Monday, June 6, 2016

 hna brady decided to come to the zone meeting matching me. :)

 its muscle... not fat... 

 you lift me uuuuuup....!

bamboo fights. they happen

 remember when i said tiquipaya is beautiful?

 loving my companion, the work, and life in general

 she made me one-year breakfast. :) 

burnt my holy socks.. skirts are too precious & hard to find to burn. 
we DESTROYED that garbage can, the fire got huge haha

 hna jhuly vidaurre. :) shes awesome, i love her with my heart. :) 

just part of the duran family

  hermanas have POWER! (&so does the LDM). more sister missionaries.. PLEASE put your papers in! its crazy how little we have in the mission now! we only get one hermana cada cambio!

hna valia jimenez. <3 

 elder rivera! de chile! hes in alamos now but still an awesome elder! 

hna ipanaqué is training, round 3! hna oliveros, 
shes AWESOME. i like my hermanita already. :) 

 walking home estrella. :) 

hnita alejandra duran. :) so precious

puppy love. SHES HUGE NOW

 hna mishel pakar is going to COLOMBIA!!! whoo! shes going to be AWESOME

hna mishel and prima pakar (our pensionista of a week, shes an angel)

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