visits with us (is that how it would be in english?). it was the first member in such a long time to leave with us and shes not even active so that was awesome.
i was told that i have the gift to laugh, and to make others laugh. that i share happiness with everyone, and that i can cheer anyone up. i have never considered laughing to be a gift, but i can see that it is, and im grateful for my unique no-air (shoutout to madison goldthorpe, love ya mujer) laugh.
trunky blessing.. we taught lizeth, CR, about eternal marriage and the spirit hit me strongly that yes, its true we can be sealed together for time and all eternity to our spouses and children and its what i desire with all of my heart.
h vargas received the impression that hna lizeth reyes (CR) needed a patriarchal blessing when we were teaching el sacerdocio in the clase de principios de evangelio (there hasnt been a teach for two months.. whoo). we called our district leader and he came in the afternoon to give her a blessing and it was just so special, and something that wouldnt have ever happened if h vargas hadnt receieved and acted on her prompting. i know with all my heart the priesthood is the true power and authority of God on the earth today, and im grateful for every worthy priesthood holder that uses this God given power to bless and strengthen others.

true miracles
1. WE MET OUR GOALS THIS WEEK. after having recently only 0 or 1 LCM, our zone put the goal of 7 LCM and 8 nuevos.. and we met them! we also met our goals of other lessons, and we didnt have a single reference uncontacted by the end of the week.. it was incredible to me to see that with faith and hard work (in that order) the Lord truly can help us lograr nuestras metas and the desires of our hearts. my faith increased and i was filled with such a gratitide for His help.
2. we were in a lesson with narciso, and found out he hadnt read his LDM, so we asked where he was and he said jacob 7. we read it together and man, it was as if the Lord was right there with us in the room the spirit was so strong. it was pura waska, and pretty much called narciso out on denying his respuesta and that he needs to act on what God has revealed to him, that this is true... i hope and pray that he does. it truly showed to me once again that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it applies to us in our everyday lives. God´s guidance is right there waiting for us, we just have to open the pages and read. it was incredible.
3. annie! shes a member reference from another ward (avaroa, member gershon). she is truly GOLDEN. she has a little sister whos 8 who was also listening and i have met few people with knowledge like she has of the bible, let alone an 8 year old.. anyways.. we taught the restoration. we focused that it doesnt matter what shes done in the past, that this is her perfect chance to return to God ( its so weird explaining this in spanish). long story short, they accepted to be baptized and in her prayer she started crying, it was one of the most sincere prayers ive heard.. she said we were angels sent to her to help her get back on her feet and find happiness again with God´s help, and she also said that her friend gershon was like an angel for introducing her to us... after her prayer, i hugged her while we were still on our knees from praying and we hugged for a solid 5 minutes i think. i whispered to her if she was crying because she felt God´s love, and she said yes. i testified that those feelings were true. that He LOVES her, that He KNOWS here, and that this is the true church, that all of the happiness shes been searching for is right at her fingertips.. it was so special. its incredible that we can have such a strong connection with people without even knowing them for more than an hour. i truly believe i know some of these people from the pre-life and its brings such a joy to find them in their pains and heartaches and bring them the joyful message of the restored gospel. like people always tell us, it sounds "familiar"... its TRUE, and it isnt the first time were hearing this..
4. yessid. once again our citas fell through (all this week) but it gave us time to contact in the parque bolivia so that was good. i told hna vargas i felt like my "oro" was waiting for me, i just needed to find her/him.. and yessid was my oro. i saw a joven sitting alone (it was nighttime) and usually i wouldnt have gone up to him but i couldnt ignore the feeling i should so we did. i asked him how he was, and he said he was good. i asked him again, and he said that he wasnt good, he was sad. i told him i knew he was sad, but that i also knew that God loved him.. . we sat next to him on the park bench and introduced him to the plan of salvation and he started balling. he thanked us for talking to him and said he needed it. i felt in my heart that if i hadnt talked to him, he would have fallen through with his plans en quitarse la vida. its incredible to me that God can work through us to find His lost children and bring hope and love to their hearts once more. i know that there are people truly waiting for me. even if i never see them again, even if they dont get baptized in this moment, even if they dont live in my area, even if its just a contact... it doesnt matter. what does matter is that i was able to change a life with God´s help. i was able to wipe a tear, or lift a fallen head, or take someone by the hand and tell them they are NOT alone, that their loving Heavenly Father is looking out for Him. and He is.

i feel like i have been taught so much this week but its impossible to share it all this week. ive learned more about the way of the Lord and how He works with us to complete His will.

"not my will by done, by thy will be done". <3
(or something like that, i only know the spanish version..)

have a great week!
alma 36:37
Hermana Wilson

 sometimes i make super fancy breakfasts

 feliz cumpleaños to the other mamá de my wawa

 the dog was happy to see her

crying from onion making arroz chaufa (shouotut to david <3)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Feeling the love

so this week ive had lots of moments of love. (does that make sense in english?) which, hearing from a few people, is what youve been praying for, and i thank you for that (especially you, mom. i love you)

we now as a mission have emergency backpacks. the missionaries going home in two weeks didnt recieve them, so that means that in the next 6-8 weeks will be the crazy earthquake or flood haha. but its awesome, they have our names and everything we could need for a 2-3 day emergency. they were free and the Lord truly takes care of His missionaries. :)
in the zone conference, i sang in front of EVERYONE with three other elders... we sang "oh Lord my Redeemer" and it was incredible. it was going to just be elders but they asked for "my help" one day and then i got sucked into singing with them. but the spirit was strong and id call it a success even though i was scared to death.
everyone always yells "CHOKA" o "RUBIA" at me from the street/cars, but this week i called yelled "NEGRA!" so that was one of the most proudest moments of the mission. :) haha #quelatinaquesoy

funny moments..
1"what does quejas mean?" yo
"its like saying ´i hurt´or something like that all the time... what i do" h vargas
2 "okay. so robbins is going to forget the line and stand there with his scared face, wilson is going to faint, van skyhawk is going to vomit, and hammond can just sing his solo. listo."
3 "wow, i like your stuffed snake. whats its name?" e fierro
"jimmy" h wlson

today we visited hna jhaneth montaño from frutillar, mi conversa, and it was so special to viist with her and see how she is.. shes truly an ANGEL, and i think today will be one of my favorite pdays of all the mission.. she truly is incredible. <3
singing "oh Lord my Redeemer" truly filled me so strongly with the Spirit. i love the letra to that song and i felt like i was truly singing my love for &to Him.
we were starting a lesson with an investigator (Sergio) and my wawita started to teach the joven rico (sorry, dont remember what that is in english). it was a proud mommy moment. :) she knew what she was saying and she didnt have fear saying it. it was sweet to see her progress.
h liz romero (CR) called us when she needed us and asked for a blessing of health (what  is that in english? i really am forgetting a lot arent i). its not easy for her to let people know shes struggling but i was glad she reached out to us and the blessing she receieved was so sweet. God truly LOVES her , shes such an incredible strong woman.
ALL of the missionaries gave me their full attention when i gave my testimony at zone conference (i was the last one). looking into their faces i realized that i have their respect and admiration. i dont think ive realized the impact ive had in their lives, but it was a moment that opened my eyes. the spriit was strong. i didnt cry, but i did say the word pucha on accident in front of hna pucha (pucha). i had a smile on my face and i bore testimony of my Father, my Savior, and His true Restored Church, and how it has brought joy to my life, and for that joy, i crave to share it with others so they too have that joy (1 nefi 8:12, dyc 76:22).
singing in zone conference. although i still dont like my voice, i did something difficult and put my trust in the Lord. it brought the spirit on a whole new level to zone conference and for just those 3 minutes, every thought was focused on the Savior. it was incredible.
saturday the ward did a "fundraiser" well say for an hna that needs kimoterapy. they sold pollo al horno and pesado a la parilla and juice and brownies (that were actually super good) and they raised over 1000BS so that was awesome. we got to the capilla at a little after 1 and there were sun shades, music, and smiling faces. i truly felt the ward´s love. an hermana bought us a plate (although we also paid for it to donate to the cause), the primary president sent us lemonade and a smile (reminded me of a certain wedding i went to once upon a time,shoutout :) ) with jasmine cayo (i sent jasmine back to lindaura to give her a kiss on the cheek), and we were just super accepted and greeted by the members, something that has been lacking for a while. it was an awesome event to unify the ward for a good cause and remind us whats truly important in life.
my faith grew as i contacted hna maria yesterday in the street. she doesnt attend a single church but she wants to find the truth. she accepted everything we taught her and is scared her husband wont let her come to church or listen to us (freaking controlive husbands.. pray for the bolivian women) BUT she was super humble and had a light ignite in her eyes, and i could tell she recognized this as the truth. i was reminded that yes, the Lord is preparing perople to come into my path and be brought to the knowledge of this restored and perfect gospel
we ate homemade comida ecuatoriana yesterday!! it was SO GOOD, and my heart is happy. (interesting story afterwards, jaja,, but.. after the mission les contaré. :)

milagros &highlights!

1 my hijita is struggling, well say that much. there was one night that she just layed there in bed, crying. i sat by her side and stroked her hair and explained the story behind "walk tall, your a daughter" and then sang it to her. i explained briefly what the verses said (the translation is never the same) and then sang it to her in spanish (thank you syd for sending it to me). her tears calmed as the spirit entered the room. it felt as if there were angels there as well. i asked her if she could feel God´s love, and she said yes. i testified to her that she is a speical daughter of His, and it was amazing to see what God´s love could do as He comforted one of His needing daughters. it was a special moment for los dos, and the spirit strengthened my voice and testimony as well.
2 let me explain hna altagracia. she has cancer, and needs kimoterapy, but she despite her sickness is spreading the gospel to all of her neighbors and always telling us "guess what! i talked to -- this week, and hopefully theyll receieve the discussions!" its awesome. but what is TRULY awesome is she went out of her way to visit an inactive hermana, casilda gonzales. and this casilda gonzales came to the fundraiser saturday, and church on sunday (all three hours), and after more than 20 years is coming back full strong to church and God´s arms. its so incredible to see the Lord work in mysterious ways. maybe Altragracia´s sickness is to bring one of His lost sheep to the fold. i know for a fact the Lord NEVER forgets His "sheep", and its incredible to see the strength of Altagracia as she focuses on others instead of herself.
3. yesterday in principios del evangelio h liz told me she didnt think people so loving, kind, and willing to serve without expecting anything in return existed. she said i was one of those people, and ive changed her life forever. she thanked me for always bringing her the message she needs, and for always coming at the time she needs. it was super special because when i first got here, i was different (obedience) from the other missionaries but over time ive gained her respect and confidence and love and i truly love this woman so much. she has SUCH strong faith, and inspires me truly.. ill try and send a foto of her one of these weeks. but i think that moment was one of my favorites of all the week. knowing i have the ability to change a life, and that ive done it, brings a special joy.

ive officially given my last testimony to the misión bolivia cochabamba (la mejor del mundo) BUT the good news is that i still have one more whole cambio left. this isnt the end. of the email, yes, but of the mission.. not even close . i am fully motivated to continue giving the Lord my all until the very last moment. i love this work, and theres no place id rather be. thank you for always supporting me. i may be horrible at replying but i send my love through my prayers. thank you for las suyas. <3

BE SAFE! (stay away from dogs, drunks, and dangerous men/cars).
hermana wilson
almsa 39-42
Hermana Wilson


wow... this almost made me cry (i would if i wasnt so tired). ask syd to translate. shes my hermanita because h ipanaque trained her also. shes awesome. shes super sad in this moment of the mission, and so its awesome she said such awesome things about me.. super humble..

ya les habia presentado a Hna Wilson es mi hermanita mayor en la mision en la conferencia de zona dio su ultimo Testimonio y es muy fuerte la amo mucho y me recuerda a mi hermanito favorito porque ella también da besitos de perrito jajajajaja

Hoy almorzamos con ella y mi sobrina de la mision Hna Vargas y estaba tan feliz de estar con ellas.... por cierto mi Hnita es muy fuerte y por eso carga su maleta y la de su hijita y tambien puede cargarme a mi ......

Ella ha sido un apoyo muy grande ultimamente, bueno desde siempre porque desde que llegue a la mision ella ha estado pendiente de mi y me muestra siempre su amor....... Da unos abrazos geniales la amo (por cierto ella esta incluida en los destinatarios del correo por eso le hecho tantas flores jajajajajaja)  

Here's the translation: 

(I think the sister missionary who wrote this is writing to her family about Natalie, based on context) 
"I already introduced you to Hermana Wilson. She is my "older sister" in the mission. In the last zone conference she gave her last testimony and she is very strong. I love her so much. She reminds me of my favorite little brother because she also gives puppy dog kisses hahaha.
Today we ate lunch with her and my "niece" in the mission Hermana Vargas and I was so happy to be with them. Definitely my "sister" is very strong and therefore can carry her own bag as well as her trainee's bag (daughter) and she can also carry me. 
She has been a very big support to me lately, well actually always because since I got to the mission she has looked out for me and she always shows love toward me. She gives the best hugs. I love her. And the reason there's so many emoticons is she is copied on this email. hahaha. "

this is elder ellsworth, he goes home in two weeks, but hes one of the best elders out here and has been a huge example for me.

 zone leaders, e robbins and e fierro. theyre AWESOME, and have my full trust

famous "lazy dueces" and h hansen´s chocolate chip cookies.. 
oh, ill miss this.  (e wilstead)

 our musical group... charlies ("h wilsons´s" ) angels haha.  three of the most obedient and tranquilo elderes of the mission, e van sky hawk, e robbins, h wilson, e hammond (jamón in spanish)

 h palma came back to the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 
(after a tobillo accident and a year of recovery)

 love this girl. (hermana) :)

 e sueldo and our attempts of "making it rain" haha (sueldo in spanish is $$)

could you tell i/we got bored of the typical smile pose? 
e van skyhawk and his hijito, e santos

 "presidente", e pulido (from mi grupo)

  e montalvo and e beecher, ive got a lot of respect for these two as well

 my hijita´s back hurts, so i carried her emergency backpack as well

 thank you crossfit

 he imitated me and i imitated him

  im always giving him waska... 

e medina (mi grupo) is assistant! whoo!!!!!! e smith (ex e ziering) is the other

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 3, 2016

FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS TO THE BEST MOM IN THE WORLD! (don't worry Syd you're second best;) here's a little love from Bolivia!!!

if you're reading this, make sure you go give my mom a hug and wish her the best!

(taken yesterday in between conference sessions. left to right.. LZ elder robbins (utah) LZ elder fierro (ecuador) h vargas (el alto, la paz) h wilson (yungas, bolivia ;) elder guido (nicaragua) elder wilstead (all over the world).

tiji. :) 

im not trunky dont worry but we still had fun taking fotos in the stake center.. :) 

we live a happy life

elis new york pizza, sorry that e wilstead robbed all of the light perdonale, hes a gringo

after conference selifes