Monday, October 26, 2015


KYLE & MEGAN! so cute to hear about you two! i want pictures! :)
KYLIE BOWLER & FAMILY! thank you for your card! i love you all and hope you have a perfect week!
CEDRIC MAPA! YOURE HOME!!!! welcome home! super happy for you and your fam! now repent and email me! :)

hotel and motel is a BIG difference in latin america. hotels are for spending the night and families. motels... are not. we have many, many motels in our area.
the jesus sticker myth on packages works as far as i know, but i dont enjoy cutting through his face when i open my packages.
hurricane in mexico?? my missionaries in mexico, are you okay??? is it going to hit texas/ca?
leggings are pants here, apparently.
coca is the WORST smelling drug ive ever smelt.

funny moments
a converso reciente asking us the significado of "trunky" and asking if we had it
... among others. :)

elder hunter wasnt crzy at paintball (reminds me of jon elkins exactly, shoutout!). also, i didnt get shot.
hna gilvonio gave me a recuerdo de hna routsong while we were in intercambios. shoutout to hna routsong, i miss you! youre amazing!
LIGHTNING. i cant even describe how excited i get. the lightning storms here are AMAZING.
hna marina made us banana bread. it is (was) SO GOOD.
we started teaching english classes. its a super amazing humbling experience. i love it. i might marry a bolivian, who knows. i like teaching english and helping. :)
im getting better at asking inspired questions and really following the spirit it lessons, and teaching from the spirit not from the brain of hermana wilson. its one of my goals, so its nice to see progress. :)
hna gilvonio had music from the church. (EFY). i miss music! there was a song that played called dream big. id change a few lyrics, but some i liked.
hna irma remembered our cita with hno saul even without a cell phone. super happy, and she knows his house now.
dr patricia peƱal is now interested int he gospel. maybe im sick to convert the doctors. ;) jaja
hermano ian knows my name!!!!! (hno ancalle´s grandson, age 2, cutest kid ever.) so cute. :)
hna cicotte called me when she was in a time of need. super grateful to be there for people when they need someone, and to give them my love and help them through their trials.
had a good bonding moment with hno nibardo and his daughters, hna arlete and gaby. basically, we saw what theyd look lijke with my long blonde hair haha. poco a poco were going to have his trust and baptize their daughters, AND him tambien. :)
hna gonzalez made baptismal clothes (genius, anyone who wants to sew a simple white dress, and send it to bolivia, youll help out the investigators. :) and we were able to give it to the elders to use for the first baptism in their ward in 9 months. awesome. :)
hna gonzalez taught me a new way to planificar semenal. i like it better. :)
it was pouring rain, and pretty cold, and we didnt have any type of jacket whatsover. a random member popped her head out of her door and yelled "hermanas!" and gave us coats. no idea how she knew we were there. only a blessing of heavenly father. por supuesto. :)
a dog attacked me out of nowhere and was going for my throat. a guardian angel saved me and it got blocked/pushed out of the way. it was awesome. i cant try and understand it, because you dont understand milagros de dios, you only give prayers of thanks. and i definitely did. :)
we found hna mikaela. shes 8, but has the brain of a 16 year old. apparently she thought we had a cita (we didnt) and cried when we werent there. we comforted her and sacar-ed (super good spanglish i knonw) another. todo esta bien. :)

WE FOUND HNO FRANKLIN. 4 weeks of being nowhere, and we had a cita with him yhesterday. we had made the goal to try and contact him (call, text, notes, stop by his house) at least once a day but if we couldnt find him by sunday wed antiguo him. well.. yesterday at 5 pm we found him. amazing to see that after we do literally all we can, the Lord will bless us. saturday night our faith was tested to the extreme, but sunday we saw the blessings. :)

hna gaby sanchez feeling God´s love. she had never felt it before. we sang i stand all amazed to her and arlete, and shared a few words prompted by the spirit, and gaby was in TEARS. the spirit was so thick. i wouldnt be surprised if there were angels in the room with us. no one deserves to feel alone. everyone deserves to feel gods love. and last night, she did. for the first time. such an amazing privelage to feel it with her.

every single person we see is a child of God. treat them how they deserve, and do everything you can to help them feel God´s love. i promise youll feel his love for you in the process.

2 nefi 4:15-16 cherish the scriptures <3
psalms 86 <3
psals 30:2 cry to Him and be healed
psalms 30:11-12 , possibly one of the footloose scriptures, not sure. someone should definitely watch that movie and send them to me. :)
mormon 9:20-21
matt 10:39

Hermana Wilson
 the gym we pass every morning. we look just like them, i know. ignore the wind

the COOLEST flwoer ive ever seen

 arriba la casa hna ancalle

 forbidden fruit

only a little trunky. i might buy a motorcycle when i get home

 hna crruz

hna gaby, arlete, hno nibardo

 hno franklin

chinese food today for pday with the hermanas! SO GOOD

 fieresome 4

&just a tad bit of our personalities.. :)

 they look like barbies 

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