Monday, January 11, 2016


we´re free! after being in the hospital overnight since saturday morning, were feeling good! or.. better! we were there for my companion, dont you worry about me, but my strength isnt quite all the way here tampoco. we made the best of the experience though. i brought our christmas lights to the room, tons of food, (which we got yelled at afterwards, apparently thats against the rules they only want patients eating their hosptial food, whoops. oh well) painted my comp`s nails/toenails, sang himns and himnos, drank an entire 2 liter drogacola (never again), talks about goals and the mission and life and everything in between, etc. turned out to be a good bonding experiece but man am i excited to be gone and shower and sleep in a real bed!

funny moments
last pday we were asking which trufi took us pass the temple, and as we were walking away from the zone activity (futbol of course) about half of the zone came running and screaming as if it were a matter of life and death, "wait!" "the temple is closed!" "you cant go!" thank you elders, we know, all we wanted were hair cuts..

"como se dice este?" hna hansen
"rompe cabeza!" hnita maria
"...broken head? thats how you say puzzle?" hna hansen

"estaba tratando de sonar con el temple pero cuando vino el seuño era in freaking luigi´s" hna bisama

putting the hospital blanket over hna bisamas head and then the moment she realized thats the blanket thats used for actual dead people. ill enver forget her face hahahaha.

seeing pictures of my beautiful niece! my goodness is she the cutest thing in the world, someone freeze time so shes still tiny for when i come home and steal her. :)
last pday in the nighttime we had two awesome lessons. in one, the investigator ( a reference from URUAGUAY! how freaking amazing! an elder of a member family here sent us the reference, a beautiful handdrawn map, and a letter for his friend saying he needs to listen to us.) anyways, he asked me why i came on a mission. a little hard telling the story in a dumbed down version so not to raise questions like whats a patriarch, or whats a patriarchal blessing, etc, but i did it and it touched his heart, and after we left hna bisama just looked at me and said "wow. i never knew why you came. but man.. when you were telling your story... the spirit was SO strong. ive almost never felt it so strongly." so, that was cool. :) its nice when youre really able to share personal things in the mission (when prompted by the spirit of course) to bless the lives of the investigators and help them realize the truth.
second lesson that night was a noche de hogar with hna janeth and hno pedro (hes a member ,but menos activo). the bishop was there and a bunch of other leaders and they gave them a picture of the temple at the end and brought them both to tears. so awesome. so touching. such a strong spirit. and the next day when we visited janeth, the picture was already hung up on the wall. :)
our pensionista! hna jhaneth morales. gosh shes an agel. i think shes my favorite pensionista. shes humble, shes loving, theyre down to earth, and she gives us vegetables and fruit every day and sald every other day! aka, healthy food!!!! hna bisama is also in love. her other pensionista gave her a huge plate of rice and a piece of chicken, always the same way of being cooked, everyday for 6 months. bless their family in your prayers! also awesome bc theire two teenage sons dont really want to serve missions and arent super active. so were going to help activate and get them excited for the best two years FOR (not of) their lives (shouoout b miller). also, shes teaching me ketchua!!! its my dream to learn.
hna karen muebo called us to tell us she wouldnt be there the next day for our appointment. what?! never happens. and also that she had an entrovista with the bishop! awesome! last sunday she randomly showed up to church with her family (husband, also inactive and two little girls). no idea whyt hey were there, only bc it was a miracle from up above! were going to rescue them, si o si!!!
hna bisama recieved a blessing. it was probabbly the shortest blessing ive ever heard, but it was perfect. she was promised to serve the full 18 months, that her health wouldnt send her home early (i was a little jealous, but i repented) and that together we are going to help the people here feel God´s love. :) so amazing.
tuesday night we went to the mission home. while hna bisama and her convert were talking with president, hna hansen and i played with the CR´s child maria. super funny how many times she changed the rules or tried to cheat, but we went along with it. i miss children! it was fun playing with her and i was so gratefulto be able to have fun with her and communicate in a different language.
talking with hna hansen. shes such an amazing and inspiring and charitable woman. i coulkd tell she needed someone to talk to, so i just let her talk. i asked prompt questions, and she just spilled out her feelings to me. super grateful to have been there for her. she has her husband of course, but not too many other friends here. she has so much love for others.
going to the temple on thursday!!!!!!!!! im so in love with the templo cochabamba. its going to be so hard leaving it. the biggest lesson i took away from it was humility. the example perfecto (of course) of the savior, and to have the goal to be more humble. ive worked on it every day and its been an awesome experience so far. i love how we can always learn something from the temple. i love how beaufitul the temple is inside and out. i love the spirit that dwells there. i love  having one here in the mission so close. i love that familes can be together in God´s temples!

speaking of... in my first ever interview with presidente hansen when arrivign here i told him i had the goal of seeing 5 families enter&sealed in the temple. my cutoff for baptisms is february first week of (one year after a baptism to enter and be sealed). but.. i realized it can also be through menos activos being rescued. and that gave me more excitement. and also our pension, she isnt sealed to her husband. so that would also be amazing to attend. :)

speaking of attending! hna nelly and her daughter mikaela from la floresta are getting baptized!!!!!! and she got a priesthood blessing this week and gave her husband huaska basically that "this church is true. you better humble up and listen." shes awesome. she wants me to go to her baptism. pray that i get permission!! :) (just as long as it doesnt interfere with any of our baptisms).

highlights y milagros
martes was an amazing day and i wont be forgetting it any time soon! in the morning we had a lesson with hna janeth montaño. she was a reference andhad been listening to the missioneros for over a year but now she is ready and wanting to be baptized!! so awesome. were looking at the 23rd of this month! then after lunch we went to hno edgar, hes the nephew of our mission leader. we taught the restoration and it was one of the most powerful lessons ive been in so far and when we invited him to be baptized he said yes immediately, and said he wanted to bring this message to his family so they could feel what he was feeling! so amazing! he was so sincere when thanking us for coming and sharing this message with him. then walking away fromt aht lesson down the hill, there was an older man sitting outside his house. i waved, said hi, so did he, started to keep walking, but the spirit told me to talk to him so i did, and we found out he (hno jorge) and his wife (hna vikki) are inactives of over 20 years and had moved here from la paz without records in the ward. hidden treasure! literally! :) those were the only three lessons we had that day but they were perfect, and so inspired, and so led by the spirit, and there was no denying the hand of God leading us every step of the way. it was amazing. theres nothing better than seeing God work miracles through us. alma 26:11-12.

one night walking home hna bisama told me that in her other area, they always reached the numbers of excellence and had a ton of numbes in general, etc. but that here, even with lower numbers, she feels so much happier. that this is the success that really matters, helping PEOPLE, and that she has never seen so many miracles in the work but shes seeing them-and more than just one- literally every single day here with me. i was so happy when she told me that, that shes realizing this work is about PEOPLE. it never was and never will be about numbers for me. seeing people change their lives, seein people experience the joy of this gospel and feeling gods love, being the Lords literal hands here and being first witness to His Goodness... theres nothing better. :) 1 nephi 8:12.

yesterday the bishops counselors, our pensions son, and the son of aida luz, came to he hospital and gave us the sacrament bc we werent able to go to church. it was something ill never forget. o humbling seeing them kneel on the cold hospital room floor, and carry the tray from the bedside table to our hospital bed, and the spirit and love that was there. such  blessing to take the sacrament, renew our covenants, and feel the saviors love. hna bisama said that out of all the treatment shed bee given and doctors, etc... this was the thing she really needed, the thing that actually helped her. amazing. :)

last but not least.. tuesday night hnita maria (age 7) asked presidente hansen for a blessing. he was a little surprised but he said yes. it was so pure, so sweet, hearing the blessing to a child.  a child of God. it was so... simple. so wonderful. God definitely knows Maria. God definitely loves Maria. as with the rest of each and every one of us.

im happy. :) health is trying to be a problem again, for both hna bisama and i, but.... im going to keep praying hard for God´s mercy to let me work my little heart out here in frutillar. my heart is here. i want to freeze time, and just work without the annoying limits of time. theres never enough time to visit everyone and do all the things i feel like  need to do, but thats just part of the mission. following the spirit on what really matters, what you need to do, and trusting in God to take care of the things our imperfections dont permit us to do.

i love you! God is good! remember that!

hna wilson

jacob 5:21-22 dont you dare say frutillar is steril! somos frutillitas and well prove you wrong. :) Dios sabe, sabemos, and everyone will too with time.

Hermana Wilson

 we're sending this picture to her mom, 
ah were horrible but you need to keep humor in situations como asi. :)

peace out clinca copacabana, hope to see you never again (or until friday)

 zoom in on baby Jesus´s face, hes smiling and has chubby cheeks. :) i love it!

the Christmas decorations are still up. :)

 i found the real life version of candyland!!!! in bolivia!! :) 

 not sure whats happening with my hair, ni tampoco why she is trying to claw my skin, but man do i love this woman and man to i love this sacred place and man oh man am i just HAPPY.

my companion is a babe, that baby is a babe (literally) 
and hna isabel is the nicest cholita weve ever met

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