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first things first, the shoutouts...
1) RILEY, my best friend since diapers (literally). i havent forgotten you. i love you with all my heart. and so does He. <3
2) BRAD DAVIS, who i have also known since potty training days.. YOURE HOME! felicidades!! enjoy la playa and thanks for emailing me. :)

random things..
so i almost followed in bryces footsteps in getting hit by a car in the mission, but it wasnt an old lady it was a man in a semi.
theres lots of people that hate gringos here.
canned whipped cream doesnt exist here.
i ate cow liver and rooster innards/intestines this week. i wouldnt reccomend it.
my bishop served here in the first days, and had 50-60 baptisms every MONTH.... it was awesome hearing his stories and experiences. he also knew the two white missionaries that were killed in la paz.
before halloween existed here, it was called todos santos. the people put food and drink for the dead, (in case the dead were thirsty or hungry) people came to "pray", and they made and ate bread in the shape of the people.

funny moments
"this brownie is from the..... joven" waiter at Friday´s
"so how long is it going to take for your first kiss?" h wilson "idk.. maybe until the airplane" -hna dying
"hna bender read in the matrimonio manual that love and charity are different things, and that charity is a higher level of love that never ends (etc). entonces.. i dont love you. I CHARITY YOU." hna ipanaque
"theres three things a missionary knows when he gets to the mission- nothing, nothing, and nothing." hno jorge
"spicy is SUPER spicy, a little spicy is super spicy, and not spicy is spicy for hno israel" - la prima *i eat the spicy empanada* "hna, are you okay?" el primo "yeah, im fine. its not spicy." hna wilson (i guess my tastes have changed in the mission haha)
"does your boyfriend play futbol as well?" bishop "uh, ex boyfriend. and no, futbol americano." hna "oh, so he must be big. with muscles. right?" bishop "uh, yes bishop." hna avergonzada

my comp and i were the only companionship that sat together at the zone meeting. im grateful for the bond we have.
when all of our citas and miembros fell through, i felt that we should visit hna tania (MA). we called, she was home, we went to her house, almost died by dogs, she saved us. we showed the mormon message "recuperado" (no idea what it is in english but look it up, its AWESOME) and talked about repentance and the atonement and she cried and shared that she has been wanting to talk to the bishop and return to church but didnt think shed be able to truly change but now she has hope and was just filled with the love of her Savior.. it was incredible, and THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why im here, to help people change their lives and feel His love...
hna custode wrote her companionship inventory bc she wasnt able to express herself out loud but reading how she felt about me.... man. she loves me more than i thought (and i always knew she did). i had no idea she saw so much in me.
hna mebetabel (I) called us and told us she got back from her vacation and wants us to come and visit her. WHAT. jamás has an investigator done that. shes an escogido. :)
the zone leaders blessed the house and during the prayer asked that it could be a place of peace... what i need
i feel a LOT better with the house clean. its incredible the difference it makes.
the hermanas capacitadoras gave us a talk by presidente uchtdorf, "puedes hacerlo ahora" (also dont know what it would be in english, but look it up, its awesome. pretty sure its from the priesthood session of the general conf abril 2016). its what i needed to hear. <3
we contacted a woman in the street and found out she was about to wash her clothes so we offered to help and she let us in. while we were washing we got to the topic of the plan of salvation (what else is there to talk about, really now?) and then we got to the topic of repentance. i just taught and testified and it didnt count as a lesson but that doesnt matter, i did it bc its what im called here to do and i felt good doing it and i know that even though she "doesnt have time to recieve us" that i planted a seed in her heart.
our service project saturday failed, no one came and the woman refused to let us help because it was "man work" (que es eso...puedo hacerlo..) but anyways, we were walking by and i saw beatriz (I) and Dominga (mom of Neisa, I )and they were pulling weeds and i offered to help and she laughed and said "yeah, come help me!" and i went and she was surprised, and i asked what she wanted me to do, and she laughed and said "with those pretty hands? what do you expect to do? its okay, you sit down and well keep working" but my daddy rasied me different than that and i squatted right on down with her and started working. mud entered every crevice of my fingers and somehow on my face (her hijita) but it didnt matter. she sat back and watched me work and i kept working. then they were cutting down a tree with a machete, and i offered to help bc she was wheezing a little.. she laughed again, and i insisted, and she said "bueno.", and handed me the rusted machete.. and off i went whacking.. and a minute later, it was time for timberrrr.. they were pushing on the tree to get it down but couldnt do it (my comp, and the two ladies) and i went over and shoved and timberrrr, it fell. at the end of it all, there was a glimer of respect in her eyes for the gringita that knows how to work and she let us stay and teach her daughter. poco a poco.
i (presté? how do you say that in english..) my jacket to hna custode because she didnt have one. it was freezing in the morning without a jacket but hna custode put her arm around me to warm me up. her actions definitely speak louder than her words.
we had a NDH with the bishop last night, and we were the third set of hnas to ever enter his home (the others being YEARS atrás). progreso. :)
i was able to really relate to my estudio personal in mateo 26. i know that i WILL b able to fulfill with what the Lord wants of me, even if i have to do it alone like the Savior had to do His mission. but i know that im never alone, all i have to do is kneel and ask where He is, what He wants, and His strength.

miracles & highlights
1. we were shown a video of Elder Henry B Eyring, talking about how he has never felt the spirit so strongly in guiding his decisions than when he assigns us to missions. he told us to BE CAREFUL if we ever doubt t. i felt so much power in his words and i know with all my heart that this and every assignment i recieve in the mission comes directly from Him.
2. i felt and i KNOW that hno Narciso is going to be baptized. i was able to picture him in white. he is finally accepting the invitations to pray and ask if he needs to be baptized. he has known the missionaries since his 17 años. i think that the missionaries in the past have heard his situation, think its an "easy baptism", go and try and put a fecha with him, and when he says no, they get discouraged and stop visitng him. over and over and over again. but im getting to know him, getting to know his doubts, and praying with all my heart to be giveen the words of the Spirit. i feel that he is one of those people i was sent here to find .
3. i gave hna custode a stuffed giraffe and a chocolate bar for her 10 month mark. as we were laying in bed, after our prayers, about to sleep, she said "gracias", and told me she loved me. its the first time shes said those words in all of our time together and id be willing to bet in all of her 10 months here in the mission. it was such a tender moment and i was so proud of her for expressing herself and i told her i loved her too. she let out a big gasp of air and i knew she was smiling. shes a sweetheart.
4. we showed a video to hno narciso, about a man who was destined to give flour to another man so he could make bread for his family (forgot his name, i think its joseph). the man who prayed felt the distinct impression that he needed to ask for this man, his name was given to him.. after the video i testifed to narciso that the Lord KNOWS him, and as i did, the spirit testified to ME that the Lord knows ME as well, by name.. it was an incredibly special moment for me and brought me mucha paz.

i hope youre all doing well, and it sounds like the majority of you are. i love you!
hermana wilson
ps, if youre wanting to pray for one of my investigators... pray for Narciso. :)
2 N 9:52
2 nefi 10:9
3 n 12:3

ps.. these pictures are especially for YOU riley, this is what brocoli looks like growing. :)

Hermana Wilson

These pictures are especially for YOU riley,
this is what broccoli looks like growing. :)

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