Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tiquipaya, la tierra prometida

what a week! i probably say that most weeks but man. whata week.

so letme tell you that tiquipaya in some parts takes my breath away its so beautiful and so green and i LOVE it. its campo, its green, it smells awesome, its humble, im in heaven. my area is super narrow but super long. we live in a HUGE house, it has a kitchen and two seperate rooms and a changing room and a bathroom all with separate doors, que en el mundo. were spoiled for sure. above and below where we live is campo. our area is pretty much flat, so im going to die when i get sent to potosi, but life is good!

hna brady is from houston texas. her strength is having tons of energy and being really dilligent. shes great and when shes tired laughs a ton. :) haha. hna lopardo is from argentina (sur), and her strength is being observant and little acts of service. shes also great at cooking. shes great.theyre both great. being in a trio is a way different experience, but im learning a ton and i know ill only continue to learn and grow. im grateful for them:)

random things
therewas a lady selling cow in the street, the literal leg (hoof included) and mouth (fur and teeth included). they dont like wasting parts of the cow here thats for sure.
our neighbor butchered a cow the other day with an ax. i about died watching it.
most people here work from before the sun comes up until after it goes down.
i saw cows witha literal yoke on their backs. super cool. mateo 11 28.
the ojnly thing better than a fireman is a lumberjack and theres lumber yards here
so i mentioned the sun was so hot the roses were burniong, right? well.. this week it literally (LITERALLY) burned my cheek, i had a burn spot. super weird but its healed now no te preocuppes mama

funny moments
"ya, soy un poco mas pobre no?" hna lopardo with her alarm clock taped to her forehead like the headlight hna brady had haahha
"heres your nose..." yo, teaching how to baptize "dont teach her that! thats her HAND" e menendez
our "carpeta de hombres" for after the mission
"¿te gusta el pato?"
"i wasnt trunky until YOU were my comp!" hna brady, when i got a birthday package from elder miller (shoutout, THANK YOU!!!! youre great)
"cuidado!" hna brady, when we both stuck our tongues out for a foto and she almost licked my tongue :p

throwing water over our balcony at the people passing with hna lopardo for carnavales. :) (dont worry we had permission to play). so fun, and a way good way to get to know someone haha. shes increidbly fast at tying water balloons.
we have trioismo braclets!
consejo de barrio is superrrrr organized, and the bishop is on top of things. i like how he verifies assignments at the beginning of each consejo.
we found candles ina  tienda when our lights were out and i learned how to melt wax and make the candles stay in place
the members know me because i went to the ward carnaval activity. no better way of bonding than soaking each other to the bone haha.
we got permisiion to go to Frutillar so i could teach the area to the elders there, e menendez and sueldo. i definitely have faith in them to take care of frutillar, theyre awesome. e menendez only has 6 months but this is his second hijo and e sueldo might not know spanish too well but hes willing to help and work! he rolled up his sleeves (just kidding, all the elders wear the short sleeve dress shirts bc its so hot here) and helped me wash virginia´s clothes even though he had no idea how haha. theyre a good companionship and teach with the spirit.
i love my new zone tiquipaya! the zone leaders are awesome, we had such a good lesson and i learned so much and the spirit was so strong and everyone was participating. reminded me of alamos, although obbiously different.
the zone leaders had us find our favorite scriptures for each principle in L3 and bring them to the meeting. it was an awesome expereience finding and choosing them, and i think im going to do that with all 5 lessons. super helpful and powerful
estudio companerismo, but in trioismo! i get to hear the studies of TWO comps, and the spirit therefore is twice as storng and i learn twice as much! theyre awesome
hna lopardo reads her mission manual and PME in english in estudio trioismo, super proud of her for trying and its always such a humbling experience.
i woke up on my birthday to the smell of pancakes..... i thought i was in heaven :)
hna cruz, cicotte, ipanaqué, silvano, rupp, jhaneth morales, gonzález, pary, e pulido, rincon all remmebered my birthday and called me to tell me. :)
in the afternoon of my birthday we did divisions with andrea, shes AWESOME and my favorite. she taught us how to contact better and is so natural when she teaches. shes super down to earth and a great example to me. her husband henry reminds me a lot of jon limary (shoutout, hope youre doing well!)
one night we were talking about patriarchal blessings over dinner (we eat meals together, thats something new). it was an awesome conversation and the spirit was way strong. im SO grateful for my blessing and ill forever remember the day i got it. if you dont have one.... get one. this week!!
we got permission to go to the hospital and talk to mamita. we sang songs. it was a special service. papita asked hna lopardo what she did to make me love her so much (separate, hna brady and i were contacting this man) and she laughed and said nothing, thats just how i am. we had only been together about 3 days, but i was rubbing her shoulder and squeezing her hand,etc as she cried and i sang. it surprised me that anyone noticed. but then again.. thats just who papito is. hes amazing.
theres a man, richard flores, in the ward. i can describe it but he has such a special spirit about him. i feel like he sees right to the soul. but he has a tender smile, and he gave us rides TWO times that day- one to church after unsuccessfully looking for our investigators, and a ride home from the hospital.
we have a principios de evangelio teacher! (in frutillar hna bisama and i were the teachers. i kind of miss studying and teaching, bc you always learn more as a teacher, but its a blessing because there isnt too much time to prepare for lessons)
i had the courage to talk to my companions about something that hurt me /gave me ganas para llorar, and they listened and we put goals to work and be better as a trioismo. i love them. it wasnt easy but im glad they listened and understood.

i didnt know what to expect with a trio, but i love it! both of my companions are amazing. they have so many strengths. we laugh every day and our testimonies are doubling every day. God loves me, and sent me TWO angels to help me be better. :) im happy here and ready to have exito!

have a great week! laugh everyday!!!

dyc 122 5-9
isaías 41 20, 64:8 <3
lucas 10:38-41
alma 29 3, 31:32

Hermana Wilson
Old fotos
 hna jhaneth morales and hno edwin, my parents in frutillar.. 
cant explain the impact theyve had on me

hna jhanethmontaño and hna miriam, saying goodbye....

wonderful, me pena un pocito para enviar estas fotos... 
the one and only hna bisama (elder amaya atras)wonderful women

 we found a cat, in a wall, with eyes... 

elder tatum, elder beecher, hna bisama, yo after our last zone meeting sacaba

fotos from the water activity last pday

fotos de area..

 my birthday pancakes with "syrup" haha que tiras..

birthday lunch number two with pensionista maida and chef jose

 birthday cake from my comps, made with lots of love

so remember what i said about getting egged for your birthday? yeah.. that happened. and so did the flour, dirt, cake, water, and pretty much every other baking ingredient

hna brady snuck this foto from our 2 piso apt haha. the elders made me a sign and bought me a tortita,which ended up once again in my face. oh bolivian birthdays, youre wonderful

first day together, service for hna sara, elder ziering from so. cal
(e obregón was with a member in divisiones)

machete! servicio! whoo!

 i love hna lopardos foto bomb.. hahaha

that moment when you work real late and are low on sleep

they wanted to be missionaries... :) hno daner, kevin, adria

hna virginia, her daughters celeste y sarai, y hno juan carlos

hno stiven y hno brandon, our complete family. :) solo falta hno bryan, her oldest son

elder tatum elder guido hna bisama, super awesome missionaries withamazing spirits and light

 the inside of a fig, weirdest fruit ive tasted here probably but not too bad.
higo in spanish. this fotos for you dad

arambola, look like stars, love this fruit, why doesnt it grow in my hometown?!

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