Monday, November 9, 2015


what. a. WEEK.
to be honest, im exhausted. this week has been full of everything it seems like. spiritual experiences. heartbreaking experiences. happiness. joy. surprises. true sorrow. todos.

we got a call friday night saying we had cambios emergencias. (nothing we did wrong, no se preocupe, but im not going to explain the story.)  today, i recieved my new companion. yesterday was full of goodbyes. it was hard. its a blesing to love people so true and deep, almost on a soul level, but it also is HORRIBLE when it comes time to say goodbye to them. i pray they accept the gospel and i can see them in that final day, and embrace them never to have to say goodbye again. i am not a fan of goodbyes para nada.

my new companion is hna silvano! shes from my group, and i love her. super unexpected bc no ones ever heard of this happening but here it is! it might be for a week only because next week are cambios, or it might be for the next transfer. if im transfered, which i might be bc she might train, i might be sent to sucre or tupisa. (warning, if im sent to tupisa, its super hard to email and i definitely wont be skyping for christmas). lots of changes but i have peace in my heart its what the Lord has in store for us all.

(i forgot my other blessing journal, i finished it and started the second one, so blessings only from thursday on.. sorry).
zone conference with president hansen. he forgot his notes and had no choice but to rely on the spirit completely. we needed the conference. it was powerful. he loves each one of us, and is called by God. this i have no doubts.
hna silvano came and visited me when i was on bedrest for the day. her companion went home, so she was in a trio with hermana cruz and custode, but they had intercambios, so it was cruz and silvano and ipanaquè in our casa. i was super excited to see her. i love her. shes so strong for what shes been through. (and now were comps! whoo!)
so once upon a time, my spirits were low. hna gonzalez bless her heart jumped up and said i have an idea. we moved the beds and put the hammock i bought (its AMAZING) in between them and i layed down in it and fell right to the ground. super funny. so grateful for her efforts to cheer me up. reminded me of when syd & i would move around our room just to have something new  smoething to do.
i woke up and hna gonzalez showed me pics of the sunset. BRIGHT ORANGE. ill attach a pic if i have time. so incredibly beautiful. the sky never ceases to make me breathless.
the zone leaders bought my medicine when i had my sick day. super grateful for all they do for me and the rest of the missionaries in our zone. they have a talent of lifting spirits.
LAUGHING. such a blessing. no need to say more.
the Liahona magazines. i love the fotos, the quotes, the talks, todos. new hobby.
hna cicotte called me to see how i was doing and give her love. bless her heart.
hna cicotte made me no bake cookies! mm. with real peanut butter, not just crushed peanuts!
laying in my bed when i couldnt sleep and just opening the windows wide and staring up at the stars. i feel so small sometimes esp with the stars but in that moment i felt the pure love of my heavenly father, and that i knew exactly where i was. super peaceful, personal, and spiritual moment.
friday we left the house to work. all of our appointments fell through and not a single person let us in to share a message. but i worked up until dinner, and knew that heavenly father was proud of us.
preparing my talk on faith. i love preparing talks. its hard bc i have too much to say, but its such an increidble experience praying for the spirit to guide you in your preparation and watching it realmente happen.
hna angelica (otra pensionista) washed my clothes for me. i didnt have time bc of emergency transfers, so it was a huge help.
hna estella went to church!!!! shes the tienda lady. for teh first time! and she was touched by our talks (all four of us missionaries gave talks fe arrepentimiento bautismo y E.S.). super hopeful for her!
i prayed elder bryce would be able to have the confidence and words to give his talk without reading it from the paper. and he did! and he did great! (hes super new and has very low confidence with his español). im sure it wasnt just my prayer being answered, but it was amazing all the same.
hna maria nelly, her novio marcelo, all five of her kids, and hno eduardo came to church. <3 such a miracle, and so grateful they were all there for my last sunday.
farewell from/with hno james, my mission leader. i was truly touched by his words, and by his faith. he thanked me for my service and bore testimony i was being sent to where i needed to be, that there are more people who need me to help them and bring them the gospel. it was hard saying goodbye to him but im super grateful for the opportunity i had to have him as my leader. he is christlike in more ways than one.
we gave elder pachas a special dinner surprise. we all wore purple. he was quiet during dinner, but afterwards he told us all that he was touched by the act of service. hes an awesome missionary and leader. its sad to see him go but everyone who has met him is a better person bc of him.
this morning i made breakfast for hna gonzàlez. it was our last morning juntos. i thanked her for coming on a mission, i shared with her why im on a mission, and it was just a powerful, spiritual conversation with the love of God between and all around us.

hna gaby sanchez LITERALLY fell at my feet when i told her i was leaving, and tis was the last lesson. she bathed my feet with her tears. it reminded me of christ, and his disciples. i am in NO WAY saying im anywhere close to the Savior, but to experience the same type of true love... it was touching, to say the least. i cant put the feeling into words.

on sunday, i broke down on sight of lindsay rojas. she would always acompañarnos, and give us her love, and light, and todos. i was surprised how affected i was. she was surprised. i was crying so hard i couldnt explain. i was just so filled with gratitude and the love of God.

saying goodbye to marianelly was also very hard. more tears.

saying goodbye to my zone was hard. they have become my second family.

why are goodbyes SO HARD?

its incredible to me how strong of a love i have for the people here, members or nonmembers or just random people i pass on the street, no importa! my heart is so full of love. its a miracle how i have grown to love them so deeply and so truly in such a short time. i am so grrateful for this short time i was able to be in their lives, and them in mine. me voy, but im going to continue to pray for them with all my heart. they truly are my brothers and sisters.

i have yet to say goodbye to hna gonzàlez, but i know that it will not be easy. it has been incredible to see how truly inspired our companionship has been. i have helped her in some very hard trials shes been put through. and shes been there for me. ive never gone through more life experiences in such a short amount of time than with her. but we have grown, laughed, cried, and learned together. thats what companionships are for. to better ourselves, to strengthen one another, and to realment venir al cristo.

i love you all. thank you for your prayers, your love, your support, everything. my heart is broken, humble, and forever grateful.

d&c 84:106
lucas 16:19-31
Hermana Wilson
 en la plaza. hay chile y los estados unidos

el cielo. <3

 con hnito ian

hna nelly with her kids, hna mikaela and gaby. hna nelly cried saying bye to me. ive only known her for a very, shorttttt time. its hard enough me crying saying goodbye, its even harder when they cry.. it broke my heart, but i pray the Lord watches over this family. super humble, wonderful people.

 hno saul (in between) and hno abraham rojas. my last lesson with saul was teaching about the temple, and family history. he had no idea what the temple was, or waht we did inside. broke my heart, because he is baptised, but it was a powerful opportunity to teach him and see a light in his eyes. families are forever. i think he will be reactivated through family history. he turns twelve thursday. sad i cant be there, but i know hes in good hands

just look at their smiles. theyre angels

 hna janet. shes got some hard trials, 
but i know if she accepts this gospel shell have joy through them all

zone conference! my zone! solo falta elder hunter and torres

 did i mention that we went to the mission home, and while my comp had an interview, i made cookies with hna hansen? shes such an amazing woman. so strong, so loving, so wonderful. nice spending one on one time

and.. did i mention they had real tollhouse semi sweet chocoalte chips?????? GOLD

 with president

with hna silvano

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