Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lost Sheep

ate llama the other day. not bad!
when hna silvano doesnt remind me of heather del nero, she reminds me of kat rivera
our lunch yesterday was a plate of rice, a plate of noodles, and a little chicken drumstick. yay for carbs.
no one here has real christmas trees, only fake ones. maybe the house we find with a real christmas tree will be a sign theyre ready to enter the baptism font. :)
its $100 US dollars for escuela here... public school is NOT free.. kids, stay in school :)
we  helped a cholita start her fire/set up her station. it was an awesome experience, and i officially have zero desires to eat in the calle. :) it doesnt matter how heavenly it smells, it is NOT clean..

funny moments
"soy gorda?" (to one of our investigators, rodrigo, age 10). "mm, un POQUITO nada mas." haha i love the honesty of children
our muscles hurting after i read the dictionary in spanish and hna silvano practices english... the languages use diff muscles.. we talked about finding a place for face massages haha.
"mi compañera es bonita, no?" (contacting methods round 4001)
"hay hombres en la capilla para ti." "y por mi compañera?" "no, no hay." -4 year old girl, sara

importants, bendiciones
i have officially found a place called Ellis and they have BBQ chicken pizza. its on my bucketlist
my wonderful mom sent me aloe vera, just in time. is it possible for eyes to be sunburned? it seemed like it. haha
our zone is going to have a christmas dinner together! we have two months worth of funds, so it will be not only a dinner, but a FEAST. yes. :)
i killed two mosquitos! kind of disgusting how much blood is now splattered on our ceiling but you should have seen our happy dances.. two steps closer to sleeping in peace
lesson of the zone leaders was awesome. basically, the message is if missionaries cant be obedient in only 2 years... theyre not going to magically be obedient and recieve the Lords blessings after the mission. the time were here is important in shaping what kind of servant of the lord were going to be for the rest of our lives. it was super good, and the spirit was super strong.
we found THREE menos activos in ONE day! what! miracles. Dios definitely wants his children to return. :)
Elder Aguilar dedicated our house (better late than never right?). ive never been in a house dedication, so it was an awesome experience. we four kneeled together, and he offered a prayer, and i could definitely feel Heavenly Father listening, and know that we will be protected and blessed in our HOME. its no longer just a house. :) i can sleep in peace now..
finished the obedience with exactitud brings miracles study program. it was awesome to read over all the miracles that have happened from being obedient these past three weeks (theres so much more than what i have time to put in these emails) and all ive learned. my final goal is to continue looking and thanking my Father for Hismiracles and mercies in my life. :)
bold in teaching Hno Mario. i taught simply, powerfully, to the point, and i spoke up. i could feel power that wasnt mine working through me. it was amazing.
seeing how excited hna silvano was to recieve a plato from perù. ( our pensionista is peruvian). its the little things. :)
lunch was ready yesterday on time, and we left before the hour. :) BLESSING.
i feel very strongly in helping the menos activos &hna pastora with their family history, to prepare names to take to the temple. hopefully we can go with hna pastora before navidad. :) how amazing would that be! theres no words.
our bishop and leaders are all telling President Hansen good things about us and our trabajo. :)
my legs are getting stronger and more powerful, its easier to climb these mountains everyday. (an idea of how high we climb, i had to pop my ears yesterday while walking ahah)
finding specific answers to questions i didnt even necessarily knew i had during my studies for both myself and people here in frutillar
Heavenly Father sent us the bishop saturday night when we were walking home fighting back tears. it definitely wasnt a coincidence. we were able to explain tot he bishop what was going on and how we felt and the ened for references, and he offered us his love and advice. tender mercy. <3

hna silvano recieving revelation to visit hna virginia vargas, MA. so we did. and we found her. <3 she shared with us an experience of how she had prayed to put her life in the lords hands, and then a day later the missionaries knocked her door. she said they were looking for someone else, but i said "no virginia. god sent them there for you. and here we are again." it was a powerful moment and testified to me that God never forgets his children, and that were here to help them return to His loving arms.
humbling experience studying idioma saturday morning. i realized how many mistakes ive been making with small things and i learned so much. i discovered my weaknesses so i can make and work towards goals to make them strengths. eter 12:27. i could also definitely feel the gift of tongues at its work.
yesterday, i almost had no head pain at ALL. the first time in THREE MONTHS. i dont know if anyone was fasting for me, but... if you were, thank you. it was such a tender mercy. i would definitely be the leper that returned to Christ if i had leprocy. <3
our lesson last night with hna rebeka. it was a hard week, ill be honest, but it was nice to end the week with a lesson, and a POWERFUL one at that. we finished 3 nefi 11 together and talked about the doctrine of christ and repentance. the spirit was definitely the one guiding the lesson, not us. and she voiced her concerns to us! we were able to help answer her questions, help jher with her doubts, and help her progress in her faith. i could see a change in her eyes. i cant describe the feeling that was there, but it was definitely sacred and i definitely wont forget it any time soon.

1. MRI came back, and thank you for your prayers. <3 i have no parasites crawling around my head or tumors. so thats a plus. :) i have migraines no mas, and the doctor gave me some medicine that seems to be helping.

2. we have been told that if we dont have progress in our area before cambios, our area will be closed. it was heartbreaking to say the least. this area is duro, but we dont want it to close. we want to be here. we want to teach. we want to serve. we want the ward to help us. hopefully we can.

have a wonderful week, and remember what this month is all about!
hna wilson.

1 cor 13:3 give your love, not your money
DyC 101:13-16
moroni 7:27-29 &37.. OPEN YOUR EYES
1 nefi 7:12 REMEBER

&a little scripture for this cozy time of the year... ecclesiastes 4:11 <3

Hermana Wilson
 our mission leader took us to dinner because hes going to santa cruz to get operated on. a farewell correlacion. elder steusser didnt make it into the foto

outside of the pensions home waiting for lunch

 for my sister. i found harry potter floating stairs in bolivia. :)

i love the gazibos in the parks, this is the one in pueblito, one of my favorites

my compañera is a genius, and i love her. :) hahahahha

that moment when you find a family sized chiqitos bag....

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