Monday, October 12, 2015


thisll be a short letter, but here goes!

my comp is great. shes from chile. she keeps me laughing. she knows perfect english. shes a huge blessing. more next week.

on the front of them, "ambulance" is spelt backwards. it confused me at first but then i realized its brilliant, bc it reads corractly in rear view mirrors.

funny moments
"CON LA CARRA!!" elder cribbs was teaching hno ian how to catch a ball, and every time hed bring it up to his face. so, naturally, we all catch things with our faces now.
"thats so SANDAL!" (theres an expression, que chala, and chala in chile means sandal. so, if anything is pretty or cool or etc, it is.. sandal.)

 recieved a blessing this week, of consuelo. tender and powerufl moment.
while i was resting, hna gonzalez was reading D&C, cleaning, reading the Liahona, etc. proud of her for using her time wisely.
found the medicine i needed at a farmacy close to our house when the hospital farmacy ran out
have clean blankets!! first time since being here ahha. :) theyre too thick to wash by hand, we found a laundromat.
learned more about the history of POTOSI from hna gonzalez. super interesting, look it up!
studied my set apart blessing. such a huge blessing to have a lamenated copy with me. helped strengthed my confidence
hna samantha and hno eduardo included me in their prayers, in front of me, after the lessons.. so tender and heartfelt and sincere.
hna gonzalez piggy back carried me to the pension one night. grateful for her strength :)
when the missionary searched everywhere for my lost medicine.. the capilla, la calle, in the couch cushions.
elder pasten (new district leader) and a really creative lesson about staying focused ont he work and not trunky items.
hna shirley felt the spirit super strongly after her prayer.
hna shirleys son, jhon deiby, told her the church has changed his life. she can see it to, and the spirit testified of it to her heart.
hna gonzalez bought me ice cream. love her.
found hna nelly and mikaela before they elft on their trip and were able to share a message with them
helping a new gringo, elder bryce (I KNOW HIS SISTER! she was my friend in the CCM) and the gringas adjust and with the spanish. i love it.
watching hna joanne and jorge play with hno ian. so precious.
hno james (mission leader) taught the lesson. he asked each member in gospel princ. how they met the missionaries... super sweet to hear testimonies from arlete, marianelly, and shirley.

hna shirley came to church, all three hours! literallty a miracle. i didnt tell her where the capilla went, but there she was! shes definitely going to be baptized.
sitting in sacrament meeting, pondering, the moment came into my mind from saturday. a little girl screamed my name and ran to me with a huge smile and jumped into my arms. i didnt know her. but the spirit testified strongly to my heart that this was a sign directly from heavenly father of his love for me. i was filled with warmth.

mat 5:16
alma 32:8 god hears the prayers of his CHILDREN (you)
mormon 5:12 but, he answers in HIS timing
mormon 3:12 whole soul and heart for the people, and not a single thing less. like it was said in confderence, see them through a fathers eyes.. Heavenly Father´s .

Hermana Wilson

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