Wednesday, January 6, 2016

hola y chao

so... im out of time, and this email is going to be super super short.

SUPER HAPPY everything went well with my niece kira being born. syd, you look amazing. you ARE amazing. i love you!

i cut my hair today.

frutillar has changed, for the better. i can feel a literal difference from the elders leaving. the spirit is here more. i have more love for the area. a lot of love. i am excited to work. the members are helping us more. miracles have happened. were finding pèople! we got NINE references this week! what?! things are looking GOOD.

my comp is hna bisama. shes from santiago chile, by the mountains. shes awesome. super loving. knows english. has four sisters. i think i have th emost in common with her than any other comp. i love how she teaches.

literally, no time. im sorry. long story, hopefuly next week will be better. have a greaaaaaaat weeek!!

im going to the temple thursday. way excited. :)

mosiah 3 19 (super awsome experience with this scripture this week, hopefully i can explain more next week
2 nefi 31 3
jacob 1 19
2 nefi 9 34 (huaska but i love it)
dyc 19 23
dyc 112 28
dyc 78 18,19 (similar to my favorite scritpure, dyc 50 40-42 but focuses more on hope amd blessings, super awesome)

keep the faith,
Hermana Wilson
 so there's one elder in our mission, hes from Ecuador and he has permission to keep his ponytail, its a part of his culture. and today i discovered that we had the same fishtail, HOW GREAT, this is probably going to be one of my favorite pictures and all of yours as well.

with hna miriam, the lady ive told you all about. she is literally my angel here in frutillar. 

 christmas stockings christmas day

they were a tad bit hard getting off

 (old) pensions family.. hna monica, su esposo elvis, daughters ninel and victoria. fabio is in peru right now, not pictures.

hnito mario, we helped him build a chair. and then tied into the lesson afterwards how the clave to our religion is the book of mormon. 

house without a roof.. hm

   hna rebeca calvimonte. gosh i love her. shes amazing. <3

my wall by my studies

 hnito rodrigo. hes aweseome. i love his questions and purity and innocence

nos vemos elder aguilar! awesome leader, helped us a ton

  i. love. children. 

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  1. WHAT ? ! ? How can you tell us you cut your hair and not have a pic for us to see???