Monday, February 22, 2016

double headed dragon

i found the bolivian version of austin james! thought it was him at first.
rollie pollies here have pinches.
the catholic church plays music in the morning SUPER loud and it reminds me of a zombie apacolypse (?!) with them walking all tired to the sermons
we were three days in casa for votaciones and had to buy 4 days of emergency food. things got a little crazy. 6 people died in la paz, so we were told to stay indoors and not wear the colors (green for yes red for no). if evo wins, people think hes going to be a king because hes going to change his time of rule. interesting to see what the results are!

funny moments
"ella es buena. es flecha. pero.. flecha de goma"
"all of your investigators are baptized" elder ziering at consejo
i realized when hna lopardo was cutting fabric for service, she opens and closes her mouth at the same time as the sissors. :)
"have you ever been to a funeral before?" israel
"i want to visit every continent" hna brady "no, you want..." yo
"wow, youre really sweaty." "no, im really FREAKING healthy!"
"algo mas hermana?" israel,

people remembered my birthday and ran to me in luigis attacking me with hugs
sharing favorite scriptures with the garcia family
we prayed for which goals to put for baptisms and rescues this cambio and hna lopardo and i got the exact same numbers. prayer works folks.
realizing i need to put more trust in God and involve him in the decisions and goals i make
hna gualberto kneeled for the prayer (inactive 20 years, we found him) even though more than half of his leg is cut out because he had a head on flota crash. super humbling
we finally had a good sit down lesson with hna migelina (ma CR) about profets and we taught evenly between the three and powerfully
hna selena went on splits with me and she testifies with lots of power and the Spirit
after a LONG consejo, we speed walk raced and were all dying laughing. such a small thing but still so important to enjoy the work and find fun after a long day. the elderse were jealous we can find fun from nothing, hopefully theyll get more unity too soon
found time to write a note to each of my companions finally. time doesnt exist in the mission and its even harder to find time to serve TWO people instead of one! and almost impossible for surprises!
my companions like to cuddle. :) i win.
hna brady went in divisiones with a member. super proud of her. she was nervous about her spanish and ability to teach but i know she can do it shes amazing and teaches with the spirit every time. :) also super proud she talks with me in spanish.
we found a argentina restaurant and hna lopardo was SUPER happy
there wasnt water in the river we cross every time to visit the familiy crespo, and it was dark, double blessings! no falling into a dark cold river haha. :)
singing "hasta ver" at the funeral of mamita. when i hugged and saluded the family members, the fell into my arms in tears thanking me for the sweet spirit we had. (it was pretty much just hna brady and i singing, everyone else was too sad). they testified that their mom was thankful for our service and that its what she would have wanted, how she loves the hymns.
papito had a smile on his face at the funeral, and he greeted everyone with so much love, and although it was the liove of his life dying, he was consoling OTHERS. what an example of christ. he reminds me of my grandpa.
we passed through La Floresta, and man i got tears fast in my eyes. such wonderful people there.
talking with hna brady in the bus. she had me laughing so hard! im positive we were friends in the pre life. she also reminds me a lot of traci , so that of course makes me happy as well. :)
yesterday i was puking up pure stomach acid along with other fun bodily functions, and it felt like my stomach was getting ripped open, but hna brady helped me feel better. she served me and talked with me. hna lopardo got me to laugh like she always does. im so incredibly blessed to be in this trio. they each add a special part that would be missing if i only had one. service is such a huge blessing!
president said i am the gel in this trio to keep unity and love. super glad he has such trust in me, and the Father as well, and hope i can do just that.

highlight of my week was truly experiencing the Atonement. i know with all of my heart that the Sacrifice of the Son is true and eternal. I know that we truly can receive peace if we repent and that God the Father remembers them no more. God is so merciful and has given me so many blessings this week, whether or not i deserved them. His love is pure and its incredible how He can love every single one of His children yet i know He does. <3

may you feel His love this week and share it with others,
hna wilson <3

dyc 76 50-53 & 88 3-5
moses 1:13
dyc 15 6
phillipans 4 13

Hermana Wilson
 more pictures of the promised land

 bolivian swing colors :) 

forgot i was double jointed.. oh well

 servicio for hna eli, moving her HUNDREDS of bricks. 
it was a good workout to say the least. :) 

sergio, on my right, is our lider misional. israel is secretary to the bishop. henry left before we took the picture and the elders have tyfoid so stayed home. 

 i love my comp! (hna brady)

its not everyday you get to take a picture with one of these bad boys

 my little friend. ;)

besos y kisses!! (maybe this is why i got so sick?)

 our valentines day foto. :)

he invited us to share his cake with him, and we met all of his aunts and uncles and parents in the process, not a better way to fellowship and earn trust! haha. :) 

hna lopardo <3

hna brady <3

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