Monday, June 20, 2016


aaalrighty, ive slacked on these emails.

ill send this week´s email next week before i forget the last two (or is it three?) but what you CAN know from this week is:

i left hna ururi (who is now a capacitadora, YES!) in tiquipaya and am now in Vinto, zona quillacollo, estaca... ALMAMOS! (my first stake <3 SUPER excited to see everyone in stake conference). my area is HUGE, it is kilometro 15-22 and both sides of blanco galindo with the two cerros included. it used to be three separate areas but now its just us. were the only hnas in our entire zone. my comp is hna custode (second hija of hna cruz). its awesome because we were already friends so that takes out the step of getting-to-know-your-comp & we can just get right down to buisness. :) i have 6 weeks to learn the area bc hna custode is leaving. elder wilstead, from my grupo, is in my zone, so thats a positive. it broke my heart to leave tiquipaya but the ward showed me so much love and i have peace because i know im leaving the area better than i found it and in great hands (hna ururi, possibly the best sister missionary i know.)

trying to keep an open mind & a smile on my face. thank you for all of your support!! :)

te amo muchisimooo, (la vacita)

Hermana Wilson

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