Monday, November 7, 2016


hi blog stalkers! :)

there is absolutely no time to write, ni to read the 30 emails that flooded my email this week.. forgive me.. we were looking for a while for a glasses store to get my comp measured, then her getting measured took a while, and then finding an internet cafe that wasnt filled took another hour.. but in the end its perfectly fine because my comp NEEDED glasses, 4.5/5.5 (not sure what e preslar was but shes pretty much right there with ya). anyways, just details you dont all really even care about so ill stop talking about p day.

im happier than i was last week, i dont feel so out of place, and i have accepted that its not important to know why im here, just important that i am here because its where the Lord wants me to be. i trust Him. i love Him. my mission president told me to just be myself and continue doint what im doing and that ill have success, so that makes me feel good. i definitely have a testimony were called to our mission presidents for a reason. hes such a great man..

bueno ill send this email next week if time lets me, but if not.. thats fine too. what is time?

i hope every single one of you reading this gives my SISTER, SYD a HUGE HUG for her BIRTHDAY! syd youre the best and i love you with all my heart. :) congrats on making it onto the blog as a weekly thing, youre in my heart as a daily thing.. i love you.. air (internet) hug.. &now go read your personal email :)
&also to connor (elder) showers, happy birthday to you too! thanks for always being a loyal friend. :) go get yourself some egg in your hair!

sorry i didnt write much, i think i wrote this in 4 minutes without even rereading it or thinking what i was writing..... but thank goodness that true forgiveness exists, gracias a Cristo.

Él vive. esta es SU OBRA. y la amo con todo mi corazón. amo a Él.
&theres not better way of showing that love than working until the end, every day, every moment, to the best of my ability.

chau :)

Hermana Wilson
omni 1:26 and palabras de mormon 1:7. <3

so when we went to cocha for la conferencia de lideres, we stayed the night in the mission home.. more details later.. but the important thing to know is these hermanas were introduced to the beautiful world of blueberry muffins and it was just a very special moment. :) h bisama, h alvarez, h rosillo, h wilson, h balderama

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