Monday, October 5, 2015

Are you finished crying?

SHOUTOUT TO DANA JENSEN SCHULAR FOR HAVING HER BABY! so extremely happy for you. :) someone tell her to write me. ;)

also shoutout to my sister for being amazing, and making me laugh in her emails, and being such an example to me. <3 excited to be a tia! :)

proud of my watch for surviving the hot tub (antes la misión, obviously).
when it rains, it pours.
IMPORTANT... if for whatever reason you feel prompted to send me a package for christmas, you need to send it BEFORE OCTOBER 15th. we were told to tell that to our loved ones. so.. there you go.

hna cruz is staying here, shes training again. whoo! super happy.
hna ipanaquè is leaving, shes going to america (city) and shell be a lider capacitadora. sad, but she wont be far.
hna silvano is also leaving, shes opening a new area. shel still be in cochabamba limits, so ill see her at the temple later! also super sad to see her go. shes from my group, shes awesome. shes strong.
zone leaders are staying here! whoo.
and for me................ im staying! my compañera will be hna gonzalez from chile. she has the same time as me in the mission but got here first bc i was in peru for 6 weeks. ive heard she has a ton of energy. should be interesting! looking forward to it. :) im definitely going to have to rely on the lord a lot. she doesnt know the area at all and were both pretty new.

funny moments
"elder eager when are you going to die?" i probably shouldnt ask such missionary termed questions in the hospital haha. the lady looked at me as if to say "how could you ask someone that?!"
"i feel like its ALWAYS the 185th conference"
"i bet the translators arent too happy with him right now. how are you supposed to translate ponderize?!"

bug spray seems to be working on our critter friends
hot water! or at least hotter than before. hno david bought us a new shower head. happy day! my neck can be clean now. ;)
hna cruz translate for me at the drs and stood up for me against.. other missioanries
had member lessons! its been a while but we had a lot this week and they were super great! GO ON VISITS WITH THE MISSIONARIES IF YOU HAVE A TESTIMONY OF THIS GOSPEL, PLEASE. &thank you. :)
able to buy my healthy food. wheat bread, carrots, etc
saw a rainbow! super bright. lifted hna ipanaquès spirits
the sky has been SO PRETTY HERE lately. mixes of gold and purple and black and orange....
hna flora came and washed our clothes. yay for clean clothes again! theres no time, ever, to wash them..
able to visit hna maria nelly with a member of the relief society pres. huge blessing bc no one knows where she lives besides my comp and i so when we leave, shell be in the wards hands and theyll be able to visit her. shes rescued and needs to be nourished by the members. shes amazing.
able to return all the service hna cruz has been giving me and gave her a back massage. she thinks i should go into a buisness of it haha.
watching puppies play and trip over themselves bc their heads and paws are too big.
found a map of bolivia, finally.
got our onesies from the zone!!
when God puts people in our path directly to lift our spirits, even if just for a moment
being prompted to testify of something out of the blue, but knowing it touched their heart and theyre going to progress because of it

so, obviously, the highlight of my week was GENERAL CONFERENCE. such a powerful session! i got to watch it in english which was a huge blessing. BISHOP STEVENSON IS AN APOSTLE NOW!!!! we were so excited! if you remember, he was here in bolivia with us for a weekend. :) neither he or elder bednar gave a shoutout to the missionaries here in bolivia, but thats okay. their talks were definitely inspired and definitely touched my hearts. i cant believe how strong elder bednar had to have been to give that talk about his brothers who have passed. but then again... "no one ever really dies." (just one of the million quotes i loved). yes, my cup was definitely "filled" to those of you who prayed it would be. the words of the prophet and apostles and 70s and others touched my heart.  i heard many things that werent said, but were spoken to me directly from my heavenly father through the spirit. and i felt God´s love. for ME. i have always loved general conference but this conference was especially special to me. i recieved strength to continue and fight on. i recieved guidance on what to do to improve. i recieved help on which talks can change the hearts of the people here. the spirit was so strong. i didnt want it to end! some things ill share... i loved how SIMPLE it was. "its so simple a child can grasp it, but takes a lifetime to learn it". although theres always something to learn, we need to remember the basics of the gospel. almost everyone talked about their wife. usually womens conference is the time we women get refreshed on our potential and divinity, we seem to forget too often, but i guess we needed to hear it more, of gods love for us. so touching, so powerful. definitely had a few of you in mind. i was able to understand my patriarchal blessing better, i had new light brought to my mind of things i hadnt thought about before. its amazing how the authorities can take any life experience and turn it into an amazing talk. like a 3 year old crying in her seat. :) ahha . the emphasis on trials also touched my heart. how we CAME to earth to recieve trials, and from each one we can learn and progress. if i were to take one thing overall from conference... it would be love. love of Heavenly Father for me, and for His children.

His children here are so special. ive been realizing once again this week just how many AMAZING people i have met here. its amazing how much im able to love them. its definitely one of my personal gifts to love. also a trial, bc it breaks my heart at times... but the ability to see others through the Father´s eyes... its so special, and sacred, and precious.

other highlight... experiencing the physical power of the Atonement. how we can literally recieve strength from on High when we need it the most. Heavenly Father knows my situation, theres no doubt in my mind about that.

what were your favorite moments and quotes from conference? whoever sends me a handwritten letter with their thoughts earns special blessings, but an email will do too. :)


4 nephi 1:15. have love, wont be room for contention. 16-17. no greater happiness. all children of God. be united in love.
1 peter 3:10 possibly one of my new favorite scriptures, look it up. :)
3N28:34 rejecting the missionaries is rejecting God. dont do it. :)
3N28:9-10. i love the three nephites! desire for others´ salvation leads to greater joy bc were more like the savior when we have these selfless desires

Hermana Wilson

 my girls. <3 què romantìco, yo se. 
cant really see the lights but we were on the roof. it was super pretty. :)

hna silvano y yo. SO proud of her and her strength

 walk to the pensión, the purple flowers are my favorite

hna eveline. shes the cutest. did her hair. 13 años

 amazing fruit stand at the bottom of the temple hill. they have granadillas. :) 

mi compañera y yo <3 one of my favorites weve taken. maybe its biased bc its at my favorite place

 Ipanaquè, Silvano, Cruz. I LOVE THEM. 
i cant put into words how much these three mean to me. so much love in just one picture... 

temple. Hnas Larson, Silvano, Cruz, Vilchez

 our tar bubbles that bring us so much joy to pop. :) 

hna Lindsay Rojas on her cumpleaños! :) shes great, helps us a lot. 15 años

 giving the perrocitos milk

so... thats dirt on the washcloth. from my neck. yay for bucketshowers. hahahahhahaha

 pretty basic dish from santa cruz

cita ill never forget. all to meet the man on the far side, their son. God definitely works in mysterious ways. on the bright side, i like this pic of hna ipanaquè y yo :)


 himnos (the fabric is getting changed the the bandera, she did it wrong)

libro de mormón

 olive / grape vine. super pretty, definitely in my dream backyard 

i. love. her

part of my area. entrance to the area with the rojas family

 braids from hna fidelia

zone sweatshirts, ignore the dirty mirror

 taste the rainbow

hermanitos!! :) so much love for them. antoine is by me, eduardo is by hna ipanaquè

 had to explain what a stick was, but... she liked it. :) haha 

found this on her flash. its from our very first moment meeting each other. so precious. :) everyone else has pictures of their trainors smiling, we just have these haha. it was a good first welcome. itll be a hard goodbye... 

 con hermana hansen!!!! :) i love her so much

also from my first day, on the bus to the Cristo

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