Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Feeling the love

so this week ive had lots of moments of love. (does that make sense in english?) which, hearing from a few people, is what youve been praying for, and i thank you for that (especially you, mom. i love you)

we now as a mission have emergency backpacks. the missionaries going home in two weeks didnt recieve them, so that means that in the next 6-8 weeks will be the crazy earthquake or flood haha. but its awesome, they have our names and everything we could need for a 2-3 day emergency. they were free and the Lord truly takes care of His missionaries. :)
in the zone conference, i sang in front of EVERYONE with three other elders... we sang "oh Lord my Redeemer" and it was incredible. it was going to just be elders but they asked for "my help" one day and then i got sucked into singing with them. but the spirit was strong and id call it a success even though i was scared to death.
everyone always yells "CHOKA" o "RUBIA" at me from the street/cars, but this week i called yelled "NEGRA!" so that was one of the most proudest moments of the mission. :) haha #quelatinaquesoy

funny moments..
1"what does quejas mean?" yo
"its like saying ´i hurt´or something like that all the time... what i do" h vargas
2 "okay. so robbins is going to forget the line and stand there with his scared face, wilson is going to faint, van skyhawk is going to vomit, and hammond can just sing his solo. listo."
3 "wow, i like your stuffed snake. whats its name?" e fierro
"jimmy" h wlson

today we visited hna jhaneth montaño from frutillar, mi conversa, and it was so special to viist with her and see how she is.. shes truly an ANGEL, and i think today will be one of my favorite pdays of all the mission.. she truly is incredible. <3
singing "oh Lord my Redeemer" truly filled me so strongly with the Spirit. i love the letra to that song and i felt like i was truly singing my love for &to Him.
we were starting a lesson with an investigator (Sergio) and my wawita started to teach the joven rico (sorry, dont remember what that is in english). it was a proud mommy moment. :) she knew what she was saying and she didnt have fear saying it. it was sweet to see her progress.
h liz romero (CR) called us when she needed us and asked for a blessing of health (what  is that in english? i really am forgetting a lot arent i). its not easy for her to let people know shes struggling but i was glad she reached out to us and the blessing she receieved was so sweet. God truly LOVES her , shes such an incredible strong woman.
ALL of the missionaries gave me their full attention when i gave my testimony at zone conference (i was the last one). looking into their faces i realized that i have their respect and admiration. i dont think ive realized the impact ive had in their lives, but it was a moment that opened my eyes. the spriit was strong. i didnt cry, but i did say the word pucha on accident in front of hna pucha (pucha). i had a smile on my face and i bore testimony of my Father, my Savior, and His true Restored Church, and how it has brought joy to my life, and for that joy, i crave to share it with others so they too have that joy (1 nefi 8:12, dyc 76:22).
singing in zone conference. although i still dont like my voice, i did something difficult and put my trust in the Lord. it brought the spirit on a whole new level to zone conference and for just those 3 minutes, every thought was focused on the Savior. it was incredible.
saturday the ward did a "fundraiser" well say for an hna that needs kimoterapy. they sold pollo al horno and pesado a la parilla and juice and brownies (that were actually super good) and they raised over 1000BS so that was awesome. we got to the capilla at a little after 1 and there were sun shades, music, and smiling faces. i truly felt the ward´s love. an hermana bought us a plate (although we also paid for it to donate to the cause), the primary president sent us lemonade and a smile (reminded me of a certain wedding i went to once upon a time,shoutout :) ) with jasmine cayo (i sent jasmine back to lindaura to give her a kiss on the cheek), and we were just super accepted and greeted by the members, something that has been lacking for a while. it was an awesome event to unify the ward for a good cause and remind us whats truly important in life.
my faith grew as i contacted hna maria yesterday in the street. she doesnt attend a single church but she wants to find the truth. she accepted everything we taught her and is scared her husband wont let her come to church or listen to us (freaking controlive husbands.. pray for the bolivian women) BUT she was super humble and had a light ignite in her eyes, and i could tell she recognized this as the truth. i was reminded that yes, the Lord is preparing perople to come into my path and be brought to the knowledge of this restored and perfect gospel
we ate homemade comida ecuatoriana yesterday!! it was SO GOOD, and my heart is happy. (interesting story afterwards, jaja,, but.. after the mission les contaré. :)

milagros &highlights!

1 my hijita is struggling, well say that much. there was one night that she just layed there in bed, crying. i sat by her side and stroked her hair and explained the story behind "walk tall, your a daughter" and then sang it to her. i explained briefly what the verses said (the translation is never the same) and then sang it to her in spanish (thank you syd for sending it to me). her tears calmed as the spirit entered the room. it felt as if there were angels there as well. i asked her if she could feel God´s love, and she said yes. i testified to her that she is a speical daughter of His, and it was amazing to see what God´s love could do as He comforted one of His needing daughters. it was a special moment for los dos, and the spirit strengthened my voice and testimony as well.
2 let me explain hna altagracia. she has cancer, and needs kimoterapy, but she despite her sickness is spreading the gospel to all of her neighbors and always telling us "guess what! i talked to -- this week, and hopefully theyll receieve the discussions!" its awesome. but what is TRULY awesome is she went out of her way to visit an inactive hermana, casilda gonzales. and this casilda gonzales came to the fundraiser saturday, and church on sunday (all three hours), and after more than 20 years is coming back full strong to church and God´s arms. its so incredible to see the Lord work in mysterious ways. maybe Altragracia´s sickness is to bring one of His lost sheep to the fold. i know for a fact the Lord NEVER forgets His "sheep", and its incredible to see the strength of Altagracia as she focuses on others instead of herself.
3. yesterday in principios del evangelio h liz told me she didnt think people so loving, kind, and willing to serve without expecting anything in return existed. she said i was one of those people, and ive changed her life forever. she thanked me for always bringing her the message she needs, and for always coming at the time she needs. it was super special because when i first got here, i was different (obedience) from the other missionaries but over time ive gained her respect and confidence and love and i truly love this woman so much. she has SUCH strong faith, and inspires me truly.. ill try and send a foto of her one of these weeks. but i think that moment was one of my favorites of all the week. knowing i have the ability to change a life, and that ive done it, brings a special joy.

ive officially given my last testimony to the misión bolivia cochabamba (la mejor del mundo) BUT the good news is that i still have one more whole cambio left. this isnt the end. of the email, yes, but of the mission.. not even close . i am fully motivated to continue giving the Lord my all until the very last moment. i love this work, and theres no place id rather be. thank you for always supporting me. i may be horrible at replying but i send my love through my prayers. thank you for las suyas. <3

BE SAFE! (stay away from dogs, drunks, and dangerous men/cars).
hermana wilson
almsa 39-42
Hermana Wilson


wow... this almost made me cry (i would if i wasnt so tired). ask syd to translate. shes my hermanita because h ipanaque trained her also. shes awesome. shes super sad in this moment of the mission, and so its awesome she said such awesome things about me.. super humble..

ya les habia presentado a Hna Wilson es mi hermanita mayor en la mision en la conferencia de zona dio su ultimo Testimonio y es muy fuerte la amo mucho y me recuerda a mi hermanito favorito porque ella también da besitos de perrito jajajajaja

Hoy almorzamos con ella y mi sobrina de la mision Hna Vargas y estaba tan feliz de estar con ellas.... por cierto mi Hnita es muy fuerte y por eso carga su maleta y la de su hijita y tambien puede cargarme a mi ......

Ella ha sido un apoyo muy grande ultimamente, bueno desde siempre porque desde que llegue a la mision ella ha estado pendiente de mi y me muestra siempre su amor....... Da unos abrazos geniales la amo (por cierto ella esta incluida en los destinatarios del correo por eso le hecho tantas flores jajajajajaja)  

Here's the translation: 

(I think the sister missionary who wrote this is writing to her family about Natalie, based on context) 
"I already introduced you to Hermana Wilson. She is my "older sister" in the mission. In the last zone conference she gave her last testimony and she is very strong. I love her so much. She reminds me of my favorite little brother because she also gives puppy dog kisses hahaha.
Today we ate lunch with her and my "niece" in the mission Hermana Vargas and I was so happy to be with them. Definitely my "sister" is very strong and therefore can carry her own bag as well as her trainee's bag (daughter) and she can also carry me. 
She has been a very big support to me lately, well actually always because since I got to the mission she has looked out for me and she always shows love toward me. She gives the best hugs. I love her. And the reason there's so many emoticons is she is copied on this email. hahaha. "

this is elder ellsworth, he goes home in two weeks, but hes one of the best elders out here and has been a huge example for me.

 zone leaders, e robbins and e fierro. theyre AWESOME, and have my full trust

famous "lazy dueces" and h hansen´s chocolate chip cookies.. 
oh, ill miss this.  (e wilstead)

 our musical group... charlies ("h wilsons´s" ) angels haha.  three of the most obedient and tranquilo elderes of the mission, e van sky hawk, e robbins, h wilson, e hammond (jamón in spanish)

 h palma came back to the mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 
(after a tobillo accident and a year of recovery)

 love this girl. (hermana) :)

 e sueldo and our attempts of "making it rain" haha (sueldo in spanish is $$)

could you tell i/we got bored of the typical smile pose? 
e van skyhawk and his hijito, e santos

 "presidente", e pulido (from mi grupo)

  e montalvo and e beecher, ive got a lot of respect for these two as well

 my hijita´s back hurts, so i carried her emergency backpack as well

 thank you crossfit

 he imitated me and i imitated him

  im always giving him waska... 

e medina (mi grupo) is assistant! whoo!!!!!! e smith (ex e ziering) is the other

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