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i know im a hermana but stop reading this and go Dear Elder me ASAP!!! its free and if it works how it does in provo itll get to me today! or at least hopefully before i leave! rumor has it im leaving on monday but im not sure, i find out details on sunday! (talk about last minute haha). send me a dear elder letter and ill read it on the plane!! send your favorite "bolivia babe" (nickname from hna stone) some farewell\good luck! <3 just ask a mormon how to do it, its a website. all you need is my name (hermana NATALIE wilson, theres another hna wilson here) going to BOLIVIA COCHABAMBA MISSION at the PERU  CCM/MTC.

how do i know this?
last week i got MAIL!! oh how incredibly happy that moment was! rumor was that its impossible to get mail here but i got two letters from zack (thank you!!) and one from my FAMILY!!! craig and luke your pictures were so cute! thank you! youre so creative! i showed all my friends here! :) and then today i got another one and one from emma!! thank you! i miss you!

and right afterwards i met my BROTHER IN LAW! :) it was weird not being able to hug him but we shook hands a couple times and took really special and awkward pictures! im sure you have already seen them but if not ask for them! thank you mom and dad, i got it okay!

just a couple of my favorite things, because its my LAST WEEK here! :
-here in the world of Español, they use the tú form. so instead of words like thine and thy and thou, they use more familar and friendly words. i love that. it was weird at first, an adjustment definitely, but it makes prayers even more personal. Heavenly Father is our friend. he wants to listen. so talk! :) prayer has been so helpful to me and im so grateful for it! <3 when no one else is there.. He always is!
-people for the most part are so friendly here!! ive been ignored completely, thats always pretty comical actually, but for the most part peruvians are SO nice! and theyre so humble!! they have the love of christ in their smiles and eyes and laughs and hugs and kisses (and theres LOTS of those)
-they will hug and kiss you even if you dont know them! talk about love! :) theres two hnas in my district who HATE being touched so its kind of funny to watch them be greeted, but im all about hugs and love so i love it! :)
-theyre SO GOOD AT FÚTBOL. oh man. street soccer and undercover players might just be better than the pros.
-when somoene sneezes in a row.. its salud, dinero, amor! bless you with health, money, and love! makes me think of you mom haha you sneeze about ten times in a row, i guess thats just lots of love for you!
-its been so humbling. im definitely going to be leaving a piece of my heart here in Peru and with these people but i will never forget themn and i shall continue to pray for them!

"if the only prayer you said in your whole life was "thank you" that would suffice" - <meister <eckhart. no idea who that is but it was in my gratitude journal on one of the pages and its so true! never forget to count your blessings and thank Him for them!
"if you judge people you dont have time to LOVE them" -mother theresa. <3

funny moments
(only a couple bc i dont have  alot of time)
1 IS THAT JESUS? hna cicotte
   no.. thats bob marley.. hna wilson
2 i cant tell if this is chocolate or a bruise- hna wilson
3 sweating comes naturally for me. actually, its my best sport. elder hansen, 1st counselor
4 hugging you is like hugging a little rock! youre so hard and muscley! hna cicotte
here, i think squishy thoughts for you. hna wilson
5MUERTO! elder cleverly
no... oración.. hna cicotte

blessings (only some, too many to count!)
-as soon as i start my prayers, padré celestial, the spirit hits me so strong. ill say it again. if you think youre alone you ARENT. pray, hes there. have faith!
-hna newbold (reminds me of riley affonso, miss you!) left me her flashcards when she left. its almost 3 inches tall! definitely helpful!
-churros for lunch! ive never had a churro before peru. theyre so good here! they have this carmelish filling. yum.
-we put pictures up in our classroom, better late than never. different pictures of christ. all the same good feeling!
-elder murray came and shook my hand one day in the hallway. i was smiling. he said "what a nice smile! thats what i like to see!" hes the branch president and one of my favorite people ive met so far. he is so inspirational and sincere and loving!
-mi y my compañera are having a lot more unison, especially in lessons and planning! such a blessing. weve come so far!
-BOYD K PACKER. what an incredible man. we got news that he passed away. i along w the rest of the world have benefited and groen through his service and teachings. he will be missed but he will also be loved forever. i was able to read something on him from, not sure if it counts as an obituary, but it was powerful! so grateful also for the plan of salvation. hes in a better place now! we get to watch the funeral on friday, that will be amazing! i expect to cry. it hurt knowing he passed but im happy hes no longer in pain.
-grateful my comp wants to study and not waste time
-i can pretty much understand a verses in español now without having to look up words! such a blessing! so grateful for the gift of tongues, siempre!
-intermedios gave me M&Ms! bless their hearts. chocolate is so rare here. enjoy it! ;)
-hna minson is going to draw the pic of christ i sent last week (by my ultrasound) with the pic of luke smiling instead of the childs face, the pic from when bryce came home from his mission! so excited! shes an incredible artist! and hna ellisonis going to draw me captain moroni and the cochabamba temple! theyr both so incredible! use your talents!
-mourning monday! all opf the alvozandos girls wore all black in preparation for toasty tuesday, solo un chiste! grateful we dont have drama on the girls side of things. only love and smiles!
-i got lots of little breaks on martes to study! so grateful!
-ive been finding scriptures that PERFECTLY fit what i need or am feeling or thinking! its incredible. if you have a wuestion or a probelm g read the ldm! (bom). it will help you in ways you didnt think popssible!
-a latino told me that ill be able to attend the temple twice every six weeks!!!! say WHAT! oh icant even tell you how excited i am for that! thats once a month! <3 today we went to the temple for the last time for a lot of people for 2 whole years! so heartbreaking! the temple is INCREDIBLE. theres no better place to be! :)

highlights of the week:
-hna stone,s stories. ill save them for a later time. :)
-the 4th of july!!! oh my goodness it was such a special day! they cociñeras decorated the comedor in all red white and blue, everyone wore patriotic colors, we had american burgers and hotdogs and potato salad, the elders played americano footbal and the hermanas plauyed kickball, we sang the national anthem in english, our maestra hna luna even wore red white and blue, it was amazing! i felt so much love for my country! were so blesed to have so many rights and privelages! and people who risk their lives for us! never forget those before you who are the reason you have what you have!
-devotionals with the latino branch president on domingo and w elder nelson on tuesday night. i forgot my notes, :( but theyw ere inspiring words!!! two things from nelsons... one, he talked about howour converts become a pyramid. theyre almost like our spiritual children in a way. they begina  new line of families brought into the gospel. they will look to us as heros forever... it just really touched my heart! knowing that through just one person, (ex, abinadi only had one convert) i can make sucha  difference! except im not settling for one person! my goal is to have 5 families baptized & take them to the temple at the end of my mission to be sealed as an eternal family! that was another thing he talked about... thinking about enduring to the END, but the end being the ENDOWMENt (going through th temple). im so grateful for tempples and the blessings they bring! i challenege you to go this week! even if you cant go in, just go walk around the grounds! there truly is a special spirit there and it will bring peace joy and love into your hearts and souls!
-monday night i was a little down. im my worst self critic. i wont go into details.. but when i came upstairs a latina asked me to bear my testimony to her. i was confused at first, and i almost said no, but she insisted so i did. and as soon as i started talking, i knew it was the answer to my prayer. it was exactly what i needed.

ihave a testimony of this church. of this gospel. of jesus christ and god the eternal father. i know that this is the only true church and im so grateful to be a part of it. im so grateful for the atonement and the ability i have to be here today because of it. its funny.. i came on a mission to try and give a little back for all I had been given and blessed with, yet i feel like im the one whos constantly getting blessed and given more and more each day! im so grateful to have Him by my side every step of the way. thank you for your support and love! its going to be hard to leave Peru, ive grown to love the people here in a very real way, but im on to Bolivia to give them the joy that  comes from knowing their savior lives, and they can live with Him again! with all of the bad things happening around us, we can find peace knowing that it wil be okay. He has a plan for each and every one of us. and for me, right now, i am supposed to  be here. i know it with all of ym heart. im so excited to serve and love and teach the people of bolivia. im going to come home with my shoes worn out (if i come home at all!). my soul truly is filled with joy, and theres nothing id rather be doing. <3

have a safe & happy week! :)

te quiero,
hermana wilson.

scriptures to look up:
John 13:15, follow His example and love one another (ISIAH QUINTERO. read the whole chapter! its the story of the feet you love so much!)
-DyC 19:23
Alma 26:8 sing praise & thanks to His holy name forever!
Isiah 41:10 (did i send that already?)
Alma 26:27 go fwd w patience!
Mos 27:36&37 as long as we do what eve been called to do well be blessed

p.s. send me pictures! through email, but also through mail so i can have hard copies! i dont have any of my farwell. also still dont have any addresses!

Hermana Wilson


 mi y mi leóna hermana, hna esser! i love this girl so much! she brightens my life!

mi y hna miles, my other favorite! shes in my ditrict and reminds me of traci fletcher!!! even looks a lot like her i think!


mi y mi maestra, hna luna! im going to miss her so much!

the girl alvocados!!! weve come so close these last two weeks!

nutella is $50 here!! say what?

look at peru, im leaving but theres another hna wilson now! ;)

our failure at a cute picture haha

jerseys from hna cesar!

HERMANA WILLLLLSON! :) my little treasure

my favorite little flower plant here in the CCM! isnt it pretty?

hand stand: check. next step: flip throw in

i wasnt exaggerating when i said the fire extinguishers were HUGE! (this ones for you julia)

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