Monday, October 26, 2015

Healed (last week)

super weird to think the leaves are changing colors and its cold enough to drink hot chocolate. hope youre all enjoying this wonderful time of year!

my nails grow incredibly fast here
saw some nuns wearing running shoes. we were jealous.
i know elder bryce´s sister from the CCM
city has been filled with smoke from fires
sometimes hna gonzalez reminds me of my college roommate, kristy. (shoutout, miss you!)
were going to look for hammocks in the cancha and stargaze.
chile has diff words for EVERYTHING im realizing

hna gonzalez gave me a massage. had lots of pain but after her massage i was able to sleep through the night, the first night in two whole months. tender mercyyy. and we all know i love massages, so that was great too. :)
polished my shoes the night before the temple so i didnt have to rush in the morning. awesome feeling to be prepared and no one wants stress before the temple
hna larsen recieved the prompting to tell me "Heavenly Father loves you. And He´s listening." it was right after i had said a prayer in my heart, and after she said that, it just led to another incredible spiritual experiences. God speaks to us through others sometimes.
i had time to write my experiences in the temple in my journal.
hna ancalle´s son came home from his mission in mexico! their whole family is so excited, its way cute to watch bro and hna ancalle.
hna gonzales opened her heart to me. shes a little raw, but im able to help her. i can already see so  many reasons why were companions and its amazing, my testimony of inspired companionships and assignments is strengthened almost every day.
hna yolanda is thinking about baptism! she even mentioned it in her prayer. yessss. (wife of a menos active, has a son on a mission in columbia, ariel is her other son and also an incredible investigador)
we were successful in finding the needs of hno saul and hno carlos gonzalez, both menos activos and SUPER AMAZING that we were blessed with el guia del espiritu santo. <3 3 months of searching, and we found some leaks. :)
gasining more confidence in mi mismo and my ability to teach. im realizing with hna gonzalez that i can be MYSELF while teaching (crazy thought, right?) but its defintiely making a difference in my teaching and the lives of my investigators.
i was able to give elder bryce consuelo. hes a new gringo and having a hard time. i really lijke helping the new missionaries. im realizing my desires to love and help arent just for the investigaors, but for the missionaries around me as well.
FINALLY got a personal progress book for hermana arlete! her sueño! so excited for her. shes super happy! :)
finally able to take my blood test. took forever and lots of glitches but after three days of trying we did it! it hurt and i hate blood but its over with! on to the results. :)
hna shirley came to the SOCSOC actividad and had fun! so proud of her. she dived right in and actually ended up teaching them how to make the postrè! i hope they continue to include her.
showed hna shirley and hno carlos  a tour, and the baptismal font, and they opèned up to us and now have a baptism date! it isnt until january 9 bc theyre geting married at christmas but a date is a date, im excited!
hna arlete went to the temple!!!!!!!! obviously not inside but she went with the ward and was outside and felt the spirit and seriously i couldnt stop smiling for hours, i was so happy! it was her dream! we found out we could have gone with her, which was sad, but at least she was able to go!
hno james gave hna graciele a himnario. answer to my prayers. and hers. he is a perfect mission leader.
being able to share my own experiences according tot he eneds of the people here, and watching it change their hearts. its amazing, and it strengthens my testimony at the same time.
the capilla was FULL of people for ward conference. literally every inch was taken up. we ended up grabbing chairs from a classroom and sitting in the doorway. i could have cried i was so happy.
the ward gave all of the women roses (including us!!) and everyone empenadas/pepsi after ward conference. we didnt have time for breakfast, so that was a huge blessing!
hna abraham rojas smiled and laughed!!! ive never seen him smile but he opened up today. im pretty sure hes 8. his giggle is adorable. were helping him at the same time.

1definitely going to the temple. i had some incredible spiritual experiences, too sacred to share, but i know without a single doubt that God knows me, He loves me, and He has a plan for me. i know that this is literally the work of salvation. were here on this earth to prepare to return to our Father´s presence, and to be worthy to live with Him.
2reading my scriptures. maybe my sickness isnt healed right now, it isnt His timing, but my heart... has been healed. thats all that matters.
3we had a member with us, but not a single person was home. the member had to leave. we still hadnt had a single person. we had an hour before dinner, if even. i prayed we would find someone. i promised we would walk and keep working, but asked for Him to put who we needed in our path. 15 seconds after the prayer and we started walking, we found hna reina. the lesson was incredibly power and completely by the spirit. we gave a prayer of thanks afterwards. we put elder bednars teachings into effect, of praying with FAITH, (acting not just asking) and saw the blessings. heavenly father was obviously waiting to bless us, he was just waiting for us to ask. such a powerful, powerful moment.

i hope you all have (had, this is late) a great week!

psalms 147:3-4 Dios knows me by  name &heals my wounds
d&C 121:7¡9 <3

Hermana Wilson
 hermana estella! menos activa tienda lady near our casa

FOOTSIES. easily one of my favorite pictures

 Ipanaquè at Luigis

mi compañera!


templo! hna custode braethen casique gonzalez cruz yo

 locked gate

corner by arletes house

 didnt have time to finish your name, but i love you Ri. <3

my comp laughed pretty hard at this

cooking with relief society. :) hna carmen, hna shirley (investigadora),
 hermana ana (pres SOCSOC), hno fabricio 

 hna graciela (MA) & hno rodrigo (I) and their kids. highhhh hopes for this family. :)

  el campo es el MEJOR. <3

 easily my favorite spot of my area. rojas entrance. zoom in you might be able to see gabriela&oscar´s house, the one with the green sheet. not sure. so much love for this area i cant even explain it... 

 hna cruz at templo

hna gonzalez, yo ,custode (hija de cruz), cruz, larson, suarez

 cooking with relief society. :) 
hna carmen, hna shirley (investigadora), hermana ana (pres SOCSOC), hno fabricio

hna graciela (MA) & hno rodrigo (I) and their kids. highhhh hopes for this family. :)

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