Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Feeling Tronki

just kidding, not trunky aaaaaat aaaall, but i did recieve my go-home date.. so thats that..
its raining outside (POURING) and but im soaking it up in my hoddie sweats and comfy socks (with a fan blowing on us because its still somehow toasty inside the internet cafe). life is good.

shouotut to my cousin mckenna for getting your mission call, thats AWESOME! im so proud of you. :))
&also to adam and jen for getting engaged! whoo hoo! :) felicidades

our mission is going on the upwards slant, and in lots of areas were above the area average.. wahoo! :)
people cant tell the difference between hna varags and i on the phone, and that makes me happy. :)
i have the most painful mosquito bites ive ever experienced in my life, and one bendito mosquito bit me twice on my thumb (where the flesh is, and my inifity ring.. shoutout to traci)
ive been craving chinese food. someone go eat some orange chicken for me.

funny moments
passing a guy and his daughter int he street, i said "están buenos". i meant to say buenas tardes and como estan?¿ but my mind mixed the two into a very awkward phrase and i was red for about a half hour laughing
"todos los hombres son malos... menos yo" e fierro
"im elder robbins, and this is my companion, batman." e robbins

people went out of their way to ask i i was okay at our zone meeting. this zone truly feels like a family, and its going to be sad when cambios hit next week.
i went out of my way to try and make 11 oct (my comp´s birth mom´s birthday) especial. we bought donuts and brought them to the district meeting and sang happy birthday and made a video. she couldnt even talk she was so touched.
we bought 25 oranges for only 8 BS and they were delivioussssss. i thought of you momma.
hna mikaela, a less active member, left to go on visits with us (is that how it would be in english?). it was the first member in such a long time to leave with us and shes not even active so that was awesome.
i was told that i have the gift to laugh, and to make others laugh. that i share happiness with everyone, and that i can cheer anyone up. i have never considered laughing to be a gift, but i can see that it is, and im grateful for my unique no-air (shoutout to madison goldthorpe, love ya mujer) laugh.
trunky blessing.. we taught lizeth, CR, about eternal marriage and the spirit hit me strongly that yes, its true we can be sealed together for time and all eternity to our spouses and children and its what i desire with all of my heart.
h vargas received the impression that hna lizeth reyes (CR) needed a patriarchal blessing when we were teaching el sacerdocio in the clase de principios de evangelio (there hasnt been a teach for two months.. whoo). we called our district leader and he came in the afternoon to give her a blessing and it was just so special, and something that wouldnt have ever happened if h vargas hadnt receieved and acted on her prompting. i know with all my heart the priesthood is the true power and authority of God on the earth today, and im grateful for every worthy priesthood holder that uses this God given power to bless and strengthen others.

true miracles
1. WE MET OUR GOALS THIS WEEK. after having recently only 0 or 1 LCM, our zone put the goal of 7 LCM and 8 nuevos.. and we met them! we also met our goals of other lessons, and we didnt have a single reference uncontacted by the end of the week.. it was incredible to me to see that with faith and hard work (in that order) the Lord truly can help us lograr nuestras metas and the desires of our hearts. my faith increased and i was filled with such a gratitide for His help.
2. we were in a lesson with narciso, and found out he hadnt read his LDM, so we asked where he was and he said jacob 7. we read it together and man, it was as if the Lord was right there with us in the room the spirit was so strong. it was pura waska, and pretty much called narciso out on denying his respuesta and that he needs to act on what God has revealed to him, that this is true... i hope and pray that he does. it truly showed to me once again that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it applies to us in our everyday lives. God´s guidance is right there waiting for us, we just have to open the pages and read. it was incredible.
3. annie! shes a member reference from another ward (avaroa, member gershon). she is truly GOLDEN. she has a little sister whos 8 who was also listening and i have met few people with knowledge like she has of the bible, let alone an 8 year old.. anyways.. we taught the restoration. we focused that it doesnt matter what shes done in the past, that this is her perfect chance to return to God ( its so weird explaining this in spanish). long story short, they accepted to be baptized and in her prayer she started crying, it was one of the most sincere prayers ive heard.. she said we were angels sent to her to help her get back on her feet and find happiness again with God´s help, and she also said that her friend gershon was like an angel for introducing her to us... after her prayer, i hugged her while we were still on our knees from praying and we hugged for a solid 5 minutes i think. i whispered to her if she was crying because she felt God´s love, and she said yes. i testified that those feelings were true. that He LOVES her, that He KNOWS here, and that this is the true church, that all of the happiness shes been searching for is right at her fingertips.. it was so special. its incredible that we can have such a strong connection with people without even knowing them for more than an hour. i truly believe i know some of these people from the pre-life and its brings such a joy to find them in their pains and heartaches and bring them the joyful message of the restored gospel. like people always tell us, it sounds "familiar"... its TRUE, and it isnt the first time were hearing this..
4. yessid. once again our citas fell through (all this week) but it gave us time to contact in the parque bolivia so that was good. i told hna vargas i felt like my "oro" was waiting for me, i just needed to find her/him.. and yessid was my oro. i saw a joven sitting alone (it was nighttime) and usually i wouldnt have gone up to him but i couldnt ignore the feeling i should so we did. i asked him how he was, and he said he was good. i asked him again, and he said that he wasnt good, he was sad. i told him i knew he was sad, but that i also knew that God loved him.. . we sat next to him on the park bench and introduced him to the plan of salvation and he started balling. he thanked us for talking to him and said he needed it. i felt in my heart that if i hadnt talked to him, he would have fallen through with his plans en quitarse la vida. its incredible to me that God can work through us to find His lost children and bring hope and love to their hearts once more. i know that there are people truly waiting for me. even if i never see them again, even if they dont get baptized in this moment, even if they dont live in my area, even if its just a contact... it doesnt matter. what does matter is that i was able to change a life with God´s help. i was able to wipe a tear, or lift a fallen head, or take someone by the hand and tell them they are NOT alone, that their loving Heavenly Father is looking out for Him. and He is.

i feel like i have been taught so much this week but its impossible to share it all this week. ive learned more about the way of the Lord and how He works with us to complete His will.

"not my will by done, by thy will be done". <3
(or something like that, i only know the spanish version..)

have a great week!
alma 36:37
Hermana Wilson

 sometimes i make super fancy breakfasts

 feliz cumpleaños to the other mamá de my wawa

 the dog was happy to see her

crying from onion making arroz chaufa (shouotut to david <3)

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