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just a few randoms.
1 its the culture to saludar every person when you enter and leave a room, including walking to the door... but then they also really like to TALK here, so its normal to get a total of 5 or 6 hugs in the leaving process. oh, bolivia. youre so loving.
2 theres a lot of people that dont know how to read ive met during the mission and teaching process. for example.. we ask if theyve read the folletos and they say no, and then they say they cant read. its a super different process but we work through it and its a good faith building experience. me gusta. super humbling as well.

funny moments
"hna wilson... youre from california right? theres a lot of spanish there, right? (yes). hna brady.. youre from texas. thats close to mexico. is there a lot of spanish there? (no). hna lopardo.. youre from argentina, and i hear thats kind of close to bolivia.. do they speak spanish?" hahaha, techniques of hno oscar of cheering up misioneras
"some people bring the love, some people bring the advice.. i bring the chocolate" hna parry
"im not letting go until you hug me like you MEAN it!" yo
"!CULPA DE CAROL" yo y hna king
"colors! learning!" hna brady
"tienes que ir a la iglesia de los mormones. es mas chevre." hna meri crespo
EVERYONE staring at us as we walk down the street in our bolivian skirts. :p
"obvio you cant see.. your eyes arent open" yo @hnita abish

so we sacrificed last pday and spent a good chunk with the familia crespo, but we now have their amistad and confianza so hey, vale le pena si o si.
finally planned semenal on thursday, nothing got in the way of it. and we didnt just copy from another planning session, we actually took into mind the people and their needs and it was the best weve had yet.
studied the fe in my personal study. i learned a lot and the spirit was super strong. so grateful for all of the study materials we have to learn and apply.
han ingrid gave us LETTUCE! i about died of happiness. (theres one brand and one brand only were allowed to eat, and she bought it) i dont think ive savored a food mroe in my entire life. hna parry (had intercambios with her wednesday) siad that i love every person i know, even if its my first time meeting them. that i bring the love of Heavenly Father directly do them. hna brady said im like a walking heart/heart with legs.
we were in a lesson, and one of their daughters has down syndrome. she was sticking things in her nose and doing snow angels on the floor and was scared of the wind. but the only thing i could think and feel was the pure love of her Father above. i saw her through His eyes and let me just tell you.... Heavenly Father loves all of His children, this ive known, but His love for some children, like this Daughter, is incredible. theyre angels sent to help us be better. so grateful to have had this experience, and to have an angel of a little brother as well. <3
we met hno fredy. hes MA, and he broke my heart. he was sealed in the temple, yet he says that all of the churches are true and that were just brainwashed... not sure how that can happen, how he can think that, but it showed to me once again the importance of TEACHING people , and helping them know the truth for THEMSELVES. if theyre baptized without a testimony, thats a bad start from the getgo.
something i learned with my intercambio is that it doesnt matter if we ever get recognition, what matters is that were able to make a difference.
hna lourdes and hna maida are both MA but both COMPLETELY opened up to us- hna maida for why she doesnt go to church, and hna lourdes why they stopped going to church. two amazing, AMAZING lessons and completely led by the spirit. it caught me off guard in the lesson with maida, i was teaching about Heavenly Father, and all of a sudden my heart just ripped open and i literally started crying and Heavenly Father literally spoke through me that He loves her, knows her situation, and sent us here to help her. and when Sunday came around, there was Maida in the back row of sacrament, returning to His arms. <3
hna ingrid and hno jose are super pacient and loving to hna fidelia and her hijitos. hna ingrid held her in her arms as she cried and offered her testimony and love.
found a super good flavor of ice cream, it comes in a litte tub and is only 8 bs and is vanilla tasting with hot fudge on the bottom and peanut pieces in the middle. mm.
i was able to apply my EP directly to my situation, and the Spirit told me what i needed to do to fix the problem- fast, little acts of service, and He will change the heart of the person. (and He did.)
talking with Hna González. she gave me consuelo and listened to me and testified to me that yes, i AM a blessing in this trio, and that God needs me here.
we played a scripture mastery game in our zone meeting and brad davis wasnt there to help me but i was first on my feet to lots of them and knew almost all of them! progress. :) (but shoutout to brad for all youve ever helped me with)
hna bisama is having a hard time and feels alone. i was able to give her love and support. we didnt talk about anything specific, im not the one to come to if youre tryign to vent about a companion, but i knew she needed me and i was able to be there for her.
noche de hogar with the familia garcia and hna lourdes! i led it, and it was on hope through christ. it was a short and powerful lesson, and hno oscar & aulbertos testimonies touched my heart.
hna brady and i went to work yesterday, hna lopardo went to a members home for some birthday cake and presents. we only had about an hour to work before we had to go to practice for the charla fogonera, but we went to WORK. we didnt find anyone and we didnt teach a single lesson but we didnt stop until time was up and i know well get blessings later for our dilligence. it feels good to work, regardless. pres packer´s promise is true.
i was able to memorize all FOUR verses of llamados a servir before the fireside. blessing!
hna lopardo got mad, left us to sit with other hermanas... but half an hour later, we talked it out (she started the conversation even), and we put goals to be better and made ammends before the fireside started. it was an answer to my prayer, being able to have communication and TALK things out. i offered a prayer of gratutid in that moment.
hna brady was super sensitive to how i was feeling yesterday, and just smothered me with love. did my hair, offered to get some air outside, scratched my back.. super grateful she was able to see i needed someone and that she took the initiative to be that person.

highlights and miracles and deeper thoughts
saturday i was able to go with hna jhaneth to do baptism for the first time. :) (hna bisama and e ortega with their companions were also there). it was amazing. she truly looked like an angel. she was glowing! and then, looking at all of the youth that were there (about 30, 40 maybe) touched my heart. most of them had come from santa cruz. so far, such a big sacrifice, but those few moments were worth it to them. i pictured how the Heavenly Father must feel about them and once i did, a tidal wave of love hit me. lagrimas came and i just stood there, humbled by their example and faith.

yesterday sitting in SOCSOC hna maida leaned over and asked me if i had been praying for her. she took me off guard but i told her yes. she smiled and said " i knew it. ive seen so many changes, miracles even, these past three days in my husband (not married, but hes referred to as that.). and you know what he told me? he wants to meet you." (here was a man who we had to hide from, because shes scared of him, and hates the mormon church) i couldnt believe it, but i did. we hadnt just prayed, we had included her in our fast, and Heavenly Father was already getting to work on granting our blessing we had asked Him for. it was a testimony to me that yes, Heavenly Father DOES answer prayers and yes, fasting brings a special added power to our prayers. she came to the charla fogonera as well, and she had a smile on her face the entire time. :)

charla fogonera musical! i guess ill explain what im talking about haha. last night our zone (cobija) with presidente and hna hansen. their were testimonies shared, president spoke, and special musical numbers- a group of elders singing o mi padre, hna parry playing the violin, e farnsworth with the piano, hna roberts singing te necesito si, and...... us! the trioismo! we started singing called to serve, and on the third verse the zone came up and we all sang together, and thenthe crowd sang too on the last verse. it was amazing. as i sang, it felt like it wasnt even my voice. i wasnt nervous at all. i had a fire in my blood and it felt like i was singing my testimony- my testimony that i KNOW this chruch is true, and i represent the living Christ. i had so much joy and pride in my heart . and when the members stood, it was as if they were testifying they knew the same and promised to help us in the work of salvation. every testimony that was shared was so simple, and talked about basic gospel principles, but so POWERFUL. i loved it. as i sat down after singing, the last speaker spoke, but i didnt hear much of what he said. i was writing my thoughts and feelings and i filled a PAGE AND A HALF. page and a half of pure revelation from my Father. it was the neatest experience. my hand just didnt stop writing and everything i wrote came from the Spirit and as i was reading what i was writing the Spirit testified to my heart it was true.

there isnt a doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father lives, we are His children, and He is always here to help us. His Son, Jesus Christ, is in the exact position to give us His hand and help us. The Atonement is real. We CAN recieve forgiveness for our sins. We CAN recieve strength when we´re weak. we are NEVER alone. NOS AMA. <3

so anyone who isnt a member might be confused or think this just sounds crazy.. but if thats you, all you have to do is pray. pray with an open mind and an open heart, believing youll get an answer, and you will. He loves His children and doesnt want them in the dark any longer than necesary. por eso.. estoy aqui. to help people find out for themselves this joy giving life changing truth.

have a great week!
(no pictures, i have to find my flash/adaptor.)

hna wilson

1 nefi 11:17
mosiah 26:10
dyc 18:10,1516
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dyc 76:40-42

Hermana Wilson

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