Monday, November 23, 2015

mi cuerpo is mi enimigo

word to the wise, cooking eggs in a soup pot doesnt turn out well. i suggest sticking to the frying pan.
tjere arent many stars here. we have all the city lights below us from being on the mountains. its a different kind of beauty.
our house has lots of spiders.
theres an elder leòn here, and he is the latino doppleganger (looks anyways) of elder limary (shoutout to the windy city). SUPER weird.
my no chuño streak ended this week.
cambios are dec. 15, 10 days before christmas.... que feo. :( itll be for the best though. 2n2:24.
elder godoy va a vistarnos esta semana! whoo for conferencias con autoridades!
hna silvanos been super sick with the gripe. keep in prayers?
zona alamos was 16 people, 2 districts of 8, exactly half hnas. zona sacaba (my zone now) is 24 missionaries, 3 districts and........ 4 hnas! hna silvano and i are the only hnas in my district. super different...
my MRI is this wednesday at 8 am. whoo!

funny moments
"just drink water, and your butterflies will drown." "ya, pase me su agua. tengo sed."
hna silvano told me that every night since ive been here, ive talked in my sleep. super funny. i say names, too. one time i prayed in my sleep. i sat up in bed and prayed for hna silvanos family first, then mine, then elder ortega (an elder who left and didnt get to say goodbye to a soul) and two investigators we have. saying i wanted to help them. so hey! im focused on the work even in my sleep! and i speak in PERFECT SPANISH! aha. hna silvano teases me that i really do know spanish, just... when im sleeping. changa jaja.
"ah, mi tentaciòn..." (piña)
we saw dissappearing gringos. twice. not sure if they were real people or angels.
i contacted someone by asking if they would protect us from being eaten by the dogs. hows that for a contact aaron weaver?

presidente hansen is proud of my positive attitude. :)
we had THREE contactos in one day! a miracle, no one is ever in the street .whoo<!
sharing the parable of the ten virgins w hna rodriguez. shes a member but has never heard that story. i could tell it changed her. :)
were going to strengthen the ward here, if anything. and then THEIR kids will serve missions, and THEY will have lots of baptisms.. right? some are planters, some are sowers.
had a plan for a noche de hogar and lehis dream. for the activity we bougth fruit candy and iw as goig to be the tree and they would be blindfolded and make it to me... didnt end up happening, but i now have a plan for a NDH for the future! (mas, por favor?). boy scouts motto, always be prepared right?
i prayed to know in my personal study what i needed to dejar to be a better missionary and example of christ. i got my answer within half an hour. such a blessing. :) reminded me of the conference talk. the spirit really can talk to us specifically.
watching and learning how to wash clothes from hna daniela (MA). at one point, she had the tin of clothes and water, and the soap, and was barefoot dancing in the tub. :) im definitely helping her next time. theres always a way to make service and chores fun.
had sopa de mani for the first time! no wonder its the favorite of lots of missionaries. its way good.
i have my carnet! im officially a boliviana! worst picture ive ever seen of myself but hey, im legal.
peptobismol .need i say more?
lots of wind=not as much sweat
good news, elder beecher is from my zone and brought letters that were sent to me in the peru CCM late to the mission! bad news, the letters are lost somewhere in the mission office haha.
im recieving more love for this area day by day. a blessing!
cristo en la noche. its breathtaking and i always feel super peaceful.
im getting to know a lot of different cultures. it feels like im world traveling. all of my dstricit leaders, for example, are from different countries. my zone leaders too. peru, chile, US, guatamala, bolivia, ecuador, central america.
serving hna silvano while shes sick. its bringing us unity in our companionship .the lord works in mysterious ways let me tell ya.
finished the UDDJ program. my testimony about my savior and is atonement is much stronger now. awesome experience, i recoomned it.
theres a missionary that acts like a punk, but really just needs to be loved. no one has given this missionary a fair chance. i have faith in the missionary and am determined to help them stay in the mission.
visiting menos activos with hna mirian (the lady that lives in our house area). got to know her and the members better, and the spirit led us to help people with their specific problems. amazing.

im becoming a true student of the scriptures. ive gained a lot more knowledge about them and the gospel. i realized it when i was preparing for my talk. its an attribute of christ ive been working on and it felt good to see some progress. its amazing how much i still have to learn, but i love learning. ive rediscovered that passion in myself.
preparing for my talk on sunday in general was amazing. i wont go into much detail, but the veil was thin and i know God was aware of one sick hna studying in the night time for her talk . He was with me, and sent me His love.
hno abraham. de ORO. our first real, potential investigator in my opinion. we had an awesome talk about the LDM. he believed it all, wants to know more, and even asked US where and when church was. it was a super natural feeling contact and i have lots of faith in his progress.

hechos 5:29 obey god not man
dyc 29:5 siga adelante
dyc 50:16 lords promise to the weak
dyc 64:33-34 dont give up and keep a humble heart
mos 5 :5-9
isaias 56:6 if you love god, youll serve him. yuo serve him by serving others.
prov 27:23 protect and love your people

and a scripture that reminded me of those early mornings at camp when the bright sun comes up... prov 27:14

have a great week! thanksgiving is this week, right? eat lots of food and spend time with FAMILY! black friday doesnt really matter. "where your heart is, there shall your treasure be also." remember what matters most in life, and if that something is a person (it most likely is) make sure you take the time to tell them.

im thankful for everyone who is supporting and praying for me, and especially for my family. i love you all and pray for you by name. my prayers and love go out to you. <3

Hermana Wilson
  estoy EN enomorada, get it?

my favorite flowers here

 good companionships share. even their hair

sin descripciòn

 cristo from our house! ill send a night shot one of these days

 shoutout to sis edwards for our icepacks (theyre AMAZING)
 and helping us be REALLY attractive sick puppies

 my bag! whoohoo! 

 un discipulo de jesucristo program. super awesome! send to your missionaries and do it youreslf! sorry, its in spanish.... get a dictionary. :)

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