Monday, August 31, 2015


please, if you have a child, stop what youre doing and go give them a hug, maybe eat some ice cream together, and just make sure they know you LOVE THEM. a big majority of my prayers have been for children who deserve to be loved, and are NOT receiving what they deserve.

on a brighter note..
thank you FAMILY, for loving me through your emails and sending me REESES. and printed pictures!! oh, how i love you all so dearly. you were prayed for extra hard this week. :)

weekly notsoimportant things
kill a mosquito and recieve a prayer of gratitude from me. i dont know if ill ever have christlike love for those evil things.
weve been finding lots of ORO (investigators basically ready to enter the font on the word vamos) but theyre always in another area... oh well, the work is the work right? not important who gets to baptise them.
our front door faces directly el cristo in cochabamba (yes, were that high)
you have to DUMP sugar into hot chocolate for flavor
juice vendors hand you a bag of juice and a straw, you pinch and drink (dont worry, i dont drink from the calle)
vacuums arent a thing here.
always buy more fruit than neded, youll throw away half of it bc they arent always ..fresh
most people ask for salud in their blessings. how humbling is that?
big emphasis on famailes here
they can DANCE, even the little kids
super difficult to find baptism clothes
its pretty normal for a girl to get baptized in a white dress. therefore, the font is not see through window.
potosi is the highest city in the world
it also has the richest hill. the Incas worshipped it bc of all the gold and silver, then Spain took it.
i recycle every possible thing and use every possible square inch
its not rare to see a woman with a bow in her hair
they dont take the sacrament to the people waiting in the lobby. if youre not on time, you dont take the santa cena.
theres a CIRCUS three houses length from us! if only we could visit it.. it starts at 830 and lasts who knows how long, dancers and fireworks and the whole shebang
i dont think ill ever be used to being one of the tallest ones here. its weird.
dont expect to recieve exact cambio ever if you use a 10
found a flower without the middle part (forgot what thats called) there was just a whole. weird.
its impossible to smell and sing at the same time
concordia(station wagon, sometimes mini van) is 1 boliviano (BS) and is neighborhood routes
taxi (usually corolla type car)-farther destinations (like the temple or stake center) and more expensive, usually 20BS
trufi (white van) is 1.5 BS, back and forth on blanco galindo (the one main street/highway). you have to wait for the right sign in the window if you want to pinch your BS and not pay for a taxi, be prepared to wait for half an hour if youre stubborn
bus -red and colorful, 1 or 2 BS. front 2 rows are for antiguos and enfermos only. we found one that leaves pretty close to our house every 10 minutes and passes marianely/close to the church. SCORE.

funny moments
"i havent had caffiene since the 80s! i didnt sleep until 2 am!" (a mom of a missionary. every house they visited with their son gave them coca cola and animal crackers. meanwhile, the familes had none for themselves. again. HUMNLING.)
"cody doesnt like it when you wear pants. he missed your legs!" -hna ipanaquè. i had been wearing pants on p day, and cody (the dog that lives in our apt complex) was going CRAZY parking at me. but when i came back down 15 minutes later in a skirt, he was back to licking and tail wagging and puppy eyes.

hna ipanaquè is so extremely patient with me, always.
i didnt have to use the bathroom the last time we were in central (you have a 0.00000000000001% chance of finding a bathroom). aka, much less stress
president hansen told hna ipanaquè lots of good things about me. he also said that were doing VERY good work in our area. the missionaries before us... werent exactly the hardest working missioanries. we are basically opening a new area (the word for it in spanish means birthing. hah. its our baby!)
 i found granadillas! below the temple is a huge fruit vendor. yesss.
watching one of our investigators, hno luis valdez, help a little girl at his tienda. he is a sweet old grandpa with 10 kids (so rare here to have that many kids). he was honest with her and helped her figure out her change.
my personal studies are breaking the time barriers. with fe and prayers, im able to study my book of mormon AND other things (PME, por ejemplos) and still be in the time limit and finish at one hour every morning . so amazing!
our investigator had the fe and courage to talk to the bishop about her castidad problema. so proud of her and so excited for her to recieve the help she needs!
hna arletes parents took the key again (she cant leave without it, theyre locked in). we didnt let that stop us. we taught her standing up through the iron bar window.
hna janet saw us in the calle and was SO happy to see us. she thought we had left and werent here anymore. we have a cita with her and i have fe shell start prorgressing again (we had been working in another aprt of our area more)
i recieved personal revelation on how to specifically help three different investigators in the middle of our planificaciòn semenal. super random time to recieve it, (ex, we need to teach janet diezmo and promise her that her fincancial problems will go away if she keeps it while washing my hands. blessings for taking care of my health? who knows.) dont question the lords timing just be grateful for it and FOLLOW YOUR PROMPTINGS. please, FOLLOW them..
mexican food for elder cribbs birthday! enchilladas, tacos, and lasagna..... oh, how happy my stomache was.. i also wasnt hungry until dinner, blessing #2
we were able to track down conozca los mormones (meet the mormons) . it was a miracle and lots of prayers and lots of people were involved, but we found it and now we have a baptism!  got it from hna boyle and elder pachas burned me a copy. thankful for my zona!
WERE ORDERING FOOTIE PAJAMAS FOR OUR ZONE. were even going to have  a plaque stitched in with our names. im so excited :)
after our cita to get permiso for arletes baptism getting canceled in a very harsh way, and after being completely broken hearted, the zone leaders sent us a message saying theyd pray for her and elder cribbs encouraged me to not give up on her, to keep doing everything we can to help her get baptised (and i am doing EVERYTHING.) im not losing faith.
working with hna palma for a day! we got a call from the assistants and asked to do a favor, work with a new missionary for a day. we did. it was wonderful! i was able to show her around, explain about every investigator, help her, answer questions.. it felt like i was training. it was super spiritual but also super FUN. shes going to be an amazing missionary. she was our adopted daughter for a day!
sharing why im on a mission is always powerful. also powerful to hear others´stories
hna fidelia said every time she sees us she wants to be a part of our church so she can have the same happiness she sees in us. :)
oraciòn de hno eduardo. hna ipanaquè and i have never heard a prayer so sincere. and that is saying something. the first prayers of investigators are my favorite, bc theyre so trusting and pure and sincere, but his prayer..... wow. it was amazing.
other blessings with eduardo.. it was a quick spontaneous lesson, but he told us he wants to be baptised. he wants to have the holy ghost like damaris. he wants to feel gods love all the time. his life is hard. the gospel can and will help him. :) i made him laugh with the badadada big hero six after a fist pound. ive never heard him laugh before. after that lesson he changed. he now gives us BIG hugs and RUNS to say hello wheneer he sees us. he knows where to find the happiness missing from his life. :)
watching hno antoine with his little sister. he is usually quiet, and a little jumpy, and scared. his life is also very difficult. butwith his baby sister, he was tickling her and jumping and laughing around her stroller and she was LAUGHING so hard, it was the cutest thing and made me want to cry. his heart is so big.
ive been questioning if were forcing antoine to be baptized or if he wants to be baptized, but his prayer killed all dudas. he definitely has a testimony and he definitely knows what hes doing.
whenever an investigator runs to hug me. :)
hna maria nely bore her testimony at damaris´s baptism (her final hija). so tender.
hno franklin ended up coming to the baptism after all! he was supposed to come with us but culdnt and we were scared he wouldnt come but he came SOLO
walking with hno franklin after and teaching about the atonement while walking. his eyes changed. he has the hope of the atonement in his heart. hes ORO.
hna maria nely invited everyone back to her house after the baptism and bought us pepsi and cheese bread when the ward didnt come through with providing a refreshment. it was fun and good for our investigators to spend time with us in a non threatening environment, our friendships are stronger
hna maria nely is RESCATADO! she was inactive but now shes rescued! :)))
we were able to visit the hospital yesterday to visit our investigator hno javier choque with hno james, our mission leader (who is PERFECT). we decided not to go inside, (they werent going to let us be together and he didnt have any clothes) but hno james gave him a blessing. he felt prompted. very direct. "do you have faith in christ?" "yes" "do you believe he can heal you?" "yes". and then a blessing. i pray that javier has the faith to be healed! we met his mom and cousins. they were very grateful we went out of ourw ay to visit him.
it was our first time not asisting church with anyone, our fechas didnt come, BUTwe  3 asistencias and they were of ORO. (franklin, antonio, samantha).
we got a direct phone call from president hansen yesterday. hna ipanaquè was super shaken up, she even cried. she thought that we were getting transfered bc of an emergency. were not. it was touching how much she loves me.

people think that im hna ipanaquè on the phone! apparently i sound latina now. my grammar is still FEO, and i still have SO MUCH to learn... but literally 6 diff people didnt beleive it was me on the phone. my prayers are being answered. :)

i shared some of the chocolate that i got. hersheys kiss. it was a charlie and the chocoalte factory moment.. the person i shared with giggled at the fact it was called a kiss, and cherished that hersheys kiss like no other. it was small, but it was also powerful. so humbling. we all need to take a step back and realize how BLESSED WE ARE. cherish the little things. :)

baptism of damaris! she is such a gem! my favorite moments were right after taking pics and before entering the room. she grabbed my hand and threw her skinny arms around my neck and when she let go, said "im happy" with tears in her eyes. that little girl has a STRONG ability to be in tune with the spirit. and right after, same thing. except this time, she said "thank you.". its such an amazing thing to help people come to the truth and truly experience the JOY this gospel brings. and there were SO MANY investigators that came, and HALF of them expressed their desires to me to be baptised. needles to say, it was a powerful baptism.

another humbling week. another great week. another exhausting week, but another rewarding week. another week of learning more things than i can describe.

lots of people, especially hna ipanaquè, think im going to train after this cambio/my training is done. only the lord knows, but man would i feel inadequate. i have no idea whats going to happen, with training and with every other aspect in the mission, but i have the faith ill be able to do whatever i am called to do. after all, thats my mission scripture. alma 26 11-12. <3

i love you all!

3 nephi 3:12 no room for fear when you have FAITH.
dyc 68:25 .......let your children be baptised
3 nephi 4 30,33
hel 15 8 gospel is freedom

Hermana Wilson

photo bomb! isnt rider cute in his suit? 

 FRONT ROW WITH ELDER BEDNAR! hna boyle, hna casique

from conf with obispo pres. arlete, marleni (mom), rider, abraham, gaby. 
(abraham isnt part of the sanchez family.)

 templo cochabamba!

con hna palma! our adopted daughter :) 


when your family loves you and sends you  chocolate <3333

 happy birthday elder cribbs ps our pension is the best 

oh you fancy huh

 damaris´s baptism. britanie mariana maria nely 
yo damaris fidelia samantha janet antoine fabio eduardo

the gem damaris herself <3

 other picture from maria nelys after the baptism. ignore the candidness, but franklin wasnt smiling in the other ones so heres one of his real smile. hes ORO. wouldnt take of his beanie bc he shaved off his hair. its the style for guys to have longer hair here.

ft elder peet (new district leader) and elder quispe

 look how proud her mama is :) 

shes official! c hno james our mission leader! hes literally amazing.

 maria nely &  janet

 con hna dama

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