Monday, September 12, 2016

"MAN God´s love feels good"

as the Maddy Cicotte says ^^ (shoutout, i LOVE you mujer)

there used to be a mcdonalds in CBBA, but no one liked it or wanted to eat there, so they put in a burger king instead... i laughed so hard when i heard that..
ive never had so many bruises on my body... but its fun, im like a walking rainbow
i have started the "12 weeks to sexy" as ex-elder pachas famously said (shoutout, miss you!)

funny moments
"this is the celestial kingdom, where all happiness is found." e robbins
"zona quillacollo is the celestial kingdom?" h vargas

"pasen hermanas" -hombre
"no, you first" hna vargas
"okay. but dont look."

"when do you go home?" obispo jauregui
"in december" h wilson
"and you get married in january?" obispo
"yes" h wilson
"what????!" obispo
"perdón! i didnt hear what you said! my CLASSES start in january.. no, im not going to be married in january" h wilson
"your COLLEGE classes start in january.. but your MARRIAGE classes start in march.. and you get married in april.. and in may, youll be pregnant" hna carmen (bishops wife)
and asi went the conversation... oh well, it broke the ice a little bit haha.

hno cristian (LM) saved us a TON of money, we got shoes for half off (my companion only has flats, she didnt have anything sturdy.. < he works for the shoe company manaco, disountssss) and he lowered the prices on bartering (is that the word in english)
when i fell from the bus, my head or spine didnt hit. i dont know HOW, i think i must have had a guardian angel. only my elbow got a little messed up but im doing more exercises so it wasnt AS MUCH weight as before. :)
reading 2 nefi 33 with narciso healed my heart a little bit. the spirit as strong and there isnt a single doubt in my mind that the LDM is true and it gives us the answeres to the questions we have. like taylor davis (shoutout, espero que esté bien) once told me "its like a cheat sheat to life, its great, and its allowed."
h membetabel told us she got an answer to marry nefi but wasnt sure if she was going to be able to complete with God´s will.. we talked about the blessings that come from doing what the Lord wants before what we want and used Christ (lucas 22) as an example. He truly is the example in all things and when we testify of Him the lesson and people change.
h varags has been a lot more focused in the lessons and is a huge support for me
h janett caviña has a daughter named nataliy, and told me h cicotte (shoutout, I LOVE YOU) se encariñó mucho with her... i felt the love of hna cicotte . :) (she was here for a little bit)
we got lost looking for the hna capacitadoras´house, but the taxi man was respectful and the barrachos didnt give us problems and the hnas came and got us and even though we were lost at 1030pm, we were protected. prayer works. :)
h casique let me use her T25. it made me happy. im going to buy a copy for 3 BS. :)
i felt inspired to ask an hna in intercambios how she felt as she prayed, if she was okay, and she lookeda t me with a blank face and said "wow. you really are a servant of God, He told you to ask me that didnt He?" and i felt a little uncomfortable but said "yes, i felt like i should ask you.." and she then went to tell us some personal experiences and it testifeid to me the power of the Holy Spirit.
i followed president´s instructions and read and analized the talk he assigned us to read for our zone meeting. i was one of the only ones who did ,and im glad i did, because i learned a lot and it touched my heart. look it up, its awesome. "cudiaos de orgullo" by pres ezra taft benson in general conf abril
e hammond is willing an excited to sing "oh lord, my redeemer" in zone conference. :) its my last zone conf (que triste) and one of my favorite songs is going to be sung! :) super happy.
i truly do feel the power of talking with EVERYONE (is that how it is in english?) like the verse in dyc 24:12 says
i learned the principle of contacting with quality, and not just to do it or do have numbers or anything like that. i leraned that every chance we have to open our mouths (and we have a LOT of chances) we should put our best efforts into it
last night we got cambios (im staying with my hijita one more cambio, que loco, i never stay with companions more than once! but im happy). hno luis calani was the only member that came up to me and asked if it was true, we were going to receive cambios.. i told him we didnt know what was going to happen (we didnt) and he got super sad and expressed his thanks for me and that he hoped i didnt leave... it was special because yesterday i almost broke down from getting desanimada from lack of ward support/love/respect.. it lifted my spirits a little bit. i also have my spirits high for a ward activity were having wednesday, 730am-5pm, and hoping that well gain more respect and ward love.

miracles and highlights
1 in the last libro of juan when jesus asks, "¿me amas?" .. it touched my heart. every action and decsion we take (especially as missionaries) jesus is going to ask us in the day of judgment "did you love me when you___?" and to realize that, it changed my persepective ona  few things. i have the desires to be better in a lot of things and im putting the goal from here on out (as in until i die, and not just the december death) to try and remmeber that question before i act or speak. i want to show Him I love Him and i know i the best way to do that is to ACT (see E. Bednar´s teachings on faith).

2. hno nefi (MA) gave one of the most sincere prayers ive heard.. in part of his prayer he said "i know im not perfect... pero aqui estoy para cambiar". <3 it was so humble, so sincere, and he was truly talking to his Father you could just tell and feel his love... ill never forget that prayer.

3.  Yesterday during Sacrament meeting the Spirit bore witness to me that I truly am a different person than who I was before and at the beginning of the mission. I am a different person because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It has changed me and shaped time and time again into the person God wants me to be.. I did some reflecting on some of the experiences Ive had with the Atonement in my life and during the mission, as well as the experiences of others (investigators, CRs, MAs, miembros, compañeras, etc..) and it filled me with joy.

it truly is the best experience to be a missionary and see la Expiacion de Jesucristo change MY life and the lives of OTHERS. im a missionary but im still just human like everyone else and i need the Atonement every day just like everyone else. and lucky for me (and you) its accessable (how do you spell that?) at all times and in all places if we just show faith in Christ and the humilty to ask. i know the Atonement is much more than just the ability to recieve God´s forgiveness. i know with all my heart it has the power to change a heart, a person, a life, and a destiny forever. its changed mine.

amo a mi salvador. Él es mi fuerza, mi cancion, y mi esperanza. (como dice in 2 nefi 22.. shouotut to riley, go read it.)

have a great week!

and... more fotos next week.

Hermana Wilson

 its NUESTRA BATALLA!!! (lenon, i love him.)

  im a proud mamá of my hijita linda. :)

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