Monday, January 25, 2016



so randoms! havent done those in a while
mcdonalds dont exist here. dont know why it took me 8 months to realize that.
if you give a talk in sacrament meeting, you dont sit up front.
sandwhich and hamburger are basically the same thing
they use lots of onions in their ensalads

funny moments
E cribbs basically fell out of the row he was sitting so far to the left so i could see the missionary conference (hes freaking ALTO
"steven.. brandon.. hna wilson went into your room today" hna jhaneth morales "WHY!" ellos "because a bee almost stung her face, the door was cracked open, she fell down the stairs, and slipped on your dirty clothes. CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" hna jhaneth
"negros-" hna bisama "o, que rico!" hna jhaneth morales
"me ama! the yellow ones know better!" hna wilson
"yah! fotos! selfie!" hno edwin, hna janeth morale´s husband

i had the best dream of my entire life this week. it was amazing. <3
our new house has HOT WATER! in the bathroom AND the kitchen! what is life! and COLORED WALLS! and we can WALK BETWEEN OUR FURNITURE, theres space! hylona living!
hna bisama expressed her liove for me. we had a really open conversation wednesday night and it was wonderful.
in the lesson with hna pastore and hna vivana, they both shared extremely strong testimonies. they were powerful!
when we were fetching water for hna pastora, hna bisamas foot got soaked before mine. HA! i win. mines always first.
we had a ward dinner after a leadershhip conference with our ward. it was like a big family dinner table. it was nice, and there was unity, and we have more of their confidence now.
hna marcelo went to the activity! hes a nonmember husband of a member, and just AWESOME.
familia jiminez had a noche de hogar with us. super respectful, their kids (12 and 13) know a ton about the gospel, and are an awesome example for their nonmember dad. hopefully we can keeop teaching them and watch their familiy be sealed, with time. :)
two nights in a row having dinner this week! sandwhiches and juice, deliciosooo
we found a new place to eat, superrr good. and they put ICE CREAM on their pancakes! i thought it was butter but i tasted it (because who puts carmel on butter) and MAN my life has changed
elder amaya blessed our home, we can sleep in peace now!
elder salmons gave hna jhaneth montaño a blessing. it was short simple and powerful. i thought it was awesome how it said she would continue to help and strengthena nd love those around her in THEIR problems. she was getting the blessing because she had some VERY hard trials, but shes just such an amazing strong person that she still continues to serve others and be an example of christ. i LOVE her!
were able to use the washing machine of hna jhaneth y hno pedro! it turned my yellow shirt green and my tan pants blue but HEY. still a huge blessing! :D
we made no bake cookies yesterday with hna jhaneths family! they might possibly not have turned out correctly but hey they were good and it was a unifying experience. :)
hna jhaneth and hno edwin walked us (halfway) home beause it was dark and late. they love us. it feels like theyre our parents sometimes. i love them. theyre INCREDIBLE people. so loving, so humble.
we got a reference de ORO. we called him to set up an apointment. "yeah, why dont you come tomorrow?" gosh hes awesome. his name is hno samuel.
we gave talks yesterday in church. we spoke with POWER. i definitely recieved guidance in mine, it wasntreally even my talk at all. and hna bisama talked to the very soul of everyone listening. i spoke on the need to prepare before we share the gospel, and being a light to others. hna bisama talked about fellowshipping and being faithful examples.
the bishop was happy yesterday. :) hes passed through a LOT of trials lately, keep him in your prayers, hes an amazing man.

miracles and highlights
at the missionary conference, all of my previous companions came up to me and were glowing with joy to see me. it touched my heart how much they love me, and that we have so much love between us, and they trust me, and still reflect on our companionship, etc. its a huge blessing. i truly love all of them, and they showed me their love wednesday as well.
we came home one night and hna jhaneth montaño fell into our arms (literally) and confieded in us what was happening in her personal life. im not going to say what happened..... but PLEASE, keep her in your prayers. such a blessings she trusts us. she told us that we were the answer to her prayer. shed been praying for people like us to come into her life, help her truly learn the scriptures, and live with her, and help her be a better person closer to God. other highlight with hna jhaneth.. instead of doubting her choice to be baptized, she turned to the scritpures and listening to hymns and sincere prayer to get through this trial. she truly wants to do the will of the Lord. shes AMAZING.
hna jhaneth, in our pre entrovista bautismal, has an amazing testimony of every aspect of the gospel. she is so READY. shes not just going to be some number. shes going to be, and already is, a CONVERSO. she loves the Lord, she loves others, and it definitely shows.
when i was giving my talk, in walked HNA DANIELA YUBANURE. shes been inactive for about 4 years, ever since she was baptized almost... and man oh man i almost cried i was so happy, i just stood there smile, not remembering anything about my talk. she sat down and just smiled right back at me. :) SHE CAME TO CHURCH! and she stayed all three horus! and participated! and is going to keep coming back! and dylan had a tie! hes so cute!
last but not least... in principios de evangelio, we all answered a couple of querstions about ourselves to get to know each other better (there were new people). one of the questions was what is your biggest dream for your life... hna jhaneth montaño said to have children, so she could have a family.. butnot just any family, she said an ETERNAL FAMILY. oh i almost cried! she was so sincere and humble expressing her wishes! and then hna daniela said that her kids, emily and dylan, to serve missions later on in her life and that if God permits it, to marry and have an eternal family of her own! ETERNAL! TEMPLE! JOY! oh it warmed my heart so much to hear that. theyre amazing people and i know that this gospel and the ordinances in the temple will bless their lives beyond measure!

on the downside my health isnt too great. but on the high side, im happy! hna jhaneth montaño is going to enter the waters of baptism and be confirmed this saturday at 10am/sunday in sacrament meeting! my companion is amazing! my family loves me! the church is true! miracles are happening all around me!

have a wonderful week!

hna wilson
1 nefi 10. 20 every step you take matters
1 nefi 11. 6
1 nefi 8. 30 this life wasnt made to be easy! stay strong
mosiah 15.9
mosiah 5:15 (pb<3)

ponderize scripture from last week: alma 5:26 and this week: 3 nephi 9:22

ps, if youre wanting to send me something for my birthday, just send me a handwritten letter. its all i really want.

ppss can someone send me stormi´s email/tell her to email me?

enjoy our new house (home) photoshoot

we werent just jumping with joy, we were flying.

 we mixed up our exercise routine

man my eyes are even smaller in the mornings

 waiting for hna jhaneth morales to open her pizza tienda after the missionary conference with her favorite color flower

hna wilson, hna ordoñez, hna bisama, hna villavisencio in our new favorite place to eat

 the plaza we waited in for hna jhaneth, super pretty

shoutout to my mom, the poles reminded me of our LOST marathons

 our novio, phillip. my foot is broken with happiness

love my compañera. <3 and her skirt (the one im wearing). 
shes a victorias secret model. sh. its our secret

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