Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Feliz Carnavales!

so, on the happy note: its carnavales!!! look it up, but basically... everyone has water guns, and water balloons (sometimes paint or ice or jello) and they attack EVERYONE, in the cars passing by (windows down) or people in the street or in the shops, just everyone. its crazy, its awesome, im dripping wet as i type this, i think i might have a couple of bruises from globos, but its great and its such an adrenaline rush. we have permission to play but tonight and all of tomorrow (except for going to the pension for lunch and the stake center for cambios) were not allowed to leave the house under any circumstance because its too dangerious with the barachos, etc. we have super specific rules to follow and we have to wear proselyting clothes, BUT we have permission to take a nap tomorrow! life is good.

on the not good part........ this cambio broke my heart. everyone says leaving your first area is hardest but i think this is the hardest cambio ill ever have. im leaving to tiquipaya, in a trio, with a white hna who just finished her training and a latina who is about to die. and hna bisama is also leaving, to villamosqu, area of the president with another hna from chila who just finished her training. and frutillar is CLOSING. my heart is BROKEN. it was such a shock. it was hard on hna bisama bc she was only here for 6 weeks. it was hard on me because hna bisama might just be the best companion ill ever have, and i have SO much love for the people here. we finally recieved the trust of the ward, everyone was offering to help us, so many good things were happening, we were having progress, and.... were leaving. but in president´s letter he said he was super proud of us, and our faith and love and hardwork here.. no hnas are coming this transfer and 9 elders are coming, and he had to convert some hna areas to elders. it isnt because we did anything wrong, it isnt to punish us, the Lord is happy with our service, but man... im going to miss frutillar. ive learned so much here but the good part about it is that im taking those lessons with me. i know this transfer is inspired and i have peace with it after praying to my Father but ill never, jamas, forget the people who helped me grow here- the investigators, the members, my companion, everyone.

ive decided not to tell anyone its my birthday. im sad i wont celebrate it with hna bisama and hna jhaneth, and i also dont want to get egged to death (oh, bolivia and their fiesta traditions haha.)

funny moments..
"im happy bc im with you, but.. i want to vomit." hna bisama
"hes a good chango." hna bisama
"i feel so powerful when i kill things!" yo (after trying to kill a monster fly for an hr)
seeing men on motorcycles in black ponchos and singing nananananannanaBATMAN!

martes it POURED, literally to the SKIN, all day long. i figured out my jacket is not, in fact, waterproof it its raining all day long. BUT. i prayed that my scriptures and books wouldnt get wet inside my bag and Dios answered my prayer. huge blessing.
hna bisama said that im like her actual hermana, and explained why. touched my heart.
we FINALLY found hna virgina again, and had an awesome lesson with her and her family about the plan of salvation. the spirit was strong and i hope she progresses.
steven had an AYSO jersey! what! i about died when i saw it. i explained what it was and he said "oh, cool. i understand now."
hna jhaneth morales has a very, serious health problem. but we saw her cry for the first time wednesday, and it wasnt for her- it was for her hijos. her love for her family is amazingly strong, and it touched my heart that she has so much love.
we found SO MANY new investigators this week, and they truly all seem like potential progressors. such good lessons and moments and guidance!
i realized that a higo is a fig. dad, i know youre jealous. we pick them off the trees and eat them if were hungry haha. theyre kind of weird, but not too bad. :)
we taught the children again this week, about when Jesus came to the americas and blessed the children. we taught they were all children of God &of His love. afterwards we played duck duck goose but with lion, lion, ELEPHANT! (more fun). it was such a spiritual experience teaching them, and imagining them in that moment with the savior. i could truly feel God´s love for His children, and at some points i had ganas to cry but out of joy, and gratitude for Him and His example.
we taught hna jhaneth montaño about recognizing the spirit, probably the most important lesson we could have had and it was so incredibly powerful. shes already starting to have her own experiences and it makes my heart so happy.
giving hna pastora her agua. we have to hike down the hill and awkwardly cross the creek with buckets but its such a nice service for her. today, when i had to say bye to her.... i broke down, and she cried too. she doesnt have very many friends or people who truly listen to her. she was one of my best friends here.
hna jhaneth has her membership number and should be able to go to the temple on saturday. i hope so, and i hope we can go with her. <3 were leaving, but my zone is next to the zone with the temple and the temple is in bisamas area.
english lesson game via elder ellsworth, hes great. he wrote things on the whiteboard and the first person who brouht him the item won. so fun &funny. the last item was a pilfruit, a type of juice, and people jumped out of the windows and were tackling each other to the tienda (just elders, obviously)... ah jeez. ill miss sacaba ahha.
there are baracades/bloqueos all over, and so while we were walking the to the zone meeting, hour and a half away, hna bisama and i had lots of time to talk. it was nice companionship time. <3
hno daner said "i couldnt sleep, so i read my book of mormon. " and hno rodrigo, "i was tired so i went and washed my face so i could keep reading my book of mormon." theyre only 9&10. such sweet, SWEET spirits. i love them.
elder ellsworth shared his testimony. he started with "id like to share my testimony about the baracades", and everyone laughed, but then he shared an awesome testimony about how theres blocades in the mission and in life but that we are able to get through them and break them down with the savior. it was super powerful & ill never forget it.
elder noreiga let us borrow his waffle maker. :) 8months is much too long without a waffle haha. best NDH ever.
we went around the house marking everything in english and spanish for language study. super fun, super great.
in principios, we taught lesson 3, about the savior and how he was foreordained to be our savior, etc. it was SUCH  powerful lesson. theres no better lesson topic than our savior. for an hour we learned together bout Him, and at the end hna bisama and i bore our testiomonies and sang I Know My Redeemer Lives and it was just amazing. theres no doubt in my mind que Él vive. <3

random spiritual experience..
so theres this house that looks like a submarine, its super huge and different. theres a dog that just might be a lion, it looks like it, and it is literally evil. this day, it was behind the gate, so i was standing close to the gate without fear  while it barked. we started walking, and the owner came home, and opened the gate, and the dog left.... i about peed my pants i was so scared, hna bisama said "dont look back," and i trusted her, and at the bottom of the hill she told me she had prayed it wouldnt hurt us. it was right behind her, she could feel its breath on her legs, its feet pounding, but when she looked back after praying the dog wasnt there anymore. MIRACLE. prayer works.

i found a picture in the liahona of christ in the garden of gethsemane with judas escariott. he was holding his ear, just looking into his face, while all the soldiers around him were furious and with weapons and fire. but the saviors face was calm, and in His eyes was love. the title below it said "love your enemies". it touched me. here was a man who completely betrayed him, to death even, but the Savior forgave him and loved him. what an incredible example. i know that forgiveness is so, so important. that well never be true followers of christ or happy if we hold on to grudges or have hate in our hearts. it amazes me the love He truly had, and has, for each of us.

hna jhaneth morales. she bore her testimony yesterday and ill never forget it. shes going through so many trials but she bore her testimony of feeling the presence of her savior, and peace in her heart. she is such a beautiful example of strength and faith. we also had noche de hogar with hna jhaneth morales and her family last night. we read from alma 58 6-12 and 40, and applied it to her situation (cancer). it was an extremely powerful lesson. her son brandon gave a beautiful insight/testimony, and even quoted nephi, which was a miracle in itself. the lesson brought her to tears. ill never forget that lesson, and the spirit that was there. i was grateful that we had the chance to share it. we had been praying very hard on what we could share to help her family- her kids be active and want to serve missions, to bring her peace, and to unify them all to the Gospel and each other. i know our prayer was answered. i was grateful we were able to share it the night of transfers, before we left. we got the call when we were still in their house. hna jhaneth broke down. so did we. but it ended up being a spiritual experience. i know with all of my heart we were sent to her as our pension for many more reasons than just a place to eat. she helped us, we helped her, and together we grew in the faith.

looking back its amazing to see how literally everything worked out perfectly. the Lord definitely knows what hes doing. we did so much in such a short time, and it feels like its ending too soon, but the Lord knows best and I have to trust that He will put life´s puzzle pieces together just as perfectly in my new area. i love Him. I came to serve His children, and thats what im going to do.

have a great week, stay dry, stay happy, dont waste a single moment with those you love, and look for the love He has for you..

hna wilson
1 nefi 2:19
alma 38:5
1 pedro 1:19-20 (but read it in SPANISH, "por amor" doesnt exist in english)
job 38:7

Hermana Wilson
todays zone activity, super fun, super great, super great people 

elder coloma, quispe, barrera, beecher, hna bisama, 
elder amaya, yo, hna monteza, elder guido, salmons

 elder hunter in the back (he reminds me dead on of jon elkins), 
hna bisama, yo, versus elder barrera, beecher, ellsworth

just a horrible zone picture but hey, love these people, such great missionaries with great testimonies

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