Monday, December 28, 2015

Prospero ano y felicidad

not exactly my feelings right not but fake it till ya make it! :)

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas. i loved my first (not sure if there will be a second yet) christmas in the mission. i loved it so much because i truly searched for Christ and in doing so, He blessed me with His love. I hope you were able to feel His love as well, along with those here on Earth you love.

i was surprised how many gifts i got, (thank you to hna cicotte, hna ipanaque, hna mather, hna watt, e. aguilar, aunt deanna, kiera davis). but the gift that wasnt wrapped was also wonderful, seeing seeing my family on skype.. i love you ALL so much. im so blessed to have so much love and support from each and every one of you. thank you. know youre always in my prayers. i hope this new year brings you many many blessings and felicidad.

i think my favorite gift-gift i recieved was from my mom. she sent me two very special and meaningful pictures of christ along with two talks and envelops of gifts we can give to christ. one of the talks is from President Uchtdorf (my favorite) and its called Curtains, Contentment, and Christmas.. look it up, its amazing, and has eternal lessons that can be applied to more than just Christmas time. i love the gifts we can give to christ. He has given us so much, and theres so much we can give in return, but 6 of them are
1 do for others what He would do if He was here matt 25. 37-40
2 pray always  3 nefi 18. 19-20
3 share the Gospel to bring others to Him jonh 21. 15-17
4 quickly repent when we make mistakes alma 34. 32-33
5 keep His commandments johnn 14.15, 21 / hymn 185 (what is that in spanish?)
6 allow Him to lift us when the world weighs us down. moroni 9.25 & john 14.27

my favorites were numbers 1 and 6. i could relate to them most. if you have more scriptures on those topics, will you send them to me? im making a list.

tuesday we had our ward christmas party. the obra misional started off the night with a video, sharing 1 juan 4-9-11, and then we sand la primera navidad (first noel). it was awesome because we did an arrangement taht was in spanish and english and then both and the spirit was POWERFUL. then each organization sang a song, and the primary reinacted the nativity scene (hna celeste´s baby girl as jesus). the bishop closed the activity with his thoughts and testimony. it was special, simple, and wonderful. there were more nonmembers than members there, also a huge blessing. it helped us all feel the true spirit of christmas.

on wednesday we went with hna pastora to the cementary. it was nice to do this service for her. her son is burried in a body slot box (best way of describing it) like the area they keep dead bodies for autopsies. im not sure if its because there isnt room for the bodies here or because its cheaper, maybe both. but they put the body in and cover up the door. (so i know now what death smells like, perfectly. there were fresh ones.). this is her first christmas alone and she is heartbroken to say the least. her son died 6 months ago. we are teaching her constantly about the plan of salvation and family history, and i think that she finally realized why its important when we were there. it was a beautiful moment. sad, but the spirit was there.
we also visited her christmas day in the nighttime. she was all alone in her little house by the creek. she wasnt happy. she was mean. but at the end of our visit, she was in tears. she is mean because she is in pain, and doesnt want to show her pain or let others in. but she let me in, and i was grateful to mourn with her. she said that we were her best friends. we were able to help her feel the love of her Savior, and there is no better gift we could have brought her. (although we also brought her Christmas lights on Monday to add literal light to her life, she liked those). i can feel the spirit so strongly as we visit her and help her prepare to take her family names to the temple. i know with all of my heart that there are people waiting for their work to be done, and that Heavenly Father is helping us. its amazing.

so we recieved cambios last night. the area of the elders closed, they are leaving. hna silvano is also leaving. i however am not leaving. i am here with the world of frutillar. my area is extremely huge and when i recieved cambios i felt so, so, so small.. i dont know what will happen. i thought my area would close. it didnt. the Lord has a lot of trust in me for me to still be here and I will do my best to put all of my trust in Him. i studied Faith for two whole hours this morning. i feel blind like Abraham in Hebrews 11:8, but i have faith that He has a plan for me and I´ll take those steps until I find su camino. it will be a blessing in disguise as my faith is tried in different ways this cambio but i know that He is here to help me. Apocalipsis 3:20.

i love you all and pray that you can feel His presence in your lives.
Hermana Wilson

p.s. shoutout to my SISTER, and best of luck with by sobrinita!! i love you and youre in my prayers!!

im in central right now and dont want to add viruses to my flashdrive /lose all of my photos (again), sorry. next week.

scriptures to read and ponder..
 alma 26;16 (glory in the lord, cant say how i feel)
alma 26;36-37 (boast with joy of God, He is mindful of HIS people here in this strange land of Frutillar)
DyC 88;6 he descended below ALL things and as E. Dallin H Oaks said in conference, is in the perfect position therefore to LIFT us up.
1 Nefi 10_18-19 God is eternal and His way is prepared
&last but NOT least,
DyC 84;106 . strengthen the weak.

Hermana Wilson

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