Monday, July 4, 2016

Angry birds

&happy end-of-bloqueos!!

&&CONGRATULATIONS (is that how you spell it? what is english) TO MINDY! YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BRIDE AND PERSON AND (not-so) SECRETLY EVERYONES FAVORITE! i love you and wish you the very very best. :) your smile was so beautiful and pure! felicidades! provecho!

random things..
someone told me i should be an actress. i guess ive accomplished my goal of being more expressive but ive never liked the theatre and would feel way too weird with millions of people watching me in a movie (althout it seems like millions read this blog.. tuché)
were going to be getting snow pretty soon on the mountains. WHOO! tunari here i comeee
quillacollo has some intense bloqueos. drowning gas, fires, rocks, slingshots... i wont go into too many details but im grateful that theyre finally over and we can this week finally go the temple. <333
i want to cut my hair but its the finding that is holding me back.. if i walk into a random haircut place i will have NO hair left, because blonde hair here is $$$
in parties they dance in 2 lines facing each other. different, but fun. (dont worry im still on my no dance streak)
all the world knows when i have a fever, i guess i cant hide that well
my hands are more liken bloody reptile skin theyre so dry BUT i found Dove lotion and its like a miracle
there is a LOT of adventista in the area where we live. (best ways of explaining the sabbath is Sunday not SaturdaY?)
there are at least 5, 6 people we are teaching with MY NAME. its so weird teaching them and hearing my name everyday. my companion just gives me a little smile because she knows my name too and its hard not to giggle sometimes. theres also a man that has the name WILSON. so that doesnt help either. its like im teaching myself?

funny things..
 "testifico de las palabras de mi compañera" -elder riquette, in his practice with hna custode in the district meeting. one chance in all the mission he can say that ahah
"is it good?" yo "its acceptable" hna custode (10 BS pizza in our area. GANAMOS.)
"oh no!" hna custode "whats wrong?" yo "theres a pigeon" hna custode "and..?" yo "and almost ALWAYS im the victim" hna custode
"you really have a $ tie?" yo "yes. QUE ME ROBAN!" elder robbins, LZ

hna brady called me last pday in the morning and we talked and let me just say that woman continues to be such ablessing in my life.
SISTER LUGO sent me a letter in the mail and i got it already, withihn 2 weeks no más!! THANK YOU for your letter sister lugo i loved it. :) ( i dont have your email to anwer your questions, but YES, girls camp definitely helped me and helped me become more of who i am today. send me an email por favor and i can respond more?) letters are GOLD.
we finally got the Liahonas from general conference! super excited to rwead it
i officialy have no fear to invite people in the first lesson to be baptised. and ive been lucky enough that the past however many first lessons ive had, they have ALL said yes to the invitation to be baptised. :) faith is real, friends.
we talked in the district meeting (and practiced) about putting fechas for baptism. i feel like thats one of the main reasons im here in vinto, to invite these people to be baptised and just really focus on helping them get there. the future is bright, friends.
our zone meeting #2 was not as awkward as the first. progress.
at 5:30 the sun hits the South mountain in our area and it literally looks like gold. its beautiful and reminds me of my momma (your favorite time of day is even more golden in bolivia)
wednesday night i expressed and let out my stress to hermana custode about the area and a couple of other things, and it just felt so good to let it all out and talk with her. she listened to me and told me she had felt someof the same feelings too, and man. she is just a sweetheart and im super grateful shes my companion.
hna natalia mamani told us at the end of the lesson the truth, that she is a member (we knew that, and were just waiting for her to tell us). she told us she doesnt know almost anything about the church or LDM or anything, and she  is grateful were teaching her and helping her learn because she feels the spirit.
we contacted a reference (ive never had so many references, were in the double digits) and asked her if shed like to learn more and she said shed LOVE to.. oh if all of the people could be like hna emebatel...
theres a man whos wife is a temple worker and he even has a home teaching assignment in the church but isnt a member. hes an eternal investigator but we found his true doubts and im super excited to help him and am praying that i can be the missioanary to answer so many prayers for so many years and he can be baptized. one of his fears is that after hes baptized, he will sin again.. im so excited to help him understand the Atonement and feel its power.. VAMOS. :)
a pastor of another church let me use his bathroom. i was dying without a bathroom in the middle of nowhere (vinto) and bless his heart for not hating the mormon missionaries.
preidente sent the LZ to come to the house to see if we were alive (our phone went unregistered randomly and we couldnt call and say we were home). super grateful to have leaders that love and sepreocupen for our well being.
i was sad because i thought i wasnt going to be able to fast this week due to some minor health issues (im fine mom) BUT the spirit whispered gently to me that id be okay and so i did fast and i recieved an answer to the prayers ive been praying all week long. <3
the clouds are EXTRAORDINARY here. theyre huge and are outlined in gold sometimes and a little tender mercy every day.
yesterday at church hna and hno ancalle (my first pensionista!) came to visit vinto and i almost jumped on her i was so excited to see her. she is literally an angel and i love her so much. hno ancalle teared up seeing us. :)

highlights and baby miracles
when the pastor let us use his bathroom, he left us there with the woman washing her clothes and he went back to work. she lives there in one cuarto and the other cuarto was the church, with a separate cuartito for the bathroom. i used the bathroom and then my comp entered. i sat there and started talking to the woman washing her clothes. she was so kind. i just kind of focused on how i felt there and realized that the spirit was there. i have no idea what the church is called, but i know that that woman and the pastor are good people and trying there best to follow Christs example. i have no doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ (de los Santos de los ultimos dias, sorry i cant remember english) is the true and restored church, but it was peaceful being there in the yard of the other church and feeling a sort of bond with that woman. i said a tiny prayer in my heart for her that she and her family could one day be led into the doors of the church of Jesus Christ and we left on good terms with smiles.

yesterday we went searching for a reference. it took us 2 hours (like i said, vinto is GRANDOTE). i was so determined to find this man, and i was praying super hard. the sun was going down but i asked God to bless us with a little more sunlight so we could find him (we were in the mountain and there arent lights up there, so if the sun went away.. problems come, me entiende?). the reference said the "yellow hosue" but when we got to thio Mokgo, almost all of the houses were yellow-rust color and so that didnt help. the trufi man that turned into a taxi took us to the top of the sector and we got out, said a prayer, and went down the mountain one by one walking with speed and power and faith.. in the end we found the house. he wasnt home and the old woman through the doorcrack only spoke quechua (freaking torre de babel) but we found his neighbor teresa and its a possibility that we were really only supposed to find HER. but we did. she has a beautiful little family and i felt the Spirit strongly contacting her. walking way from the house i was just so happy. we had a day full of citas and even a NDH with the bishop and every single one canceled on us BUT that didnt matter because i knew that we fulfilled what the Lord wanted of us. i looked up to the sky and offered a little prayer and the clouds were amazing and a STRONG pink. i just felt a rush of love from my Heavenly Father and all of my stresses were just gone in that beautiful moment. it doesnt matter how big the area is or how low the numbers are or any of the other things, what matters is that i can recognize the Lord guiding me in His work and that i am being a useful tool in His loving and wise hands.

i truly love my Lord, my God, and the mercy He is constantly showing me as i take one step at a time in His work. Vinto is His vineyard that He has intrusted me and I trust in Him to help me have fruit.

have a great week. be safe. (family, especially you por favor.)
>> te amo.

Hermana Wilson
ether 12:4

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