Tuesday, March 29, 2016


feliz pascua. <3

i hope easter was a good day for all of you, spent with family and those you love in rememberance of that which really matters. <3

i apologize in advance for the short email.. i promise ill write next week. and send pictures... its been a long week, and a long day, and im falling asleep just typing this.

to answer your questions you all have..
no i did not get transfered, and neither did hna lopardo. were staying here in tiquipaya for the next 6 weeks together. hna brady however got stolen from us a week early, presidente called us monday night, and it literally felt like i was losing a sister. it tore my heart a little bit but i trust its for the best. yes my health is doing well, and no please dont tell me how much time i have in the mission because i am so unready to come home (will hna wilson extend or no, question of the day!) there is so much work still left to do. yes my health is at a steady level right now, and the only thing now is to find people to teach. im determined to make this cambio better than the last and hna lopardo and i are taking steps in the right direction.

yes, i was able to watch womens conference. there is a conference for all of the hermanas serving in cochabamba in the mission home. the capcitadoras and hna hansen teach us, we have an amazing dinner (always the best in the mission home) with amazing dessert (chocolate brownie with ice cream) before we watch the conference. its a little sad to split, because its shown in english upstairs and spanish downstairs, but it was a blessing to watch it in the original format. (i probably wont be able to watch general conference in english because its dia de ... no hay trufis. well see). the conference (before the broadcast) was centered on the talk forget me not/no me olvides by Pres. Uchtdorf, and the people who know me best know that is one of my FAVORITE talks de la vida. it was simple, sweet, and spiritual (somos mujeres). there was a video hna hansen showed us about a little girl singing a song "Getsamane, Jesus Loves ME". it had a sweet message, about how truly the Salvador loves us and for that He gave His life for us. like the quote i once heard.. "he lived so He could die, so we could die and we could live" (o algo así). I know with all my heart that He lives. and that we will live one day as well. thats the message of hope i get to share every day. another thing i liked was the question "what if their story were yours?" that question can change your heart and life if you let it. its slowly changing mine, but i think it will be written on my heart forever. we can NOT look at the surface of people, we need to get to know them and see who they really are and where theyre coming from to understand and eventually love them. it applies to anyone and everyone. He didnt come to save just one or two or even a few. He came to save us ALL. and all He asks is that we follow His example, part of which is loving as He did.

I love you and hope you have a wonderful week. i beg you to prepare for conference and make it the best experience possible. go in with questions and they WILL be answered. im counting down the ddays until i have this special time to receive personal guidance in my life and lifted/strengtened with the word of God. (DyC 1:38). its such a blessing to have a living profeta on the earth today, dont make the mistake of not taking advantage of it. i was asked before sacrament meeting to give a talk on sunday about genera conference, and the Spirit led me (because i literally had nothing prepared) to testify (&testified to my heart at the same time) that because the prophet is the Lord´s mouthpiece, it is literally as if the Lord were there speaking to us. if we knew Christ were coming, to give us counsel and help and guidance and blessings, we would be there. we would be early, we would be prepared, we would be listening with hearts and hears. why should it be any different with His living prophet?

i eagerly await your experiences with conference & keeping you in my prayers as always..
hermana wilson. <3

Hermana Wilson

LOOK AT ALL THESE PRETTY HERMANAS!!! :) (taken after the women´s conference in the mission home) so many amazing, AMAZING women in this picture. i feel like a little girl in comparison to them. shoutout to hna lopardo looking like a MODEL in the front row. :)

 playing games with hna king when she had been homeprisoned for 3 days with chicken pox 
(she has hair like me. :) 

intercambio with hna parry

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