Monday, May 30, 2016

To the heart

first things first,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE BROTHER CRAIG!!!!!!! craigy, craiginator, craigster, my favorite since day one... i cant believe how BIG youre getting but always remember youll always be my LITTLE brother and the angel of my life. <3 youre in my prayers!
( if youre reading this and see my little brother this week give him a huge hug and tell him i love him! )

other shoutout to STEPHEN WELTON! thanks for keeping me in your prayers. :)
to the rest of you... i have 45 unread emails........ dont feel offended if i dont reply, ill try my best
we got locked out of the apartment last night, again...... two weeks in a row... :/
the mornings are officially freezing. i have sweats under my skirt, wool socks, a sweater, and a blanket during studies haha.
ahora no, but last week the moon was SO big and SO bright we literally could see during the night time, it was GORGEOUS. :)
people (investigators, menos actives, members, other missionaries) are literally starting to call me Rapunzel, my hair is getting super long again
i hit my one-year mark this week....... doesn´t feel real.
we dont have permission from president to visit chápisirca, or the other pueblos... its too far (4 hours one way) and the area wants us to focus on strengthen the wards (our ward alone has over 300 MA..) were in before we branch out to the hidden pueblos that havent been introduced yet... itd be too hard for them to attend church and progress. but one day...... <3

funny moments..
someone asked hna brady "did you have muscles before the mission?" "yes, why?" "because your arms are huge and they must have had muscle before, i dont think you can gain that much weight in the mission" hahaha
"COMPIE!!" -hna ururi. we were in a lesson, i got up to pick up a paper that fell, and my skirt was tucked into my waist band atras... que tiras...
"i cant imagine how cold they must be in potosi right now" -hna wilson "you better imagine it, because youre going there next!" -hna ururi
"feliz dia de la madre!" -hna wilson, to a nun walking by. she smiled and said thank you. hna ururi nudged me and said "NO ES MADRE!" hahahha. que mal.
"im going to send you chocolate, and youre going to send me leaves. yeah?" .hna wilson "you want my eyes?!" -hna ururi (ojos vs ojas)
"hermana... you distract me!" hno sergio @hna ururi. she had a bloody nose for an hour and a half and he kept staring at the TP in her nose
"BUENAS NACHOS!" hna amalia
"cell phone?" hna ururi "got it" hna wilson "keys?" hna jonovich "mala!" hna wilson (leaving their house and going back to tiquipaya to search for the dueña for the keys).

we entered the dangerous part of cancha with bloqueos and gunshots and nothing happened! we were protected and hna ururi has a camera now. i have a resting ..face, and i could finally let my face be normal without the people being upset.
we found music from ecuador, and i fell in love. its so calming and beautiful (instrumental only)
hna migue crespo read her LDM!!!!! and hna margarita!!!!! first time in three cambios here!!!!!
in the zone meeting this week, the topic was prayer &how we can improve our prayers / relationship with Heavenly Father. the spirit afterwards was so sweet and warm inside of my heart, it made me happy  and i know that its something we can all work on and become better. my prayers are definitely different now than before the mission.
hno fernando brought his daughter and her two friends to english classes. it was nice he supported us but im still deciding to stop teaching them, not enough people are coming and we can better use that time to visit families.
hna ururi has reading glasses now. i figured out she too needed glasses, after a YEAR... presidente thanked me for being in tune to my companions´ needs. its the first time anyone in the mission has needed reading glasses so i was able to help president & hna hansen figure out the system. its illegal to sell reading glasses without a doctors perscription.. walmart and dollar tree arent options here.
papito explained the importance of being a leader and loving the people. ill never forget the story he told us of when he was the bishop, someone knocked his door at midnight. he left his bed thinking it was just a drunk but it was a 6 yearold girl saying her parents were fighting.. he grabbed a coat and went with her to her house and separate the parents and helped the family be united again.
president hansen told me during interviews he is happy with me and the work im doing (which is as if the Lord was telling me), and that the light in my eyes is going to bring souls unto Him. <3 i felt the spirit powerfully, and trust in his promise.
the elders bought us roses from the cementary (its in their area) so that we could pass them out to the mothers we´re visiting. it was sweet seeing the smile of each and every one of them. :) like presidente jensen says, "everyday should be mothers day".
barrio flores (part of our area) is SO BEAUTIFUL. i fall in love everytime we enter. its filled with trees and birds singing in the trees. if i can live somewhere with trees and the stars above my head, im happy.
 i had an intercambio with hna jonovich this week and it was awesome. :) shes the ONLY gringa hat speaks in spanish with me and i love her for that. we had a good talk and she helped me realize the impact im having on the other hermanas and people of bolivia. for example.. she told  me her pensionista, the bishops wife, asked her earlier that week "that gringa with the rapunzel hair is coming saturday, isnt she?" "yes, why?" "she is so special, and she has so much love... i thought she was just sweet and loving to her compañera gordita (hna lopardo) but i was watching her in the women´s conference and she was the same with her compañera nueva (hna ururi).", etc. i had no idea that the members of other wards were watching me as well, but it touched my heart and opened my eyes a little bit to the impact i have on people. i learned a lot from hna jonovich and although we only had two lessons together they were powerful and led by the spirit.
elder macas wanted to call a member to cook us and bring us dinner when we were locked out and didnt have food but decided to keep the rule of not calling members after 9 pm. super grateful for leaders that are caring and dedicated to the work.

miracle & highlight of the week:
last saturday we had a movie night with the ward and julie brought her friend, Sein. he came to church the next day, and for 2/3 hour a stake member taught all about the spirit world and family history work. i was a little nervous because it was a deep lesson for someone´s first lesson (we hadnt taught him yet) but apparently, after church, he told julie he wanted to be baptized in the temple for his dad who had recently died. every day this week, he´s been going to early morning seminary. we had a lesson with him thursday, and felt we needed to start with the plan of salvation before the restoration. in the lesson we found out his dad had recently died. the spirit was so strong, and we invited him to be baptized and we put a fecha for the 18th of june. it was so special, because hno edwin duran (MA) is is friend &was also in the lesson with us... when we invited sein to be baptized, edwin was SO surprised but excited and pounded sein on the back and said "SI!" for him hahah. it was so special to see so much love for his friend. i was able to testify that in the same way sein wanted his father to be saved and enter the kingdom of God with him, edwin wanted sein to be saved. it reminded me of brad davis´s testimony during seminary senior year, when he testified he doesnt want to get to heaven and have his friends ask him why he never shared the gospel with them, and how he wants to have his friends there with him in God´s presence. the lesson was so powerful and i left with desires to teach the entire WORLD the plan of salvation, and help them come to know the truth as well. to have this hope and happiness that wasnt there before. its possible to be happy in life without ever knowing the Gospel but the happiness that comes with knowledge of the truth is overwhelming and makes you question how you could have ever thought you were happy before. im so grateful for this tender mercy of finding someone of ORO, and being able to help him unite his family for eternity.

i know this Church is true and i know that the Plan of Salvation is the perfect, true, and eternal plan of God the Father for His children.

con amor,
hermana wilson


Hermana Wilson

 i introduced hna ururi to Coke floats. :)

yay for grafiti of Bolivia 

 no thats not a litesaber, thats a sugar cane. :) (with margarita crespo)

ignore my face, but i love meri´s smile. :) 

  feliz dia de la madre!! :) 

stake conference! (L-R, Sien, Julie, Hna Brady, Lourdes, Hna Wilson, Hna Ururi)

 happy birthday jhalmar. :D 

pay attention to hna migue´s face, 
shes laughing harder than anyone ive ever seen... hahahah. :) 

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