Monday, July 20, 2015


literally, miracles are with me. always. not only is my compañera´s first name Milagro (sh, dont tell anyone) but i have literally experienced SO many miracles in getting me here and also in my every day i see miracles happen and the lord hand in my life its amazing!

im supposed to fit two weeks into one email not sure how thats going to work but ill try.

so we exerienced more than enough problems in travleing here. but with everything that went wrong, the Lord blessed us with a miracle. for example..
when the airport didnt have seats for 5(including me)/11 missionaries headed to cochabamba, they arranged for us to go to a hotel. when all of our bags were overweight bc the measurements were wrong from what w were told, we had money from two other separate miracles i wont say at to the public so just believ me :) instead of going on a different flight to paraguay, which would be dangerous &we couldnt leave the airport for an enire day, we were sent only an hourish away to a hotel. none of us had money for food, but the airport provided us meals. when we didnt have a flight from santa cruz to cochabamba and were in the airport from aboiut 2 am to 10 am, we were able to arrange something and the church somehow sent someone to help us as well. when our baggage was lost and we didnt recieve it until friday, we were able to pick out necessary clothes / hygiene from the mission home. theres a ton more but seriously it was fascinating to me to see satan trying his hardest to prevent us from coming here and doing the work he knows were going to do & helping all these people who need the gospel so badly. our group wasnt in the best s`pirits necessarily but i was blessed to be calm and have my heart full of love, knowing the lord was with me & providing a way for us. and he did.

the second i stepped off the plane i felt so much love. it hit me like a tidal wave. it was amazing. i felt like i was home. it more than made up for the claustrophobia of a small plane. :) and when we walked out of the airport (still with no luggage) and there were elders holding a sign saying "welcome to the best mission in the world" singing called to serve and president/sister hansen themselves there to greet us.. even more love. more smiles. more happiness.

so yes. im here in bolivia. i loved peru and i loved the people and my district was a second family in a way to me, but i know this is where im supposed to be. i have seen so many little miracles and blessings.

so i dont have to answer all of your questions separately, heres info about bolivia /where i am..

bolivia has a ton of mountains. anyone whos from utah and claims those mountains are pretty, cochabamba will pùt you to shame! :). it was fun flying in the day bc i couldf actually see them! :) theres little houses scattered everywhere on the mountains. google pictures bc this computer is too slow to send them. we flew over a big body of water, no i didnt see any face rippers but i do live by a lagoon so ill take a look in there for you. :) the streets dont have names here so its slightly difficult to find where people live but makes things interesting bc its a memorization game :) there are only two main roads that are asphalt as far as i can tell the rest are dirt or rocks. theres dogs everywhere. craig and luke would be in heaven. at night it sounds like the barking train (is that what its called?) from 101 dalmations. mi casa is up straight up 50 stairs (i counted) which means great exercise and its awesome bc we have a balcony out front and back where we can see all the houses and moutnains and cristo (google it) in the distance. we have our own bathroom and our own shower which is awesome. you cant flush toilet paper. the mornings are freezing, even colder than rexburg. my hands are ice, it always surprises people when i shake their hand haha.  we cant shower in the mornings bc the water is literally too cold and we will get sick. the days are hot and dry. we eat lunch and dinner everyday with two other hermanas, hna Cruz and Silvano. our pensionista (not sure how to spell it, sorry, but shes a member who cooks for us) is hna Ancalle and she is literally amazing. shes going to teach me how to cook bolivian food but wants to learn how to cook american food so send me recipies! :) we travel there by taxi but other than that we mostly walk everyday.

i literally LOVE my compañera. she is such an incredible blessing. she is from a little town near chiclayo, peru. shes 22. she has two brothers. she likes to draw landscapes and cook. she gives me more love than i deserve and is way patient with me always. the lord has big plans for us. she is the companion ive been praying for. neither of us have boyfriends so were both focsued on the work and its great. on sunday we had FIVE investigators attend church which was the best thing EVER. she told me that shes never had an investigator attend church before. so... yeah. :) like i said, were working hard and the lord is blessing us and putting people in our path. we have 3, possibly even 4 families that have potential. i got a blessing from my bishop sunday (who reminds me of uncle john, hes great!). t was in spanish of course but from what i could understand , the lord is going to help me achieve my goals and tis awesome! :)

im out of time but im already finding ppl im meant to serve. i love it here. i love this work. im out of time.

i love you all!

send me addresses please
hna wilson

 President Hansen y mi mi compañera Hermana Ipanaquè 

Hermana Ipanaquè 

mi y mi compañera Hermana Ipanaquè after paintballing

mi y some of the misioñeras at the bbq with our zone after paintballing

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