Monday, June 20, 2016

june 6

three worst smells in the world (in order) are 1, places where chickens are bred 2, dead bodies and 3, coca- ive met them all here in the mission.
i have made it through the mission with one year-free of joining the brownie club
when people guess what country im from (besides the US) i have heard: brazil, italy, england, canada, colombia, and peru (just kidding, i havent heard peru, but just one month more of improvement on my spanish and ill be there)

funny moments
"i dont like this church! im never coming back!" -some random teenager that came to the ward starting the fast together, he participated in the fast and was too scared to eat anything even though he was super hungry bc he thought he would be cursed.
"maybe this time shes going to let us milk her cows!" -hna wilson "NO! im going to pee myself!" hna ururi
papito said that when im going home, the plane isnt going to  be able to take off because ive gained so much weight. :p

hna brady gave me an attachable hippie braid for my hair on my one year mark bc im her "argentinan hippie". :) love that woman.
i flet the spirit super strong studying the talk on consegrated missionaries. it was awesome to see my progress and im super animated to improve even more. it was also fun to look at the areas to improve and see the strengths of my past companions and to see what each of them helped me with. i think hna ururi has helped me with them ALL.
we got lost in montesillo, a dangerous part of our area, but nothing bad happened to us even when we were coming down the mountain in the dark.
hno jose gives free soup to people who dont have food. <3
 i gave the lead to hna ururi in planning for the next week, and it was awesome. i had something brought to my mind or heart and knew its what the person needed or the action we needed to take, but i didnt say anything, i just waited for hna ururi.. and each time, she said the exact same thing that the spirit told me. it was awesome seeing the she truly does work by the spirit, and that we can both be in tune in our trio with Him.
i wrote on the back of a foto of the temple for juan and meri crespo, and i was FILLED with the spirit. i know that God loves them and wants this temple marriage &sealing for them. the trick is getting them inside.
the baptism of the bishops son, fernando, was simple but super beautiful and filled with family. juan crespo and the familiy duran were there as well. :) the bishop invited us to their family luncheon afterwards, and i felt the love of the bishop. he respects us and is grateful for us in the ward.
on our way home, we ran into eduardo maraza. he tried to hide his tears from me but i know him too well and im in tune to those kinds of things. it was a miracle we found him, i know it was God´s will, and it was beautiful to see him leaving with a smile on his face. that kid has the world on his shoulders, but i know without a doubt his Father in Heaven is well aware of him.

blessings & miracles
1 we found hna damiana fuentes! (CR that never comes to church). she is officially not working anymore in the bakery, which means she has time to be visited and time to go to church on sunday. :) its a sad story how it happened but its a blessing in disguise.
2 i had a view of heaven. not literally, dont tell my mission president im talking apostasy.. but on monday night in the group- family home evening and sunday at church, it was FILLED with people we´ve been teaching and visiting- Lourdes, the familia duran, the male members of the crespo family, sein, etc.. asi is how i want to be in heaven. with everyone. in one place. seeing them interact, with a smile on their face, and participating of the blessings of this gospel.. it just warmed my heart, and reminded me of my interview in the CCM when E. Hansen told me that people are going to run to me from the other side of the veil and thank me for helping them and their families come to the Gospel.

i know this church is true and i know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ unites us as one big family of Him, filling our hearts with His love and Holy Spirit. i know im here in bolivia searching for my lost brothers and sisters and i know that with His guidance i´ll find and bring them back to His loving arms.

alma 34:35-38
luke 18:18
mosiah 4:10
Dyc 28;16, 12:8, 24:7-9
alma 349:4,9
gal 6:9
3 nephi 27:21m27

te cuidas!
HERMANA wilson

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