Monday, August 1, 2016


so.......... cambios came. President called me last night and expressed that He wanted me to train. i accepted. IM GOING TO HAVE AN HIJITA!. (felicidades mamí)

-theres a dance called the broom thats similar to muscial chairs.. everyones dancing in pairs but when the music stops you have to find a new partner and the person left without a partned has to dance with the broom. tiji.
-the other day i saw a man on a moto holding a rope tied to a horse who was running alongside of him. it was an interesting sight to say the least.
-sunday walking home from church there as a gross moto choque. i have never seen blood so red in all of my life. (or maybe my blood is just different from the rest but its a lot darker). we helped them.
-i think elder risco half broke my nose. last week playing futbol as a zone, he kicked the ball straight into my face and my head got thrown back (but i didnt fall to the ground, thats a plus). in the moment it felt like my nose was different. today i realized its just a tiny bit crooked. interesting.
-when you cut open chicken hearts, theres little blood clots you have to dig out (or they just spurt-fall out naturally, depende) but they look like raisins. i dont think ill be able to eat another raisin again without throwing up.

tiji´s of the week
-"you dont really serve a mission until you serve in Bolivia." e robbins
-"when i get home im going to say yáll all the time so that people ask themselves ´where did he serve again´?" e robbins
-"my sundae is super good. its bette than McDonalds." yo
"what did you just say?" e van skyhawk
"no hermana. is it REALLY better than McD´s, or is it just because you havent had a true McD sunday in a long time?" e robbins
-"if you dont eat im going to give you a chicote!" hna neisa
"were not eating" h custode
"spank me spank me!" yo
-"why is it that every time i ask for a TINY BIT they give me a TON?" yo
"así son." h custode

bendiciones y misericordias
-HERMANA LOURDES (from Tiquipaya) IS PREGNANT! i literally cannot be happier for her. hopefully its a girl. :) #nataliearaceli
-president trusts a lot in me.
-the zone leaders went back to the cine center (food court) and found my lost wallet. MILAGROS EXISTEN. i dont have to go back to tramites and ill be able to enter the USA one day (far far away)
-hna neisa thanked us for pensioning with her. she told us shes happier with us there, and we bring a light to her life. :)
-hna janet claros (I) is also escogida. i was happy to realize that even if we dont have a TON of people, at least we have a few with true potential. i truly feel like were going to have lots of baptisms (conversos) this next cambio. :)))
-the conversion story of hna janeth condori (first counselor Franz´s wife) gave me hope that we WILL be able to gain the permission of the jovene´s padres and that even after i finish the mission, ill have the chance to help many enter the waters of baptism by sharing the gospel and what i know with family (....bueno, casi todos son miembros) y amigos.
-i dedicated my time to the Lord, and experienced a baby miracle. it literally felt like He put a pause on life/time. i was able to plan, prepare, do the carpeta de area first and then had time to change for bed, write in my journal, brush my teeth, and still have ten minutes to just lay there. it doesnt make sense if i try and think about it because we didnt get home until 9:30 but hey. you dont need to see to know.
-hna tania (MA) expressed that she felt weak in certain things, and i shared eter 12:27, having her look at the foto of christ in F3 (bryces favorite, shoutout) as if He was speaking directly to her. i testified of weaknesses that theyre blessings and we applied the Atonement in a very real way to her. it was awesome to see the Spirit take place.
hna altagracia (member) brought a family of references (FIVE) to church. familia paredez. the dad, ramon, seems super humble (im pretty sure his wife died , hello L2) and even though they life high on the mountain top i think we can reach them (literally).
our district leader, E Cortez, congratulated me for our hard work this week. it was sincere, and the first time hes ever said good job to us. it felt good. :)

milagros y cosas que jamás-olvidaré
- besides just learning the gospel, im truly learning to appreciate the Gospel. its becoming something so incredibly valuable to me ,and i treasure it with my heart. i truly have joy inside my heart and soul.
-im studying the Un Discipulo de Jesucristo program again. its amazing what studying the Atonement can do in healing your heart and increasing your love for Him, His gospel, and just life in general. ill share two of my insights that came from my studies EP
dyc133:46-50 and mos 3:7 : "no puedo quitar lo que El hizo por mi pero por lo menos cada vez que me arrepiento las gotas de sangre y los dolors no fueron derramados en vano" (translate it if you dont understand)
dyc 18:10-15 "God doesnt ask me to die in order to sacve the souls of vinto, but He does ask me to dedicate myself to this work. if i sacrifice all my my time and energy to my missionary serice ill show God that i truly DO understand the worth of souls."
study. escrudiñar. it helps.
-HERMANA MEBETABEL (I, futuro CR). can i just tell you that SHE is ESCOGIDA. she told us that in the morning she went behind her onion field to the trees and sat down, just listening to the birds and branches sway. she READ OVER HER F1 again (not very many people read it for the first time) and her NOTES (she has a notebook she keeps for her questions and answers and thoughts, how adorable) and MEDITATED (something crucial for getting answers) and then KNEELED and asked God if Joseph Smith truly was a prophet, if this church truly is the True Church.. and she got an answer. a peace and tranquilidad overcame her. when she was telling us her experience there was jst a light in her eyes and her smile never left. she mentioned "other book" that she was reading and i thought "oh no, anti material" but she brought out a SOCSOC manual. WHAT. i laughed inside. after the lesson when we were sharing apple juice i asked her whats something shes always wanted to do but has never been given the opportunity, and she said to be married. she has heard about the law of chastity and said if she had known before, she would have gotten married first before coming to live here with nefi (hes MA. obvio.). i taught her about temples, the eternal family, and her eyes LIT UP. she told us she wants her kids to be born into the covenant, that she can already be sealed to her husband. she wants so badly to  be baptized. i ttruly think that if nefi doesnt want to get married, she will leave him so that she can receive the Lord´s blessings. even though she doesnt have a single friend or family member here besides the people she lives with, she knows what shes being taught is true and she wants to be a part of it. :) she believes every word we tell her (and we only tell the truth) and man, if i could just be with her all day long teaching her i think id die happy. motivation to find more people like her.
-presidente Hansen said im one of the best Hermanas in the mision, and that he wants me to train. he trusts in me. thinking over that, it hit me that the LORD thinks that (Presidente receives revelation from Him). i felt so much peace and love realizing the Lord loves and trusts me with one of His daughters. i think a part of me wanted to be scared, to feel inadequate, and anyone who knows me knows i almost always have feelings of im-not-good-enough but the feelings were blocked by an eternal peace. i know its what He wants and ill do my best to complete what He asks of me.

if theres one thing ive learned this week its that God works in mysterious ways. but i know His ways are better than mine.

 "thy will be done."

Hermana Wilson
(not "sister", shes in Japan)

marcos 6:31 rest a bit
mosiah 4:27 remember your limits
dyc 6 :32-37 (esp 34 and 37)
lucas 12:6-7
alma 26:13 and 16
mos 28:3-4
2 n 2:7
ps these pictures are for you momma.

Hermana Wilson

for those of you who dont know.. these are chicken hearts, for anticuchos (sp?). there is literally a word in spanish for "cutting open hearts". -rebanar.
confession. i had to sit down, because i almost fainted. my poor children might have to be vegetarians if their dad cant cook the meat.

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