Monday, March 21, 2016


fun fact, the cucaracha song is about a cockroach, in case you never knew that. now you do, and youll also never forget it. youre welcome. :)
another funfact, im becoming profesional in using machettes. every service project we do involves them. but they are too efficient, if you have lawn clippers, use those.

first things first, SHOUTOUTS to two of my forever friends:
BRAD DAVIS for being an awesome missionary and hitting the big 2-0. congrats :) stay golden.
AUSTIN JAMES for getting MARRIED!!! thank you for everything youve ever helped me with and always being there/here for me, even another hemisphere away. i wish you & breanna the very best. :) (&also waiting patiently for pictures...)

funny moments..
"of course youre bigger. everything in texas is bigger, remember?" hna lopardo
ripping hna parrys headband because my head is so gosh darn huge
"what did you say hna wilson?! that elder obregon looks like a walking tree of life?!" e ziering
sometimes we do stupid things... like hna wilson, whens he didnt have a pocket, so she put the pearl in her ear, and then we almost had to go to the hospital bc we couldnt et it out. (shoutout to lindsey romero & your moms ER stories, almost made the list too)
"my stomache doesnt have an end. it doesnt matter how much ive eaten. put food in front of me and ill eat it." hna brady
"!me pincho!" yo "QUIEN?!" hna brady (thought someone pinched my rear, it was just hna lopardo.) "no one touches my hermanas!"
had the water neck pack around my neck, hna brady went to link arms with me, then drew it away disgusted. she thought i was just super sweaty. (but shoutout to hna edwards, those things are LIFESAVERS).

we wrote letters to our future selves, to open when we were finishing the mission.. it was a super awesome experience, and i felt like i was writing inspired things that i needed to hear in that long long long day away. itll be cool to open it. :) hna brady also wrote me a future letter.
hna lourdes gave us pan and palta even though she has no money for herself. shes an angel and loves us so much. she also declined a good paying job because she doesnt want to break the sabbath. :) shes got a lottaaaaa faith.
taught the familia crespo, oscar, and sergio how to cook smores in a NDH. super interesting a humbling and fun experience. :) and i also got to bless their lives with my fire making skills, thank you to my dad for taking me camping so many times as a kid. :)
i had scriptures memorized for every point and question in the lesson with hna carla, made me happy, and motivated me to keep finding more. :)
although hna brady and hna lopardo werent too happy one day this week, my spirits were kept high and He helped me stay positive and happy. super grateful for the strength He gives me.
i found a new hobbY!!! i really like picking fruit off of trees. if i ever get the chance, i want fruit trees in my backyard. :) idk why but i love it, i have pure energy and joy, and it also unstresses .me. and then afterwards, you get to eat the fruit... win win situations
hna lourdes had confizanza to tell us her hearts worst fears of dying and that she possibly has an uncurable sickness... its incredble the lessons were having with her about the plan of salvation.  i have no idea what will happen, if shell live and this is just something to bring her back to the church, or if shell die and this will help bring her family back and her husband to the church, or some other third option, but im so happy weve found her in this perfect planned time of her life and shes recieving everything we teach straight to her heart. <3 keep her in your prayers please, for whatever happens.
we made french toast the morning of interviews with the presidente and we talked about random things, including what weve learned from each other. hna brady has taught me about faith and humility, with her prayers so sincere and her desires to be better and reach her potential. hna lopardo has taught me about diligence with her goals and how focused she is on them, and her gift of serving even if theyre little things- its the little things that become big things. ive been so blessed with companions. it helped us all to focus on the positive, something we could be better with.
we had a SUPER good lunch. it was like homecooked In-N-Out and although it made me super trunky for only a second, i think hna ingrid just might have to open her own business here. it tasted better than In-N-Out even (although its fair to say i havent had In-N-Out in a while, not sure if tis a fair judgement).
ive learned being in a trio that its not important who teaches really, (of course we should all have the chance to teach), but that its more important the person who is teaching is teaching with the spirit. its pretty cool to see the spirit work in a trio. for ex.. hna brady told me there was something she really wanted to say, but i was talking, but then i said word for word what she was thinking of saying, and that it showed her i really do teach by spirit.
we found Tody! there this really amazing brand of cookies from argentina, and theyre to die for, and we FOUND THEM IN OUR AREA. :)
hna González gave me back massages in random moments of our intercambio. she knows me so well. she loves me so much. and she knows how much i love back masages. mi changita. <3
the familia crespo went to the ward activity!!!! juan, meri, adriel, jhalmar, and margod with lucas and santiago were ALL THERE!!!! solo falta la mama. :) i was so happy!!! theyre coming back, slowly but surely. :)
i found my placa! it fell off while walking and i felt like a piece of my heart was missing. its just a placa, sure, but its a part of me and i was devastated it fell off. but then Heavenly Father blessed me with a mracle and it showed up the next day in our study. no idea how it got there bu He loves me, si o si.
other personal discovery! talking with hno jose leaño in lunch, i found a newborn LOVE for history! ive never been a history buff but talking about the pyramids, and world wonders, and things along those lines.. it was just incredible to me. it also testified to me once again that God really does live. like how in some mexico ruins, the tourguide shows that theres pictures of horses on the walls and theres a drawing of a man descending form the sky, a white man, teaching the people and blessing them.... and how weird that is, bc there were no white people in that land at such a long time ago.. aka, when Jesus Christ visited the americas... just little things like that, and little evidence that the BOM is true. :)
im getting better at spanish! im able to read a lot more out of the LDM in less time. progress!!
i went on divisiones with hna valia last night and it was perfect. we only had two lessons, but they were QUALITY. one with hnita silvana, who was super nervous int he beginning but in the end she opened up a ton. we also focused on the santa cena, and hna valia had a sweet spiritual moment testifying that she can feel the difference in her life because she hasnt been coming to church and taking the sacrament- how the sacrament isnt just a five minute thing, its something taht truly stays with you all throughout the week. and then later, whenw e found the parents of hna lourdes (her mom margarita and brother hno cristian). they were super receptive. granted we got in the door because i asked to use their bathroom, but we shared a message with them and there was a literal light in their eyes. :) it was such a blessing and tender mercy. <3

so ive been struggling this week with self esteem. not quite sure why but its been incredibly low, i even shed tears thursday.. anyways. both of my companions showed me charity. hna lopardo did it through speaking words. she asked me waht was going on, and listened as i talked with her. and hna brady did it through written words. she note attacked me, sticking notes in the most random places.. (like under the toilet seat lid). no ones ever taken that much time for me in the mission to do something like that and it warmed my heart. so grateful for them. <3  (see picture)

like the subject says... ive been humbled greatly this week. im not sure how i forgot exactly, but i relearned some very important life lessons this week. like how you need to really take the time to get to know someone to understand and love them. ive noticed many of my faults, and how i was misunderstood and in the wrong. ive grown to have such a stronger love for my companions this week, especially for hna lopardo. hna brady and hna lopardo both shared some very personal experiences and things they went/are going through, and i shared a thing or two as well, and tears were shed from all three of us and its as if the past 6 weeks have been leading up to this point. we each are taking away very, very important life lessons from this cambio and were all better people because of it. its been such a blessing being in this trio. its been super hard at times, but none of those moments matter. what matters is the growth weve made and the areas in which weve progressed. im excited for one more week with them but broken hearted at the same time. cambios will be a surprise, si o si, but i hope this is one last solid, good week of positivity and hard work. <3

may you have the same..
hna wilson

isaias 53:4
DyC 76:41
Isaias 63:9 & DyC 133:53
i nefi 9:6 He knows and prepares everything
moroni 10:32 gracia de Dios
moroni 7:41 esperanze en cristo
mosiah 4:6-7, alma 34:9
2 nefi 2:13 rectitud=felicidad
4 nefi 1:15-17 unidos en cristo
dyc 59: 23 esperanza por paz y vida eterna
isaias 58:9-11 "heme aqui"
isaias 7:14 & 9:6-7
dyc 90:24
psalms 27:1

Hermana Wilson

 we found besos de negros, the candy weve been hearing about... 
but theses were lemon flavored, and not too good. its a good story though. :) 

hna lopardo and i eating pizza on the balcony (literally)

 selling dead baby llamas for sacrifice, just the normal thing

after smores with the familia crespo

 with the hermanas!!

elder bryce, the only elder who makes me trunky when hes around! 
shoutout to my brother, love you lots. :)

 hna miguelina crespo made us pique, ft hno juan

i just love the faces she makes... 

hna ipanaqué (mi mama) y hna beltran 
(mi hermanita, hna ipanaqué is finishing her training)

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