Monday, October 31, 2016

Feeling Numb

feliz dia de nevada!!! (shoutout to h. plater).
also dia de brujas, halloween, etc.

my companion, hna rosillo
shes from piura, perú. shes 28 years old (but youd never think that, she looks like shes 22). she is a little serious but when she laughs, she has a smile that lights up her entire face. she likes to play soccer as well. shes super diligent and obedient and that makes me happy. ill die in peace with her. :)

so a couple of randoms..
i was going to be a haunted rapunzel for halloween bc h vargas knows how to do costume makeup but... ya fue. oh well. ill just be a missionary. :p
sucre is all hills. it doesnt wear me out, i can feel my calf muscles coming back, but the altitude... it makes me run out of air so quickly.
tomorrow is dia de los angelitos.. they celebrate all of the children who have died. 2 de nov is dia de los muertos, they celebrate the rest of the people who have died. they make bread in the shape of people and the doors are open and people go house to house "praying" (memorized prayers) and the people that live there give them food, etc. super interesting.
most of the streets here are pebbled (is that what it would be in english?) not too much dirt, and not too much greenery either.. its a different pretty than vinto.
sucre taxis charge per person, not for destination.. aka mas $ :/
hna ipanaqué, my trainer, was born here in delicias. she sent me saludos through a couple of members here, and i found her name in the carpeta de area. small world
my district leader, elder león, is the exact twin of jeffrey limary in colombian form. super weird.

funny moments
"hna wilson, look! theyre brazilians!" e santos
"how did you know my back hurt?" e fierro
" we shouldnt even have navidad" hno guido, husband of my new pensionista
and the best for last..
"are they just talking really fast?" e orme (new gringo)
"no, theyre speaking quechua" e leon (from colombia)
"what is quechua?" e orme
hahahahhaha pobrecito. theres a TON of quechua here, and our ward does the whole sacrament meeting service in quechua the last domingo of every month

e robbins left me his camera when he died, so ill now be able to take pictures my last cambio of the mish. whoo! (shoutout, thank you!)
i didnt cry saying goodbye to anyone. (a little bit when i kissed alvin on the forehead while he was sleeping, but that doesnt count because he wasnt awake). i have peace that i served my time in vinto. idk what will happen with the people from here on out, but i pray that the lord will take care of them.
i got to sucre without any problems! first time without travel problems haha.
i already have total confidence with my compañera, something that i value greatly. shes awesome.
im gaining confidence quickly with the people here, and i can get them to laugh
h rosillo does her contacts in a different way each time, shes an awesome example
h dora (our pensionista) told me that shed adopt me if i want to live here in sucre with her. she has a slightly hard way of showing her love as well, but i know she loves me already and shes awesome (even if she cooks us chuño)
h rosillo was talking to h beltran por celular and she said that "no, i dont have to worry about that. hna wilson is super diligent and a great missionary, shes not trunky, shes a good missionary..." and it made me happy to hear that, sometimes i dont know how to read her
yesterday, was awesome. i think the best part was finishing the night testifying of faith and repentance to an incactive. there are few moments when the spirit is as strong as when we testify of our savior and express our love for Him. when it comes down to it, the Atonement is everyones "necesidad". la mia también.

miracles & highlights
1 i was reading my LDM the first day &second day being here in jacob 5 and 6, and it took me by surprise how PERFECTLY some of those verses fit to my life... it was word for word what i needed to hear. it strengthened my testimony once again that the LDM truly is the word of God, and by reading it with faith and a prayer in our heart that we can find the answers were looking for. i feel strongly that one of the reasons im here is to bring obedience back to the hermanas & zone.
2 h rosillo doesnt have a warm jacket, just a cardigan. it was FREEZING the first couple of nights here, but i gave her my jacket. i prayed in my heart that Heavenly Father would bless me with strength and that He would keep me warm and the second i said the word "calentar" i felt a warm breeze blow my back. that also took me by surprise to recieve what i was asking for literally instantly, before finishing my prayer. it was amazing. it strengthened my testimony that He truly does listen to our prayers, that He is forever merciful with His children, and that with faith anything is possible. it felt good to serve my companion and recieve a blessing in return.
3 to change up the contacting routine, i decided to contact with fruit. it was about 7:45pm, dark, but we saw an hna (22 maybe? not sure how old) walking with her baby in a white onesie. i said "aw, how cute! hes like a little chiramoya, white and sweet.." and i looked at her face, and she had one fat tear falling down her cheek. i asked her if she was okay, and she said yes. obviously she wasnt. i dont remember a word i said but i talked to her about the plan of felicidad, mixed with the restoration just a bit, and testified of God´s perfect love, my companion también, and at the end of our 3 minute conversation she had a smile on her face and was saying "thank you, thank you..." from the bottom of her heart. her name is fernanda. i dont know if well ever see her again, i hope so, but even we dont, its okay. for that one glimpse of a moment, God sent us one of His children in need. we wiped away a tear with the love of the Savior. there truly is nothing better than that. sometimes, (often times) the  smallest moments and experiences become the greatest in the journey of our lives.

i feel a little out of place here, but i pray that if i just show a little bit of patience the Lord will make manifest to me the reasons im here and what He needs of me. im grateful to be far away where the majority of the people dont know when im dying, so i can just work in peace until the very last day. i fully plan on doing that. i plan on leaving every last bit of strength and testimony here in sucre and coming home on that stretcher you mentioned, syd. :)

i love you all! be safe but have fun tonight!

Hermana Wilson

dyc 6:34-37
juan 16:32
The great escape.

 heres a small part of my area

my wonderful comp. :) que felicidad... (without her glasses) 

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