Monday, September 7, 2015

Worms, snakes and dragons

a snake is someone who is crushing (or obsessed) with you in the mission. could be a missionary, could be a member, could be an investigator. snaking is also a verb. remember, a serpent is what tempted eve. a worm is anyone 2 yrs old and below. a dragon is an older man or woman. fun facts.

so, ive been waiting for an hour (if you want to be specific, longer) for the internet to work. my darling dearest wonderful companion had compassion on me (and my mother) and let me use her computer to send a quick email. so quick it is! im not even going to bother sending more than two fotos because these computers are ancieeeeent, hno aldo (our usual lugar) was closed today. sad.

MY GRANDPA is amazing. i love you! thank you for going to the temple so often and loving your/our family so much!
AUSTIN JAMES & BREANNA SCOTT ARE ENGAGED. what?!!! (if my source is correct). congrats best friend! (repent for not telling me yourself)
 & congrats to ryan scott on your marriage this weekend! Bryce, youre a stud looking groomsman.
EMILIO & KARLYN. i love you both and have been thinking a lot of you this week! i saw someone who looked exactly like you emilio, it was weird. stick with karlyn, shes good for you!

people know where we live. sometimes people that we dont even know. apparently it isnt hard to remember /hear about where the only choqa (quechua for gringa, basically) lives.. i asked hna ipanaquè if we could get dropped off int he concordias down the streett and walk, hopefully that will help for security purposes. :)
i ate a staple the other day. obvsiously not on purpose but i gues that shows my apetite
algunas palabras dont exist here in bolivia. including words from the first vision and the ten commandments... slightly important. its ok, we explain with other words.
area code is only for landlines. cochabambas is the number 4
i bought a bag of nuts the other day, trying to eat healthier, turned out to be the equivalent of honey smacks. not real nuts. jeffrey limary youd be happy.
lightning. lit up the ENTIRE mountain range /horizon last night. i was in love.
dia de peaton was yesterday. illegal for cars. ppl were walking and riding bikes if they had them on the freeway. suèr weird to see.
a veces the water shuts off.

funny moments
my investigator abraham just came into the same internet place were in.
"tengo 19 años" -yo. "¿¿QUE????!!" -hno saul y hna fabiola. (everyone thinks im in my 20s here)
"como se dice fingernail ?" yo "fingernail" hna ipanaquè "no en español!"

hna ancalle gave me a recipe for these cookies that taste like heaven
jose smith video made our investigators cry, the spirit was tan fuerte. hno elio y reina.
our pension was too sick to cook one day so we cooked in the house of hna cruz and hna silvano, it was fun. we also had oreos and a tub of ice cream to share, tan trunky.
hno fredy H remembered and waited for us for our cita. hes an inactive RM, a miracle we found him, i have hope for him.
hno David, our neighbor, has a LDM and told us he was reading it. he talked about how the part of nephi returning to his parents touched him. miracles. we met with him and his wife NeLinda. theyre golden.
we found a cake for hna ancalles birthday
the man who accused me of witchcraft once upon a time smiled when we saw him/said hi, and talked to us for a little bit.
i was able to ignore my pain/tears on a particularly hard day and lose myself in the work. thats a real thing, losing yourself in the work. and its so easy. my problems are so small compared to everyone elses...
weve been doing everything we can to help hna arlete be baptized, but we still dont have permission. the spirit told me that it is up to her at this point. she needs to really show heavenly father this is what she wants. i pray that she has the faith to do so.
got my alamos sweatshirt. i love my zone. theyre great.
hna liz gave me a rose from her garden. so sweet but not as sweet as she is.

sanchez family (family de arlete). we met with them for a noche de hogar and showed meet the mormons and talked afterwards, it helped her dad hno Nibardo a ton. and we have an APPOINTMENT with him on wednesday! such a miracle. and the mom, hna Marleni, said that she has hope for her two younger children (who have the lessons) and can see the difference for the good the gospel is making in their lives

hno javier is home from the hospital! such a miracle! hes on bedrest im pretty sure but compared to before, SO much better! were hoping to meet with him wednesday.

hna ipanaquè had the respect to tell me that missionaries are talking about me behind my back to her. it defintely caught me off guard. she also told me that she tells them not to talk about me behind my back and especially not to her. so much respect for her. loyalty is big for me. satan has been attacking our companionship lately but im so grateful for her love for me.

3 nephi 12:44-45 (notice its sun RISE)
ether 12:27
DyC 84:88 (thank you mom, found this one from your card)

have a great week,
paz y amor,

Hermana Wilson
 pday today with the zone. lunch, gracias a elder pachas for grilling. 
(hna larsen, hna boyle, elder pachas, elder cribbs, yo, hna ipanaquè)

look closely, i have llamas on my shirt 

 granadilla up close and personal

once you get over the fact that it looks like youre eating baby tadpoles, its really not that bad.

 hna liz. im in love with her smile

hna melanie 
i love them SO MUCH. (same girls from the hair braiding pictures way back when)

 granadillas require two hands

this pretty much sums up the moment haha

  oh, temptation. we were fasting and hna NeLinda brought us delux food.
including lettuce, which we cant eat. oh, it smelt so good. 
shoutout to debbie williams, are these the sandals you were talking about?

hugest dog ive ever met, his head was bigger than my torso. 
ive also never met a dog that drools so much

 money, falta some of the coins


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