Monday, September 26, 2016

Spring Surprises

surprise numero 1: RAIN! it hasnt rained too hard but i think its rained a little bit each day! which is amazing, bc its been almost a year since weve received rain! vinto needs it. its the city of "apples and water" but... theres no water, and without water there arent too many apples tampoco. &if you know me, i LOVE the rain.. and thunder.. and lightning.. God loves me...

sorpresa two: (all my spanglish is for you, stormi) i was in a small car (trufi) crash today. there was glass but no blood, bruises but no broken bones, and lots and lots of guardian angels im sure of it. God truly does protect His missionaries. we were shaken up obviously, thinking about "what if this, and what if that" but theres no need for the IFs, because the reality is that we are fine and protected and loved from above and all of you. :)

surprise three: i dont have a camera anymore, it was lost (stolen?) in the temple. so... that breaks my heart a little bit (a lot of bit) but elder robbins dies in three weeks and says he´ll leave me his camera, he doesnt need it.. so thats a blessing as well. funny how the trials are always blessings, isnt it? we just have to open our eyes.

surprise cuatro: im breaking my usual format for this week.

thursday we went to the temple, and it was wonderful. its incredible how hard satan tries to destroy our good/happy/spiritual experiences. the trick is to realize its just him trying to throw us off course, and throw HIM out of the way. :) i feel like every time i go to the temple i learn something different (and i do) but at the same time, i just learn the same thing over and over. or, mejor dicho, i am reminded of &strengthened in the same things- that God is my loving, amoroso padre celestial, and that Jesus Christ is my/our Savior del mundo. i learn more about the Atonement each and every time. this time was especially special because: 1, presidente y hermana hansen were with us 2, i got to sit right next to the hermana hansen 3, i got to go with my hijita (H Vargas). :) there truly is no other place in this WORLD like the temple.

saturday was womens conference. all of the hermanas serving in Cochabamba got together in the mission home. we sat in a live cooking session with hermana hansen and learned how to make orange ("cinnamon") rolls (which was ADORABLE watching her and president cook together), we learned self defense for an hour (theres a need for that let´s say), we learned about how to control and fight off stress, and we learned that Hermana and Presidente hansen truly LOVE us. the messages that were shared were perfect and i feel they spoke directly to me.. im in need of feeling God´s love and approval lets say, and lets say that i was able to feel a piece of that this week/weekend.

i also learned the importance of enduring. if we endure, faith and light will enter our minds, hearts, and lives. that light enters thanks to the true Atonement of Jesus Christ. i know with all my heart that the help and strength we need and seek for is available if we just SEEK for it. kneeling and pleading is the first step but after each prayer we have to get back up. after each trial, igual. we have to get back up, keep going, and He will help us in every step. this i know. this i experiement every day. and what a blessing it is to have the Atonement strengthen, change, and comfort me every day of this mortal journey.

the weeks are getting shorter, and time is slipping away. i had a heart to heart conversation with my hijita that im not happy with the level of work were doing, i want to do more, i feel like we can do more, but that i cant do it alone. there were tears but after the tears there were smiles, and i pray that this week and the rest of the weeks are spent in the right direction. i dont want regrets at the end of the mission. although i have to fight of satans lies and efforts to feel desanimada, all i want to do is work and help these people come to know the truth that i know and cherish each day.

its incredible the peace that comes from doing the small and little and everyday things the Lord asks of us. each prayer.. each verse read.. each lesson taught or learned.. the Spirit fills my heart. the peace and strength that comes from the spirit is what motivates and carries me through each day, and i know that thanks to Him not a single day goes by that im alone.

sorry this is short, sorry theres no fotos, sorry for mis faltas.. pero..

God lives. God loves. God knows. God helps.
you, me, and everyone else.

1 juan 4:15

Hermana Wilson

  distrito Lehi! we're like a family!

we have two more hnas in the zone! 
hna ordoƱez (blue dress) and h morales (her hijita)

 were almost as cute as the decorations (WELCOME TO SPRING DANCE)

stormi this pic is for you! her name is hermana lopez and she reminds me so much of you. I LOVE HER, and i LOVE YOU!

 the gringas from women´s conference

the one and only hermana hansen <3
she truly is such an amazing example to me

almost got the spelling right, but thats okay

if he was an hermana, wed have started and ended this journey together... but nope, e wilstead, you have 6 more glorious months ahead of ya. :) haha. WE LOVE YOU MADDY!!!!!!!!!

  family foto! the first three of us (in order) are the hijas of hna ipanaque. then comes the hija of h beltran, and then my hijita... and my oh my are we just growing each and every day. :)

 i secretly hope my husband is one day the president of the best mission in the world (BOLIVIA CBBA) and that this is my bedroom view each night. :)

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