Thursday, December 3, 2015

Time isn't real

in two days ill have six months, a third of the mission completed... someone stop time, please? :(

non important things
all i want for christmas is hand written letters. :)
ive decided hna silvano reminds me 80% of the time of heather del nero. which is great, because i miss you!
cambios are now dec. 27, so hna silvano and i will be together for navidad. :) were excited, and itll be super great to meet each others families since weve been through this adventure together from day one!

funny moments
"dijo con AMOR, no sexy!" hna silvano
"i can just see you at girls camp" hna cicotte (had my hair in a bun with my bandana about to wash my face. apparently its a natural look for me ;)
apparently there was really loud thunder one night.. we didnt hear it. the lady of the house thought we were kidding.

cosas importantes (bendiciones)
we had LESSONS this week
hno jose prayed! hes very shy and doesnt say much but he prayed and it was sincere. i hope he progresses.
wrote a letter to hna silvanos family and sent a picture of us. her family is going through a lot right now, and i hope my letter helps them feel better
hna silvano carried my watermelon up a huge hill. arrrrrrrriba.
we recieved water to drink this week! better than having to buy water bottles everyday.
felt hna silvanos love wednesday. she has a different way of showing her love, thats for sure, but i know she loves me. it was a day i needed love, and i felt it, so it was a blessing.
had thanksgiving dinner and pie. :) chicken, mashed potatos, carrots and peas. it was SO GOOD.
conference with elder godoy was amazing. i learned a lot and recieved mas animo para trabajar. :)
hna godoy did an activity. we wrote everything that has been revealed/recieved revelation for since the time of joseph smith (family, temple, baptism, etc etc). SO many things. then she asked for experiences from us with one of those things (which was interesting, almost everyone shared about family&the temple). then she erased it, all of it, and asked how we felt. it really did make me sad. then she said that this is how everyone we pass on the street is. they dont know. they dont have our experiences and joy. time to share! supèr poweful.
hna hansen talked about the lost son, and how the father RAN to him, because he didnt want his son to have to walk alone... so powerful. i love her talks, always. :)
hna callata gave me a hot water pack thermal, not sure what to call it, when my stomache hurt like something else.
i did the challenge from president hansen to offer a prayer of just thanks. after my personal nightly prayer of thanks, i layed in bed. i was in pain and wasnt tired at all. but for the next hour i lay there holding the water pouch to my belly just counting and pondering about all of my blessings. it was a powerful experience :)
hna callata said that the way i taught the first vision was powerful . :) made me happy. it was funny bc i had wanted her to teach it to see how i could better my teachings, but she wanted me to do it and lo hico.
at the end of intercambios hna callata said that i have a special spirit, and that she could truly see my love for the Lord in how i was always serving others and how badly i wanted to work even through my pain. she said i understood what elder godoy said perfectly, that this is the time to love the lord and only the lord, no one else. made me happy she could see that in me. :)
i had a slight stomache pain attack, but it was when we were in the house of hna cicotte, so i was able to use her bathroom and lay on her cold marble floor. huge blessing and perfect timing.
our neighbors let us have some of their water when we had been out for two days. we carried the water in buckets and were able to shower the next day . :)
hna daniela  (ma) and hna rebeka/cecilia (i) were scared when hna watt was there, thinkin gi had been transfered early. i was surprised they were so sad, they love me. :)
we have a new cell phone! no more standing onthe wall in the backyard for signal haha
we have a pension for almuerzo and hna mirian (de nuestra casa) is going to be our pensionista for cena! whoO"! (we no longer have our other one, and if we didnt find one, we would have to pension with the zone leaders, a half huor walk one way four timkes a day.).
we have numbers this weeek!!! the only zeros were fecha bautismal and baptisms&confirmaciones. super happy. :) poco a poco were progressing.
hna callata shared her experiences about sucre, and how there was no numbers or progress, and how she even had to train there, but with time she ended up having FIVE baptisms. hope for frutillar!!
LOTS of members came and greeted our investigadores, hna sandra and hno jose. it touched my heart and i wanted to cry, they were SO welcoming.
hno mamani, our mission leader, took hno jose to church. hes on crutches and wouldnt have been able to make it without a car.
we got lots of service yesterday. hno mamani picking up jose, hna mirian cleaning our bathroom, the zone leaders fixing our toilet, etc etc. the lord is sending us angels constantly. :)

hno mario. hes 80 years old and the cutest old man. he reminds me a lot of my grandpa fletcher. everytime we come, he gets so excited, and he tells all his neighbors... come! the misioneras are here! were going to listen to the word of god! his angels are here! alelujah! :) it warms my heart. hno jose and hna sandra were his references.
in intercambios, i was in a trio with hna callata (capacitadora) and hna cicotte (her comp went home for eight days to defend her college thesis). i was there when hna cicotte needed me, well just say that. she had a problem in the past, and its returned, but she hadnt told me... we found out it was stil going on, and i was there to comfort her and give her love. we talked about how to help her and have goals. it was a miracle of gods timing.
biggest miracle... last week i wrote about hno abraham, being golden. well he talked to his pastor and he said hes not allowed to talk to anyone from another religion or visit their church (a little sketchy dontcha think). when we saw him this week he was asking LOTS of questions, trying to prove me wrong. hna silvano was on the phone so i was alone to answer them. but the spirit was helping me with every word and it was amazing to feel myself be the literal filter of the spirit /heavenly father. every question i responded with power. im truly just an instrument in the lords hands. it strengthened my faith a ton. :)

i hope you all have a great week! :)

1 timothy 1:5 (Read in spanish if you can, its better.&diffrent)
moroni 7:8 eternal reality of the atonement
1 sam 16:7 <3

Hermana Wilson

ps - thank you sister grish and sister stanley for your prayers. you are both incredible, incredible women who have blessed my life so much.

pss - thank you for your love. <3 a sincere thank you for everyone praying for me. when i heard that, my eyes got tears. im so blessed to have so many people who love me. thank you so much. <3 thank you isnt enough to express how i feel, but language has barriers even in my own.

SHOUTOUT  to my grandpa for continuing to be one of, if not the most amazing and inspirational man i know, even though hes older than all of the general authorities. I LOVE YOU. you're an inspiration to all.

 have you ever laid eyes on anything so beautiful?

navtivity scene at the temple. :) theres also a star

 im whiter than the temple

hna callata, hna silvano, hna wilson, hna cicotte, hna watt

we got whistles taking this one haha

ill always remember the moment we got reunited after intercambios.  :)
such a tender moment. i love my compañera, mi prima, con todo mi corazon

hna callata and i. she changed my life in just a day. :) i love her

not quite as dark outside. the lights were different

hna watt and i have the same name we figured out. i saw her pictures on her wall and she saw my pillow case with signatures (i hid my blanket.. still dont like people sleeping in my bed too much haha). she said "i felt so loved! all these people who wrote such nice things about me!" it was funny. she is super strong. shes the only member in her family but shes serving strong, despite all the people trying to tear her down

 my flash works in case you were wondering

we went to the ward talent show, and it was amazing. 
they let us borrow parts of their outfits after. :) nicest cholitas i ever did meet

our back table chef seated dining thanksgiving dinner. :)

they look sharp but if you squeeze these things, they explode!
its like my bubble wrap hobby on a tree! :) I LOVE BOLIVIA

hay mejores palabras aqui ;)

my favorite.. :)

 i was happy needless to say. funny part about my dress, hna hansen wanted me to put the feathers around my head to be more indian haha. i bought this dress in the grocery store

 speaking of DRESS, check it out... a modest wedding dress. :)
she sent this foto to a special person, but since i am sin novio, here it is for all the world to see

soy modelo, yo se. jaja

long story short, i walked home from the temple without shoes.
my comp thought it was the funniest thing ever :)

 my momma always wanted me to be a balerina...

my comp took this foto. im in love with it,
and this child. he was outside the internet tienda

 so getting an MRI is weird, esp in the mission. i could only wear this green thing and proselyting shoes haha super fashionable i know.  i couldnt wear my plaque, and i wasnt with my comp. my head was strapped in and the wall of the MRI was about a foot away from my face. it was all white except a gray line that ran down the middle of my nose view. it was like a car alarm with different tones and a sub woofer haha. i tried to stay awake bc of an epsiode i remembered from House, but dr chase wasnt there to tell me to stay awake so after a while i gave up and went to sleep

 after my MRI

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