Monday, November 2, 2015


dont you just love that?^^
we were sitting in relief society, the topic was visiting teaching, and a sister spoke up.. "im not from here, im just visiting. but theres one thing i know, and its that for the lord there are no excuses." HUASKA. oh i wanted to hug her so badly. so claro, so sencillo, so bueno. sometimes people just need to be told straight up. disobedience and sin is never accepted by the lord. no unclean thing can enter into His kingdom. you can try convincing yourself of your actions, but... good luck in that final day.
rant over. :)

yes, they celebrate halloween here but only in the rich condos do the kids trick or treat. everywhere else, no. but yes, there are definitely parties. por supuesto.
there is a high chance i will come home from my mission hating dogs, which hurts my heart. but i seriously have anxiety when i see them now. theyve tried attaacking us too many times to count this week. when i heard there were dogs in latin america, i pictured little dogs like chuwawaws or something.. not rotweilers and german sheppards. hah.
dont try to buy my love. i dont want your money. im discovering that about myself even more on the mission.
my mom sent me chocolate covered pretzels in the mail... i shared them with my comp, shed never had pretzels before... i opened her eyes to what life is all about. :)

funny moments
"¡DIGAME!" (with thunder)
"feo." "oh, this way?"
"oh, it´s its tail.. i thought he had a tumor in his (butt)"
"who sings this song?"-ariel "john legend. do you like him??" "yeah, and i think you should let him sing it."

conozco la cancha. biggest open market in south america (maybe the world no se), you cant walk from one side to the other in a day its so big.
strawberry jam! so good. see foto.
hno ariel wrote his bro in the mission asking why he never told him la iglesia era TAN buena antes. he can feel its true. :)
we taught all of L2 (plan of salvation) in one lesson!
our correlacion misional went a lot smoother and there was more respect. our mission leader hno james is perfect. he prayed for me by my name in his prayer specifically for my needs, and also the other missionaries.
hna carmen at the beginning of the lesson said i hope you know, im not going to change. im catholic. ill listen, but dont try to convert me. and at the end of the lesson, she said that there was a good posibility these things were true (restoration) and that she would pray to know because she thinks they are. she reminds me a LOT of jinx from the district videos.
teaching la ley de castidad and (the person) accepted it very well. super strong spirit, she committed to live it.
migraciones! saw hna cicotte and elder wilstead (from my grupo). SUPER good to see them and talk to them. theyre awesome.
elder pachas gave me his oreo pie crust. hes awesome but doesnt like chcooalte, weird.
hna ancalle found a lady for massages. theres also chocolate massages.... :)
we fulfilled a goal of getting to know another part of our area and found some potential peiople to teach
my gramar is getting a lot better! and im getting better at speaking in the past tense.
smell of fresh bread ona  cold rainy day... yes. so good.
playing futbol with hno ariel and gettting him introduced to more of the ward and feeling more comfortable.
teaching L1 in a different order. started with reading JST from a personal progress experience with hna arlete and gaby, then went into lesson one. it was nice to mix up the points and really let the spirit take over.
hna gonzàlez and i have never gotten into a fight or an argument (hopefully i didnt just jinx it). we have a ton of love in our companionship and its amazing to see the Lords hand/why were comps
praying with hna gonzàlez to start her fast. i couldnt fast, but just praying with her was an amazing experience for me. super powerful, and it strengthed our companionship for sure. strengthened my testimony about praying in numbers (ex, with the family, within a marriage).
i could feel the spirit throughout the day in random moments, extremely strong. it literally felt like i had the companionship of an angel walking with me. theres no better feeling than feeling a connection to heaven &your father above.
we dont live in an apostasy. we have pruebas but we have the gospel to help us through them and the spirit to guide us.
the smile hna gonàlez got when an old lady went up to bear her testimony. she has such a pure love for old people. its so sweet to see.

hno carlos gonzalez & hno fredy huachalla were in sacrament meeting, temprano! it was the first time hno carlos has been to church in over a year and ive only seen hno fredy at church once before, and before that it had been 20 years. SO awesome. so excited.
testimony of a little girl in sacrament meeting. she was probably 8 years old, ish. it was so simple and so sweet and so pure and so powerful. i think a lot of people are scared to bear their testimonies because they arent as "pretty" as others. they dont have a lot of experiences, they dont have a lot of big words, etc. that does NOT matter. a testimony is personal. like the 10 virgins, you can share it with others but you cant give it to them and only you can earn it through obedience and faithfulness. testimonies dont need to be long, or fancy, or elaborate. theres a story, i think it was brigham young, who heard a man say something simple in his testmony such as "i know the book of mormon is true, i know this church is true, and i know god lives." and that was it, but he said he had never heard a more powerful testimony. its all about the heart and intentions behind what we do. dont do things just so others can see you do them. do them because you love the lord. do them because you are grateful for his atoning sacrifice for you. i loved this little girls testimony. it touched my heart, and reminded me as well as everyone else in la capilla that this gospel is simple. and it is true.

i hope you all have a great week. <3

d&c 12:8
moroni 7:44-48

Hermana Wilson

ps, shoutout to syd & david for having literally the funiest halloween costume i have ever seen. i about cried from laughing so hard. hna cruz and hna gonzàlez approve & send your love. :)

 my mug & daily reminder, ft. my wonderful breakfast

today is my 5 mo mark & my comp bought me an oreo cake. shes the best. <3

 after migraciones

best way to heal a broken heart is ice cream. obviously. :)

 halloween food de hna ancalle. shes the cutest. 
its a strength to find reasons, even if theyre small, to celebrate and enjoy life

an asteroid hit! not really, but it looked like it

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