Monday, September 5, 2016

Better late than never!

so.. last week.. (&this week, next week.. :p)

(do you even like to hear randoms? should i stop doing them?)
-the wind was so strong that it shatered the windows of our apartment complex
-my latina blood is showing more each day. im growing BLACK hairs on my scalp, people think hna vargas is talking all the time when its really me, the USA isnt always the first guess when they ask where im from, etc etc... latina on the inside, white on the outside.. haha, as my comp calls me.. im like an oreo. :)
-im still learning spanish every single day. will i ever be fluent?
-my flip flops have officially died. at least the lasted a while.

funny moments..
--"he wasnt ALWAYS such a parasite" -yo (tried saying the word clown, but parasite came out instead.. oh, spanish..
--"what are you thinking?" yo
"estoy quemando" h vargas
"no, in english!" yo
"I AM BLACK." h vargas hahahahaha
--"grave siempre debe estar esparando mi abuelo" hno jhordan, when we were talking about doing baptisms for our entepasados

i LOVE the laugh of hna vargas. when she really gets laughing, i think its one of the favorite laughs ive ever heard. i testify that laughing helps with the stresses of life. laugh more, and you will love more, and you will in turn love life in general more. :)
-i shared a part of my experience receiving a testimony that the BOM is true in our district meeting and e`cortez listened to what i had to say. i felt a peace super strong, and i know everyone can come to know the same if they humble and open their hearts.(see pics below..)
-in my EP i studied the talk "creo?" from general conf and it hit me de nuevo the importance of BELIEVING what we teach, not just teaching it. it is the most joyful message in this world. :)
-hna neisa has FINALLY accepted my dying wish of NOT serving me soup, now im only being served segundo.... not saying the soup is bad, but my stomache doesnt enter all the food im being served.
-being able to leave investigators without doubts at the end of our lessons, and seeing in their eyes that theyre accepting the message poco a poco. :)
- as we study 12 semanas i feel that i have something to teach h varas. not in a manera orgullosa but i feel that i have worth and importance in this work.
-i deicided to be strong even though i was sick because i want my hijita to learn to WORK, and to LOVE the work. time is demasiado short.
-the Espiritu Santo led me to testify of baptisms for our antepasados to janet and her kids, and they felt that their parents & grandparents & uncles are all waiting for this, and theyre excited to get to work on their family history and do baptisms in the temple... isnt the Gospel amazing???
-i truly have HUNGER for the word of God
-im planning a lot more specifically for the people and lessons we teach with specific scriptures , questions, etc according to their needs.. even if the lessons arent word for word, or even if they turn out being something completely different, i know the Spirit is helping me because im putting in my part.
-we found hno brito (I from Brazil, hardcore adventista but seems super interested. hed be an awesome bishop someday) in the street and it was fun saying hi to him and laughing a little bit. its important that we can show were normal people, not just robots.
-when (a member) spoke strongly at me, and was making hurtful commments, etc... the family members defended me, and showed me their love. tender mercies.
- we were able to take home the ward conference flowers. flowers brighten my LIFE. <3
-we had SIX people wit a baptismal date this week, and SIX progressing... ive never jamás had so many. :) alma 26:11-12

miracles and highlights
1 i mentioned him a little bit, but hno Brito is one of our brazilian investigators. his college career is literally studying the bible, he knows it front to back and back to front. ive never been that type of person with the bible, although yes ive learned a TON here in the mission. i asked myself why IM the missionary here in Vinto teaching him, when theres so many more missionaries with a LOT more knowledge of the bible.. but the spirit comforted me and testified that IM the missionary hno Brito needs. that he needs MY testimony, not someone else´s. its okay if i dont know all the answers, it will just give me a chance to study and learn more. i felt such a peace that its the Will of God and He trusts in me.
2. after ward conference, our stake president Elvis Castro shook my hand and leaned back shocked and said "wow, aqui se siente el Espiritu misional"... it was if lightning shocked him. i took me by surprise that he could feel my heart and desires from just a handshake but it made me happy he knows im here to work and give my all.
3. at the end of the mission, we have to submit a few fotos of a different things... one of them apparently is one foto that describes the type of missionary we are. i asksed h vargas what type of missionary i am, and she described me with five things:
1. hard worker
2. strong (in all sense of the word)
3. studious
4. jugadora (not always serious, i like to have fun, be happy, play, etc.)
5. loving.
it was special to hear what she sees in me because she hasnt ever really told me before. it was interesting to hear that "love" was atrtribute #5 because it is almost always the first thing people tell me. i was happy she sees that im here to work, and that i have a love for the work. i love HER.

thank you for all of your support. i feel like the missionary with the strongest support system in the world. thank you for your prayers.


i know this Gospel is perfect and true. the joy we find by living it is unable to describe, sea ingles o español.

mos 5:2
dyc  68:6
1 sam 3:4-10

Hermana Wilson
Discover something new.

 hna neisa made us a cake with piña for hna vargas surviving one month with me
and for me my "one year" in the mission

cake face smash. always

  i used the post-it note idea for our ward´s SOCSOC with a twist on NOT gossiping, and supporting/loving one another... it turned out PERFECTLY. they were all SO happy. :) credit to Antelope YSA <3

 wawa love :)

 with H Mebetabel 

 NEFI FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH! :) (the only thing stopping Mebetabel getting baptized is getting married.) ps, i promise with all my heart im not touching him.. 

 this is Nataliy Rodriguez. she is 15 and isnt a member because her mom doesnt want her to be baptized. (i have yet to meet her mother, and when i do, she will be baptized. im going to put my "sparkle" to work as people have told me this week.) she is literally AMAZING, and an inspiration to me. she went up front and bore her testimony and she said "if you think you have a testimony.. come up front and prove it". she quoted Thomas S. Monson and has a rock solid testimony. shes a light to the rest of us and i pray she serves a mission in the Roseville CA mission someday. :)

 look who we found!  hno gary (cr) coming home from the cuartel

hno narciso announced to his family he knows the BOM/LDM is true, and he has desires to be baptized. :) PRAY FOR HIM THAT HE GETS A FIRM ANSWER ON THE DATE. if he gets baptized the 10th (this saturday), theres a good chance my mission AND temple president will come..... :) 

 it doesnt matter what language you read it in; inglés, español, portugués, quechua.. i testify as a representative of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, that this book is TRUE. it will change your life if you read it with an open heart and faith in Christ.

  i feel like im finding sheep left and right... 

 hna vargas got a kiss... 

... y yo también ;)

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