Monday, January 18, 2016


so i played futbol for 3 hours today, and proved the theory hermanas dont play futbol to be false, and its raining, and i love my companion, and life is good.

oh, and were moving tomorrow! were moving into a house hna jhaneth/hno pedro built, and its BEAUTIFUL, and has a yellow kitchen even, and were super excited. :)

funny moments
"your blood is SWEEET! thats why!" hna miriams reasoning for why it looked like i had the chicken pox
"COMO ESTAN LAS AMEVAS?!" hno elvis, a bishopric member ,yelling at hna bisama in a passing car hhaha. gosh dang it.
"shes.... nice"
"let us remember that josé smith was a man. a MAN".
"hna bisama.. is the bathroom ok?"

blessings of this week (just a few)
elder amaya, one of my LZ (de colombia) knows magic tricks and hes officially my favorite i think. shoutout to doug lavine!
got a parcel of letters from my Aunt Judy&baby cousins, and the youth in my ward! thank you so much! :)
hna miriam is going to get MARRIED!!! oh im so happy for her! she was married once but her husband was horrible, they divorced, shes been raising the kids sola for years, and now at almost 60 she found the love of her life, and theyre getting married, and im so so so happy for her! prayers definitely are answered, and also definitely in HIS TIME.
we taught an EXTREMELY powerful lesson to hna luz the last night she was here. we started by teaching about María in 1N11, and then moved to prayer, in Juan 14:13-14, and it was just such a powerful lesson. one of the most powerful ones ive been a part of. the spirit led every word. and at the end...... she said shes going to pray to "diosito, and la virgen.." broke my heart at first she completely turned away from the spirit and truth, bc i KNOW she felt&knew it.. but then i just had overwhelming PEACE. we arent here to force the truth, nor can we. everyone has their agency to accept the message into their hearts. she didnt. but, my testimony was strengthed in the process and im grateful for that.
hna luz gave us some ointment to put on our mosquito bites. we got eaten alivein the hospital. i had literally 40 between the both of my arms from the sleeve down. ridicullous.
i bought a book of the LDM stories with fotos, and its helping us teach, esp hna pastora! the pictures help her understand and its a hug blessing.
i found my own scriptures for backing up the principles we were teaching/helping with doubts. its such a blessing to see my knowledge of the scriptures grow and incredible that however much i learn, theres still always so much more i dont know. yet.
our bishopric is AMAZING: theyre so loving and supportive and just TAN BUENOS.
hno mamani, our mission leader, is active again and ready to help! we have 97 (over, actually) menos activos in our ward and were making lists to divide up the work with consejo. wish us luck! also planning activities, so that will be good too!
three days in a row being fresco! blessing, for sure. the sun is like an oven.
read my journal from the CCM, and it was a nice boost to my self esteem. also awesome to remember my experiences there and personal worth.
hna bisama played with my hair a little bit when i was on bedrest, and it was something simple, but a big blessing. it felt good, and she definitely is always there for me when i need her. shes amazing.
i studied hard the lesson for gospel principles, and felt way ready when it came time to teach (our teacher is also inactive.. hm). and it was a learning experience for all.
hna michele dominguez was mas amigable with me. weve come a long ways. theres love between us now.
last night i kind of collapsed on the floor of our casita. i felt like my body was burning from the inside, but i had no tempurature, my blood was just doing its thang. anyways. hna bisama cut cold cucumber slices and covered me with them. i just lay there and let her put them on me. it actually helped a ton. and it also brought tears to my eyes. she knows exactly when i need her, and shes always there for me. i love her with all of my heart. this cambio has gone faster than all of the others, and it makes me a little sad to think about it bc i think i will be leaving this cambio, but im grateful for the lessons i learn from her every single day.

where to start?

influencing the youth of my home stake by helping them strengthen their testimonies and to serve missions... i think that is one of the most tender blessings ive seen lately. it seriously brings me so much happiness, and its incredibly humbling. coming on the mission and being a servant of the Lord has blessed me in more ways than i can describe and im so happy to think of some of the people i hold dearest to my heart experiencing the same. <3 i stil have my blanket from mis hermanitas, aka the yw from antelope stake. i love you. stay strong in the faith. <3

in principios i had an awesome experience with a gospel principle "clicking", thanks to my wonderful companion and the Spirit helping me learn. basically, my testimony of being a light & recieving spiritual light has been strengthened a ton this week, and i fully believe that if were faithful and true and strong, others will see that light in us. ive been called an angel and a son in the lives of multiple people this week. dont doubt your effect on others. and always.. SMILE.

"esposo" de hna celeste left for a year, but.. wee dont think hes coming back. sad bc shell have to raise her newborn and little girl by herself, but she basically was already. anyways. the spirit testified to hna bisama and i both STONGLY that THIS is HER TIME to be baptized. shes ready. and if i could have the words to explain it, i would. but theres no real way of describing pure joy.

hna jhaneth! oh how i love her. (partly bc she reminds me of my mom sometimes, but partly bc she is just hands down amazing and an inspiration to me). she broke down after principios on sunday. she had tears in her eyes, and i sat in the row in front of her and asked what was wrong. i felt the impression to move next to her, so i did. i put my arm around her and told her i loved her, and so did heavenly father. she then launched herself at me and started sobbing into my shoulder. she pressed her cheek against mine and whispered in my ear. the gift of tongues was taken from me in that moment, i had no idea what she said, but i just gave her my love and that was enough. thats all we really have to give when it comes down to it anyways. shes heartbroken, but we listened to her and said a prayer right then and there and helped peace return to her heart. please, keep her in your prayers. but it was such a powerful moment, and it brought us three closer to each other. heavenly father definitely loves His daughter. i feel it everytime im around her.

like my dear friend from the ccm said, "what a time to be alive!" open your eyes. see the blessings. theres always going to be hard times but theres always more blessings.

my love is with you!

oh.. and  also.. theres  a live  worldwide missionary broadcast wednesday. im hoping they announce the hnas are now going to serve 2 years. :DD well see if im right.

hna wilson

john 14:27 true peace
DyC 61:36(-39) buen animo!
1 nefi 1:14-15 lehi rejoicing en DIOS
DyC 50:16 weak -> strong
dyc 50:26 (for missionaries) were not important, ts the WORK thats important
1 nefi 4:6-7 pure confidence in the señor, my favorite scriptures of this principle
dyc 50_24-25 god is light
3 n 25 SMILE! (talk by hugo montoya)
DyC 138:1-4 take time to ponder the Atonement, blessings will come

ps i think ill just include the pictures of my niece from now on, her pictures are MUCH cuter, gosh shes an angel. <3 youre in my prayers kira.

Hermana Wilson
more fotos from the temple last week. :) 

*  *  *
 hna bisama, hna luz, hna miriam, y yo. our last night juntas! 
super sad but super great women, i wont be forgetting them. ever.

our attempt at a silly picture haha

 did you know that if you give an elephant to someone, its good luck? 
and that hno max has a ton? although i think he bought them al lfor himself? haha

GUESS WHATS COMING UP?? and the day of cambios, not sure how thats going to work (were not allowed to leave the house for the first two days, it gets cra<y)... carnaval!!!! DUH DUH DUHHHH! (croods reference)

 hna jhaneth morales (pensionista) took this one without much warning, and i figured id include it because dang. were just so photogenic. we were also twinning this day

 TUMBO!!!! i think this might be my new favorite juice! although the fruit itself is sour, and you have to put sugar in the juice...but hey its way good. the juice kind of tastes like apricots, but obviously way different. 


  1. Hola Hna. Wilson! Soy tu amigo Javier E Cochabamba. Espero estar en contacto contigo ya que no volví s saber de ti y de la hna. Ipanaque. Mi fb es y mi celular 79716100 para WhatsApp Viber Line o Skype. Saludos!

  2. Hola Hna. Wilson! Soy tu amigo Javier E Cochabamba. Espero estar en contacto contigo ya que no volví s saber de ti y de la hna. Ipanaque. Mi fb es y mi celular 79716100 para WhatsApp Viber Line o Skype. Saludos!