Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pizza My Heart

what. a. week.
it was hard in the beginning. every day we had something and it felt like we werent getting much done. monday p day. tuesday temple and zone conf. wed hospital. thurs ward activity. fri and sat morning hospital. BUT. there were definitely blessings scattered through every day the week ended on such a good note. my heart is full!!!!

my heart is also happy bc yes, we had homemade pizza this week (including oreo pizza for dessert). if you want to win my heart..... pizza. and maybe pick some flowers. :)

speaking of LOVE, shoutout to KATERIN RIVERA for being a MARRIED WOMAN, you looked absolutely GORGEOUS (as always). someone send me her email?

weekly nonimportant things
bolivians dont like smiling in pictures they think a serious face is more guapo. its sad bc you all miss out on a lot of my investigadores personalities, they have the HAPPIEST and BIGGEST smiles ever. im always begging and bribing them to smile haha
i use a coca coca glass bottle for my flower vase on my bedside. its perfect.
hna ipanaquè doesnt like sleeping with a  pillow
i get super excited whenever someone has a bandera. hna ipanaquè gets angry when they dont. :p
i discovered my heals (the back of them) are dried with blood bc theyre so cracked and dry. ive added them to my areas-that-need-lotion list :)
my compañera bought hot chocolate powder. i knew i loved her.
we pass a gym everyday on the way to our pensiòn. shoutout to gorillastrong, i miss you.
the streets were FLOODED earlier bc of the fields being watered for harvest. mudddddy.
lock purses in a locker at the grocery store. not sure if its for safety or  customer service or both
knives here are a LOT sharper than in the states. i sliced my finger open cutting some pan
speaking of knives. i passed a man walking with a machete (how do you spell that, wow im no good at english) .
if you buy a glassbottled soda, and bring back the bottle after you drink it, they give you some money back. jill lavine your theory was right, and i am going to continue to buy only plastic.

funny moments
"paper towels? AND SOAP? its going to be a GREAT day, that never happens!" -presidente hansen
in the temple, i got asked if i knew curtis wigginton. someone tell him elder thompson says hi
the doctor we see looks exactly like the lady int he nail salon from legally blonde only in doctor form. she even has pink lipstick.
"hello, its na.. hermana wilson. weird, i forgot i had a first name until now." "yeah, it comes with the english." -hermana hansen
oranges have a LOT of juice (may or may not have gotten them thrown at us.)
hermana lindsay got a handful of red fire ants crawl up her skirt, and.. yeah. funny to watch, well say that. :)

(its literally the hardest thing to pick these, i have way too many...)
lady touched my hand before getting off the bus and said "chao hermanita". so simple but when she touched me i felt so much love, and i knew that she knew me... it was an amazing experience and the veil was so thin. i didnt even realize i needed an angel of love but He sent me one anyways
i understood EVERYTHING at zone conference, yay for the don de lenguas, its REAL. <3
peanut butter cookie at zone conference made me drool
miracle in finding the temple, i knew which street to turn on and we were on time. big experience in a one liner, welcome to the mission
able to buy my emergency food (weve been asked to have fooda nd water for 48 hours). feels good to be prepared and obedient. i have top romen, peaches, and canned vegetables with a side of oreos and crackers ready to go. :)
riding in the trunk bed of hno davids truck, reminded me of riding in my dads. super fun, lots of giggles with the little girls.
recieved a full reimbursado from the luggage fees. whoo!
when we showed hno david y su esposa the baptismal font, the spirit was INCREDIBLY strong. they felt it to. he said "this is a very sacred place." so simple but so pure, i love the beginning lines of tesimonies :)
pizza. delicious.
hna rosaurio talked to us! she is slightly handicapped and i dont think has any friends. it was a special moment helping her be happy in those small ten minutes, i saw a light in her eyes grow, i love her shes the sweetest and deserves a better life. were helping her get it.
it rained! that never happens (it actually poured). it wasnt hot, and the dust storm left!
hno franklin, is GOLD. pure oro. we had our first lesson, it was super short bc we didnt ahve  a lot of time but his three questions were 1 who is joseph smith 2 what is the gospel of jesus christ and 3 why am i here on earth? please, explain to me how you could have any possible better questions. he wants to know everything and were going to help him find his answers :)
hna ipanaquè said iw as the sister she never had. :) we had a lot of bonding experiences this week. ive been blessed to have patience and positivity bc her supply is slightly low. i love her so much and shes such a wonderful missionary. shes an answer to my prayers.

alma 58:10(ask for help and strength in trials) & 11(meanwhile, count and recognize youre blessings "assurances"
helaman 3:26(im uniting SOULS, this work is so much more important than we realize) & 27 (the lords merciful to ALL, just need a sincere heart) & 28 (gates of heaven are open to ALL. just picture that for a second. its beautiful.)

TEMPLO. oh, how i love to see the temple. <3 and going inside is so, so much better! as soon as i walked int he doors the spirit hit me so strongly. its hard not going every week but im not complaining bc theres lots of missionaries who cant go at all. it was super special and even though it was in spanish i learned a lot. the theme that stuck out most to me was families. the spirit also testified to me the importance of my work & that im blessing more than just my family now, but other families and my future family as well. families are such blessings and the ability to be together FOREVER (c/ el templo) is the ultimate blessing <3
ACTIVIDAD DEL BARRIO. ward activities are such blessings to missionary work, were able to have investigadores come and mingle with members and gain trust/friends/good experiences. we had 19 investigadores come!!!!! and it was super fun. hna ipanaquè and i babysat the children the whole time and played games. it was a tad bit exhausting but theyre so adorable it was worth it. not to mention while we entertained, their parents were able to mingle and play futbol or vollibol or get tours of the church, etc. members and missionaries in the same work, thats what i likeeee.
CONFERENCIA DEL ESTACO. presidente hansen y su esposa came! the spirit was especially strong, especially sunday´s session. i loved it! we sat front row with our "kids" (arlete, jovanna, rider, y estafani.). presidente hansen came down and shook their hands and talked to each of them. he was excited to find out theyre all investigators and all over the age of 8 (rider is 8). he asked them if they were preparing to be baptized and they all said YES, i was happiest to hear riders response bc we havent actually started teaching him yet, hes only sat in on hs sisters lessons, but you better believe thats going to change this week!
WORKING. secret to a happy missionary is working, and it felt so good to get some solid hours of work in this weekend. the spirit was with me so much stronger and i was so much happier. theres nothing better than working and pure service, which is pretty much all i do. that, and sharing the best possible message there is. :)
CADA INVESTIGADOR. ive mentioned before i keep a little (i mean little) gratitude journal with me in my bag. i noticed saturday that each little bullet blessing had an investigadores name next to it. it made me smile. :) and the spirit hit me super strong in that moment, that literally i consider each of my investigadores a blessing and ive developed a love for all of them. i dont just CALL them hermana y hermano, they ARE my brothers and sisters. <3

i love you all! have a great week. :)
hermana wilson

ps next week for pday were going to the jungle, IM SO EXCITED.

Hermana Wilson
pic from the temple, mi y my compañera y presidente hansen y su esposa <3

 hno Hugo (equivalent of Michael Hingano, someone tell him to email me) bombing our foto
hes the assistant ward mission leader

hna arlete, yo, y hna jesenia at almuerzo at the ward actividad

 hno abraham, yo, hna sonia, hna eveline, hna ipanaquè, hna lindsay (member who comes with us on lessons, shes only 14 but i swear shes older. her testimony is a rock and i love her so much!)

cody (white dog) y devin (black dog, pronounced deBEEEn) y babies! i was happy in the picture but not afterwards, they got muddy paw prints on my shirt. 

 our neighbors, hna david y Ne Linda. :) 

HNO RIDER. cutest kid ever, gives me happiness every time i see him. luke, this is the bolivian version of you. 

gave flowers to hermana ancalle, our pensiòn. c hermana silvano, hna cruz in the mirror 

hna cruz in our bolivian colored outfits for dia de bolivia

 maracuya! my favoriteeee juice from peru, its here too! :) sadly they dont have granadillas..

hno jhon rodriguez, hno abraham, y hna lindsay after stake conf on sunday morning. 
little blurb about jhon.. he CAME! super unexpected, but his heart has done some serious changing and humbling the past 24 hours. im super excited to teach him. his cousins/friends were the one chucking oranges, so the fact that he showed up & dressed up & told us that he LOVED conference, is a huge blessing. :) 
hna lindsay brought him and hno saul, a convert who went inactive right after baptism, oh the blessings... :) 
 last night we were blessed to have a lesson with hno james. we tried to teach hna liliana y su familia but they left a note saying they were gone. long story short our lesson turned into a lesson with antonio, but then fredy and emilee (also amazing story with emilee, shes gained respect for us and has a softened heart now, super excited for her), y jheison. they just kept flocking to us and we fed them with the gospel. :) hno james is our mission leader and he is a perfect leader, were so blessed to have him. also a perfect example of how little miracles just happen, and the lord directs his work. :)
(the others didnt want to be in the picture, but pictured here are antonio and fredy).

bone in my soup. :) peekaboo

 the day arlete accepted her fetcha! :) (hno saul, hno rider, hna arlete) 

the lights we found <3 

elder pachas, one of our zone leaders. 
hes the equivalent of elder cleverly from the ccm and a huge blessing to the zone 

heres some of my zone at our bbq my first week

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