Monday, September 19, 2016


we cant say PUCHA anymore because an Hermana Pucha is now serving here in the mission and presidente doesnt want her to be offended... i can change to the word CHUTA (ecuador) but i dont think the rest of bolivia will. whoops. pray for her. :)

SHOUTOUT to the dahle sisters! sabrina youre going to be an AWESOME missionary!!!!! and katherine..... YOURE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!! felicidades a los dos. <3

fun facts..
my carta tronky came today. i literally cried.

yes ive been sick, but no its nothing to be worried about. i had a fever and vomiting and all that fun stuff, but my fever is down and im taking suero and i just feel weak now.

funny moments..
"if you dont come home speaking english im going to hit you. aprovechala!"-señora vargas
"estoy MAL hijita.." yo "por FIN!" h vargas (i never admit to feeling mal haha)
"i studied him from the top of his head to his toes, and the only thing i liked about him were his teeth." h vargas

my nature is changing slowly but surely. instead of getting mad martes o lose my patience i offered a prayer of pure gratitude to my Padre Celestial and it changed my entire day. i invite you to try it.
for the first time john corrales (MA) showed interest in our lesson and shared his true feelings. i hope were able to reach him and rescue him. he got baptized less than 2 years ago. it breaks my heart how many people dont have testimonies.
fun fact, ive been pretty sick this week. BUT, my hijita has shown me so much love and she never leaves my side. she has brought me towels all week to lower my fever, ibuprofin, she has played with my hair when i so beg her, and she just talks to me and stays with me. i LOVE her. she is truly becoming my best friend.
i know for a fact that my wawa listens to the Spirit. there were two specific times this week (i wont go into details) that the spirit told us the EXACT same thing. its just awesome to see that this truly is His work, and He is guiding us, and were both worthy of and seeking His council.
h mebetabel told us the truth of whats passing with nefi. they feel rushed to be married, and its possible nefi doesnt even want to marry her... it feels good to know the truth but it hurts to know that she wont be able to be baptized this week. pray that nefis heart is changed.
friday we were DILIGENT. <3 and man it felt GOOD to have a day full of citas. its been WAY too long. and that night, as i threw my brains out all night long, i at least had the comfort that i did my best that day in the Lord´s work.
we have officially changed consejo de barrio to after church, not before, which hopefully means more than one person will come and we will have not a 25 minute consejo but a normal length, eficaz. :)
yesterday we received two members MA present us to new investigators that want t be taught and baptized. SO PRECIOUS. :)

miracles and hilglights
i took the examen of the christlike attributes and it was a nice humbling experience. even though ive changed so much and grown so much, i feel like i still have SO MUCH more to learn and accomplish and mejorar. but, i know that thanks to the Atonement i will be able to change, and become better, and more like my Savior.
last night i knelt in prayer to my Father and poured out my heart to Him. after praying almost all week to feel His peace, last night i truly felt it. its truly such a blessing to be able to pray to our Heavenly Father, who truly is our FATHER, and feel of His love. to feel He is listening. to feel He cares. i know with all of my heart that He does.

i also know that i am His daughter. i know that i am never forgotten, even if the adversary wants me to think that i am. He loves me. He knows me. His love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, wisdom... its all perfect. His plan is perfect, and im grateful for the moments He lets me know that yes, todo saldrá bien. <3

im going to the temple this thursday, and saturday is women´s conference (all of the hnas in cochabamba are getting together to watch it toether. were also going to learn self defense, and how to make cinnamon rolls with hna hansen. im excited. :)

i feel and hope and pray that this week ill be able to find more peace, and feel that Heavenly Father is pleased with who i am and what im doing. that is my prayer, and what im needing in this moment.

i pray that you as well can feel it.

take care!
hermana wilson

scriptures that have helped me this week...
dyc 28:15-16
efesios 4:32
mosiah 4:6-12 <3
mosiah 24:24-15 (compare verse 15 to mosiah 3:19)
1 nefi 7:17

Hermana Wilson

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