Monday, December 14, 2015

Wishbones & broken bones

shoutout to jen gauger for emailing me. im happy to share the love of Bolivia with someone who knows what a wonderful place this is. <3 keep your head up, and believe in good things to come. :)

limòn here could mean either lime or lemon, theres only one word. lemons are "sweet" (they like their ensalada SOUR lemetellya)
im at that point to dye my hair and sking to stop the gringa comments
lunch pensionista looks a TON like ashlee limary, but definitely doesnt act like her
if you have to get a shot in Bolivia, prepare yourself... its not in the arm. its lower...
they have "robots" in peru, that look like people but dont talk. you can hire them to cook, clean, watch your kids, etc. all controlled with a remote
cat meat is more rough than chicken,  and doesnt taste good
a lot of people just boil the jello you buy in the tiendas here and drink it like juice. it tastes like pure sugar. kool aid on steroids?
right before 7:25 el Cristo has a green glow

funny moments
"vamos a dar HUASKA!" -LZ "pero con AMOR!"- hna silvano y yo at the SAME time, "wow. tan unidad" -elder aguilar
"jellogelatinaFLAN!" -lady screaming in the cancha, family ill immitate it for you during skype haha
when my comp left me , of all people to find me, the bishop walked up next to me. i was grateful he was there.
"ustedes conquistan todos los hombres con sus cabello, no? tan larga, tan bonita" -nuestra capacitadora. hm
reaction de Hna Daniela when she saw me in pants. haha.
"ah, sabia que estaba llorando porque me voy a mi casa esta semana.." e aguilar "por supuesto.. no te vayas!"
telling hna silvano my will/things to tell people if i died during the night
&the funniest of all... only a whisper..
"theres hermanas in the offices!"

importants, the blessings
the family situation of hna silvano was cleared up, and all is well. super happy for her, and super happy our prayers were answered.
the smell of the fruitstand we pass is literally HEAVEN
i learned how to make mayonese (2 huevos, half a cucumber peeled, two drops of mustard, a pinch of salt, and probably too much oil, blended).
hna miriam gave me mate de manzanita to heat up and breath under a sabana. u got a gripe hard core this week, its trying to kill me. man oh man, that manzanita helped me. i could breathe. so grateful. shes my angel.
the zone leaders had an interview with us tuesday, to help give us animo after hearing our area will close if theres no progress and see how they can help us, etc. super grateful to have leaders who care about the work.
we had cucumber for lunch wednesday. first vegetableish aqui.
i prayed for protection one night. Heavenly Father heard my prayers, and literally sent us His angels. <3
hna miriam accompanied us to visit hna daniela. she wants to help us. she even let hna daniela have her gen. conf liahona. angel, lemetellya.
hna miriam gave us chocolate cake and mormon cafè for dinner. bless her heart.
hna silvano and i left the zone meeting bc my health wasnt having it. i started crying. hna silvano fetched elder aguilar, one of our zone leaders. only for a moment was i upset she told him i was crying, but he told me about the same experiences im having hes been through and helped me out a lot. super grateful for him & his consuelo/consejo.
i got a package from aunt deanna! idk what its for but im saving it for christmas. thank you!!! :) i love you!!!!!
i have quality friends and people i love in the zone. i didnt think itd ever feel like a family here, but four weeks into cambios and ive been proved wrong. super grateful.
we got a christmas DVD with three awesome messages. i hope we are able to share it with LOTS of peopel.
hna silvano asked me for help in one of the lessons we were in this week. super grateful she had the humility and confidence to reach out to me, and super grateful the spirit guided me in my response.
we have AGUA! (to drink). we carried it down the mountain to our house, a tank in each of our arms, but hey. definitely worth it.
there were stars two nights ago. and a sunset last night. first time.
hna silvano recieved her sustento yesterday, the first time shes had money since being here. super grateful.
the zone leaders came to our consejo de barrio yesterday and it was the most powerful, proactive, overal best consejo ive been in. we were bold but we had the spirit with us and i hope it changes things.
the bishop has SO MUCH love for this ward. hes such an incredible man. he is full of the Spirit. being in his presence is humbling.
we talked with hna monica, our pensionista, yesterday and she told us more of her story, and we now have a decent relationship. super grateful.
hna virginia (MA) and hna celeste (I) came to church with their families. we had TWO ROWS of people in the chapel. only one assistencia for numbers, but hey. proof numbers are NOT everything. i almost cried when i saw them arrive i was so happy.
the bishop said that hna pastora can feel a very special spirit when we visit her. she is a grumpy old lady that has a very strong personality but im grateful she does love us and its always amazing to see the glimmer in her eyes even if its just for a moment when were with her and teaching her and serving her. i love her.
a couple of nights this week, hna silvano and i fell asleep laughing. feels so good to end the night on a good note /unity.
i again, have mama claws for our MAs and I´s. i wont stand for people saying weshould give up on our MA´s, or talk bad about them. i love them, God loves them, and were GOING to help them.

highlights & miracles
we called hna virginia to confirm our noche de hogar, and she told us she was on her way to the funeral of her adopted mom. entonces, fuimos. super grateful for the impression to call and the ability to be there for her. shes hurting badly, but also grateful she came to church (first time in years) and is testing our promise that if she searches for God, He will take her in His arms and help her.
we found hna Rut, sola. she is a member, but practically inactive. we showed her a mormon message and she broke down with how strong the spirit was and opened up to us her problem shes facing with her spouse. super grateful we were able to find her alone, have her confidence to confide in us, and have the spirit with us helping us with every word.
we found hna daniela (menos activa) this week. we had been searching and calling and knocking her door for over a week every day, and finally we entered. she confided in us why she hasnt been coming to church, and im studying and praying as hard as i can to help her. hardest part is over, only uphill from here..
saturday night we came home. i collapsed on my bed, coughing and dying and whatnot. hna silvano came to me, told me to turn over, and massajed this creme into my neck/upper chest area. it helped. it was just a small moment, but i felt her love for me. i was so grateful for her. i was so grateful for her service, and her love, and her concern.

this week i finished reading the BOM. i prayed, following Moroni´s challenge, and once again recieved my answer, fulfilling the Lord´s promise. it was different than before but special. we always teach people how to recognize answers. my answer this time came in the form that we teach, a feeling of peace. i had no doubt in my mind or my heart about its truthfullness, and just complete peace. it was simple, but powerful. i know the Book of Mormon/Libro de Mormòn is the word of God. I have had so many wonderful and powerful experiences truly studying and pondering it and i look forward to all the further experiences ill have to strengthen my testimony. but this time....... in Español. <3 i know that as many times as we read el LDM, we will only come closer to God, concer Cristo mas, and be firmer in faith. i love this book with all my heart.

have a wonderful week!

juan 12:46
alma 31:35
3nefi 13:14-15
eccl. 1:15-17 (thank you for this reference Ruth)
DyC 76:5
DyC 59:20-21 ***
&last but certainly not least, my new moto for frutillar, substitute for "mi querida compañera", : Moroni 9:6

Hermana Wilson

p.s. theres a lot of changes happening in this mission, theyll be in effect in january. one of the changes is that we no longer have a dinner pensionista, we will be cooking for ourselves. so... if you have suggestions for EASY, QUICK, SIMPLE, CHEAP and most importantly HEALTHY dinners, let me know!!! and also keep in mind... im in Bolivia, and my options are a tad bit limited. :) suggestions, por favor! <3

 the sky was BLACK during the storm, but the sun shone through and illuminated the buildings. LIGHT, (God´s love and Gospel) truly can penetrate any darkness

 first door on the right

this is my house. (the little thing on the bottom, the rest isnt.) 
miriam lives to the right 

 my little elephant leaf <3

 inspiring words

foto from last week, description of our relationship at times

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