Tuesday, April 5, 2016


MINDY IS ENGAGED! WHUT! Congrats J SUPER excited for you. <3
KYLIE BOWLER! Got two letters from you… aka two pieces of GOLD. Thank you. J don’t have your email…
Aunt Beth & fam, I got a birthday pkg from you! Not sure if ive already mentioned this but if I have, thanks again!!!!! It was an awesome surprise and thank you for all of the love you put into it. J I feel like im walking on clouds with the socks you sent me and I introduced the world of Bolivia to tootsie rolls. J
MARK BASSETT IS A 70!!! J such awesome news but I think we all knew it was coming, next step, apostle… J

BYU-Idaho´s choir is AWESOME, I hope you were all listening Saturday. &Andrea, you sing beautifully. J
Bryce & Zack… idk if you noticed, but the hiccup chick from BYU-Idaho was in conference, I heard her.. J
speaking of girls at BYU-I, i approve of the girl the fam picked out for bryce. BUT, she needs meet my requirements. only the best for my brother. :)

Winter is starting here, its starting to get colder at night. But nothing that needs more than a champita. (cardigan).
its not rude to say someone is fat, to their face. something im still not used to haha
this is my first area theres actually been stores that close on sundays. WHOO!
its super rude to start another conversation, even if the person has been talking for 20 minutes and the other people arent involved. theyll all of a sudden stop talking and glare. haha.

funny moments..
hna cruz, etc, looking for my husband in the BYU-I choir.. que vaina haha
speaking of... "Of course she does.  All of the cute girls do.  BUT... she's not married yet." haha, shoutout to dad.
"no va a correr, va a rodar" -papito (fat jokes)
"i hope youre looking for a girlfriend... just not the same one." -bishop delgado in consejo de barrio, advice for JAS (YSA)
"i think some of us are going to need toilet paper" -jose varela (hna lopardos nose was RUNNING after his salsa picante hahahaahha
"thank you! i love you!" -elder macas, finishing his talk in english
"we´re allowed to be alone with you papito, youre older than the age limit."- us "THANK YOU..."-him

when E Ziering got bored in the Incachaca, and attacked a hornet/wasp nest, and they attacked Hna Brady, (as he ran away screaming run,) and she got stung for the first time, she ended up NOT being allergic. which is good, because the closest hospital was 4 hours away haha.
hna lopardo and i have been working HARD this week and although a ton of people have been fallandonos, (falling through), we havent gotten our spirits down. although our numbers havent been too high, weve earned our pillow every night. :) feels good to work.
i have more love for the familia crespo., each member, and i have true ganas for them and their progress.
hna lopardo changed her decision, apologized, and asked me to help her learn english. super awesome moment and im super excited she now wants my help. :) i LOVE teaching english to non-native speakers. and i know itll help us in our bond.
hno israel gave lent me a charger for my camera battery, he has two. (the lady in the cancha sold me the camera without a charger, my fault for not looking until i got home... lesson learned)
playing with hna prima pakar´s puppy. :) it loves me and i love it and it made me SO happy just playing with it in my lap, it covered me in kissed. i miss puppies... shoutout to iris.. definitely believe in puppy therapy. :)
elder macas is probably my favorite district leader so far. he was super prepared for his lesson, the spirit was super strong, and you can feel his love for us as a district. super excited for this cambio, our district is perfect. :)
elder obregon was prepared for his talk in english, and it made all the difference. he shared REAL experiences, and experiences that were personal and testimony building for him, and the fact he had the courage to say it in a different language than his own, brought a super powerful spirit to the zone. super proud of him and anyone in general who has the courage to speak another language in front of native speakers.
hna cruz is in my zone!!! ill probably see her die, because hna lopardo has 4 cambios here now, so ill stay here next cambio most likely, and cruz dies next cambio... how  TRISTE. BUT, its awesome seeing her once a week. :) mi tia. <3
papito considers us to be his daughters. he makes sure that we never leave his house without filling our water bottles and a manzana or some other type of fruit in our hand. i think we were friends in the pre-life. theres something in his eyes, like he truly knows me.
Dios put Eduardo Maraza in our path right when we were looking for him. such a little miracle. he had been in La Paz, hopefully now we can keep teaching him again.
familia Varela! (jose, old chef of Mayda, his wife Carol and 14 year old daughter Abril). i love this family so much and truly feel like we can baptize and convert them. they have such sweet spirits and this Gospel will bless their family in ways they cant even imagine.. they also came to sunday afternoon´s session of conference... so happy. :)
after saturday morning session a member from hna lopardo´s old barrio took us to ICNorte in the back of his truck, along with the other 3 companionships of hnas. the hnas came with us to lunch although two of them had pensions, just to be with us, just because they love us. :)
hna andrea said she can pension for us this month. :) such a crazy , long, unnecessary story to explain.. but basically, we´re not allowed into hno jose/hna ingrid´s house anymore. so grateful for the fact we have pensionistas for almuerzo and the sacrifices and service they make for missionaries.

in inventory, hna lopardo told me that she can feel my love. and that its something new to her. apart from her parents and a few of her siblings, she hasnt felt or trusted love from anyone, but she does from me. she has such a hard past, and im so grateful that im able to be her companion and show her that YES, she deserves to be loved. my love has doubled for her in this week and it touched my heart that it literally brought tears to her eyes how grateful she is that i love her.
hna lopardo told me about a piece of personal revelation she recieved after the saturday sessions of conference, and we talked about it. she asked me for help, we asked the Lord, and President is going to help her as well. SO grateful she can trust me, (and i can trust her as well) and that we have a loving Mission President and Savior who works through him to help us when we need it.
i dont know what happened, but i feel like myself again. i have energy again, and im happy again. it sounds simple but its such a huge, HUGE blessing for me. im also happy to be here in Tiquipaya another cambio with hna Lopardo. :) were working hard & were happy even when people are falling through left and right.

and, of course, GENERAL CONFERENCE! oh how i LOVE conference..
things i learned and thoughts from:
Saturday Morning
Donald L. Hallstrom-
i LOVE the questions in his talk, theyre super powerful to ponder
1. we can sing "i am a child of God," but do we know it?
2. when there are difficuly things in life, what is our first reaction?
Gary E. Stevenson
without the restoration and the priesthood keys, NONE of God´s children could return to Him. that made such an impact on me and helped me have a greater gratitude/understanding of the importance of the restoration
NUNCA MÁS do we need to ask "where are the keys?" (thought of you mom).
Kevin R. Duncan-
DIRECT answer to my prayer of thow to help members who have gone inactive from offense from someone in the church
-the key is to see them how God sees them, and our perspective with change to love
"forgive them for they know not what they do"... the love of God is over TODOS. if He can forgvie the people who lifted Him on the cross, why should we not be able to do the same for things MUCH smaller?
Steven E Snow
-we need to continue with the humble spirit AFTER our trials and tears are over
-we need to be conscious of our constant DEPENDENCIA in the Lord
Dale G Renlund-
-taking the Sacrament blesses us to feel His presence and recieve the POWER of the Atonement
"NO IMPORTA DONDE ESTA CON SU RELACION CON DIOS; LES INVITO A ACERCARSE A ÉL." <3 i love this, and how no matter how strong our testimony or relationship with Him is, we can ALWAYS improve. do it now.

&in the HYMNS! the spirit taught me that it doesnt matter how many or what the mistakes that i make are, HE LOVES ME (and you). and that He is ALWAYS willing to accept me back. my love for Him was strengthened and my desires to be better. seeing the man crying while he sang come thou font.... that touched my heart forever, the love he has for his Savior.

Saturday Afternoon
Ronald A Rasband -
"questions are an indication of a further desire to learn"
meditating in the fact that the restoration started with a joven and a question. ASK QUESTIONS, and then find your answers. its a bigger concept than we realize.
"the lord was there for him (pedro walking on water) just as He is there for you and me. i need Him now, more than ever before, and so do yeach of you." <3 favorite quote #2 of conference. :)
..satan is only going to try harder as we get closer to Him, but dont stop walking, just ask for help
Neil L. Andersen
-knowing someones name can make a difference
-just bc family situations now arent pèrfect doesnt mean that children will stop singing abou the eternal family, and doesnt mean our futures cant be different. there is HOPE, and we can make the difference.
-the need to reach out to those outside of the fence, and to see the unseen. pray to know who they are, and go get them.
Mervyn B Arnold-
"who has made man´s mouth? I. now GO." -lord speaking to moses. the importance of GOING, and not waiting or doubting or having fear.
Jairo Mazzagardi-
"families are MEANT to be together forever." <3 so grateful for my family, and the opportunity to help families have this same hope and reality in their lives.
David A Bednar-
-taking the sacrament is access to Godliness
the bread and water is blessed and SANCTIFIED, just like us- becoming pure and holy
"baptism is a point of departure, not a destination to revisit." anyone who wants to be baptized again lacks faith in the healing and true powers of the Atonement. you dont need to enter the waters again, just get down on your knees and pray for help to change.
M. Russell Ballard-
the importance of LISTENING, and how its critical to UNDERSTAND. ive found so many times i dont have the answers to say to people, but if i just listen to them, thats what they really need, and the spirit at the end will guide me to something to say. dont stress about what to say, just focus on listening with your ears and heart to the people.

this morning i repassed over my notes from conference. i had a fire enter my chest, and the spirit bore witness to me once again that these men are truly called of God and that this church is true. it was an incredible experience and would have never happened if i had never read over my notes again. it is crucially important to not just listen and take notes in conference, but to read your notes again and follow the promptings you recieve. their words were true yesterday as we listened, theyre true today, and theyll be true forever. their words are the words of God and He didnt inspire them just so we could have one good weekend, but so we could have better lives and better futures. the principles and doctrines of this Gospel are true and eternal. apply and live them in your life, and you will recieve the blessings and happiness promised. this i KNOW.

te cuidas,
hna wilson

isaias 55:8-9
juan 15:16
mosiah 3:13
1 nefi 13:37
hebreos 12:7-9
psalms 46:10

Hermana Wilson

 ive never liked selfies but heres a selfie of us after the rain waiting an hour for a trufi. my companion looks good in every single foto. i think she should become a model

perfect way of cheering up... eating chocolate and doing facemasks. :) thank you elder miller for sending us facemasks, blessings to you

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