Monday, February 1, 2016


fast but good week!
fun fact.. the fruit in johnny lingo that hes crushing to make juice is called tuna and they have it here. its not too bad. :)

funny moments
the trufi man stopped the trufi and took off the trufi sign from on top of the van. hna bender said "oh, bueno. were not a trufi anymore? we dont need to pay."
"it doesnt matter what kind of postre it is. if its postre, me gusta." hna watt
"man, im sorry. my farts smell like a dying dog." hna, whom i will spare her name
"elder pulido, dame su paiz!" yo
"the only thing i like white is my banana!"
there were a bunch of sheep coming down the hill, and the kids we were teaching ran and chased them EVERYWHERE and were scattering them like crazy, about 30 sheep, i was crying it was so funny to watch.

so, time is short and i want to focus on the bigger parts of this week, but three little blessings that meant a lot to me were:
1. walking past the kitchen and telling hna jhaneth montaño that it smelt good and realizing her sister had arrived! hna jhaneth was SO happy, and it made me happy to see her so happy. :)
2. elder noriega, after giving the baptismal interview to hna jhaneth, said that "shes a really good convert." it warmed my heart that he too knows that she truly is a convert, not just a "baptism".
3. hna bisama said she wants a husband like me. someone who is always doing little things to make her happy, (in spanish they say they have details, thought that was interesting) someone whos loving, etc.. she said other things but itd sound weird if i listed them. BUT. it made me happy that shes happy to be my companion. :) i love her.
** there was a woman who put her hose through her fence and rinsed off the children (its been WAY hot the past two weeks). such a blessing theyd never have otherwise (theyre super poor). then there was water running down the groove in the middle of the street, and the kids ran down following it laughing and screaming barefooted..... such a precious, precious sight. why cant we all be like children and just love life?

okay! so...
monday! we had an fhe with hna jhaneth and hno pedro. he decided that we were no longer teaching, that he was, and that was.. stressful. but hna jhaneth morales and hno edwin came, and we told them outside that we needed them to somehow talk about faith, repentance, and enduring to the end... and in the fhe/ndh lesson, that was about some random video from china about discipline, somehow, the perfect people they are, they taught and testified about the things we told them to. theyre literally perfect! they helped lighten the mood, bring the spirit, and edify us all. it was wonderful. :) the zone leaders were also in the NDH, and they also helped us teach hna jhaneth. super grateful for super great people.
tuesday! (so weird saying the days of the week in ingles..) we had zone conference! super weird because it was only our zone and universidad, not all of cochabamba, but it was powerful. hna bisama and i did a practica about the routine in the morning and people laughed, so that was good. apparently not all of the companionships share their dreams while they do exercises... we do. ;) the assistants are awesome, elder preslar and elder cribbs (mi abuelo!). they did a practice of the "holy ghost" (e. cribbs in a sheet) grabbing a missionary by the hand and telling them to knock THIS door, and that person said "i was waiting for you! i want to get baptized!" they found a river, and baptized him. they taught about how a lot of times, we expect a miracle like that to happen, that the work will be easy.. but that we need to do our part. we need to WORK. and THEN the miracles will come. it was funny, silly, but a powerful message afterwards. i also liked that president hansen had us each write on a peace of paper what we felt the mission culture was. it was SUPER interesting to see the respsonses.... we talked about how to change it, and what the Lord /first presidency wants the culture to be: "teach repentance and baptize converts". not a single person had included those words in their descriptions. it was a good realization moment for everyone and a good time to set goals to be better in every aspect of the work, and align our will with His.
wednesday! we had intercambios! i was with hna watt in frutillar. we saw miracles! it was a good day! shes a sweetheart. she kept a good attitude in every situation we faced, and she bore her testimony with all of her heart. i also like that she always speaks spanish. not all of the northern americans do that, but she does. she truly wants to be better. i learned a lot with her. she touched my heart when at the end, when we were sharing our experiences &what we learned (all four) she said that i truly am recieving revelation for the people in my area, and that i love&teach the people well. she gave the example of when hna pastora asked why jesus talks and visited so much in jerusalem, and not other parts, and how my response and testimony of the atonement/God´s love for all of His children was exactly what she needed to hear, she could feel it, but there was no way she could have recieved that answer- only me. it made me way happy to hear that. :) its good to recieve pick me ups everyonce in a while that realmente estoy haciendo un buen trabajo.
and the beeeeeest part of the week, wasssss..... SATURDAY! (and sunday).
hna jhaneth montaño will forever have a special place in my heart. she got baptized saturday and confirmed sunday and ill never forget it. i will never forget how big her smile was when she came up out of the water, and how she was literally GLOWING. she looked like an angel. bueno. she IS an angel! hno pedro was in tears. others cried as well. i was just so, so happy, and grateful i was able to be a part of that special day. as missionaries were always teaching people the Gospel of Jesus Christ.. but it feels as if shes taught me more than ive taught her. shes truly such an example of Christ. im a better person by knowing her. the spirit was very strong in her baptism and when she shared her testimony. when we were helping her change afterwards, she was just SO happy. and in sacrament meeting when she recieved the gift of the holy ghost, again..she was GLOWING. :) im so happy she was able to make this decision for herself, and that she know has the companionship of the holy ghost to guide and help and give her comfort throughout her life. :) hopefully well be able to go to the temple with her this saturday, if not.. the next saturday (PERFECT birthday present) depending on cambios. im so excited for her, and her future. :)

this church is true. theres no denying it. it brings so much joy to those who accept and live its teachings. HIS teachings. im able to literally visualize the people we teach as members and see how the Gospel will bless their lives, if they will only accept this message. (2n33:1)  its hard when they reject it, but in cases like hna jhaneth, it brings SO much joy. pure joy. i feel sometimes like the investigators are my children. i want whats best for them. i see their potential. i love and protect them. i can only imagine how their Father in Heaven feels. but like Elder Renland (is that hie name?) said in his general conference talk (p 93 of your nearby ensign/liahona) if we want to effectively serve someone, we need to see them through a parent´s eyes- their Father in Heaven. <3

nothing but joy in the service of the Lord!

have a great week and go love your neighbor.
Hermana Wilson

exodus 33:14 REST. <3 (gave this to hna jhaneth after working her third night shift in a row. share it with whoever you know that deserves a little break).
1 nephi 1:5 (doesnt matter where we are, the spirit can speak to us. we dont need to be in the temple to recieve revelation or speak with God. keep a prayer wherever you go and pay attention to the spirit wherever you are. youll be surprised at the blessings you recieve when you keep a prayer in your heart)
DyC 1:23 (im weak, and im simple. my spanish might not be perfect and i might not teach as well as others but i love the Lord, i love the people, and i know what i teach is true.)

Hermana Wilson
 hna jhaneth, su esposo hno pedro, y el obispo. (ps, theyre holding hands, QUE LINDO.)

some of the many people who love hna jhaneth. <3 (obispo, su esposa bridget, hno otondo, hno mamani (lider misional) su esposa hna antonia, hno hill, hno fredy (esposo de hna alicia, old pensionista), HNA JHANETH, hno pedro, hna de hna jhaneth, yo, mi querida compañera hna bisama)
 AMO a hna jhaneth. ella cambió mi vida. <3

 so we had intercambios this week... our capacitadoras are great. :) hna watt (WHHAAAAAT) and hna bender

so this is a chiramoya she gave me, and it literally looks like a dinosaur head, and i love it, and i love hna jhaneth

 zona sacaba! after the zone conference

hna nicole and hna erika. :) theyre wonderful. (MMJJ)

 sopa de mani!!! (pictured, steven, hna jhaneth´s kid) 
shoutout to jen gauger . :) ill bring you home the recipe if you dont already have it

we made chocolate chip cookies! they all burned but hey, they were GOOD. 
the darker the better, right? :)

 hna jhaneth morales and her husband, hno edwin tapia. theyre the closest ill ever have to parents here. i honestly love them SO MUCH.

she screamed "oh no! theyre going to kill me!" when she saw these haha. she also cried she was laughing so hard. :)

 so these are our favorite flowers, theyre called buenas tardes, and they only open at sunset. :) they bring us lots of happiness so we figured wed share that happiness with you. they also come in yellow

 the sign behind us said "this bike is even better than a salteña!", which is hard to believe, because salteñas..... those are heavenly

so it just might be time to look for more socks in the cancha. :) (more holes, not foto-ed.)

i love my compañera even though she puts me to shame in every foto :p

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