Monday, October 24, 2016

Feeling Numb

cambios came, and im officially leaving cochabamba! im headed to SUCRE! there isnt too much time to explain sucre but look it up, its worth the time i promise. :) im going to be with hna Rosillo (peruana) as an hermana capacitadora. it caught me off guard, i was expecting to just stay here and die in vinto, but... the Lord has other plans for me

im extremely tired from packing my bags all night, and not too much happened this week, so it will be more of a refexion (how is that even spelt..) &shorter letter.

every single day this week weve had at least two service projects. ive never had so many service projects in all of the mission. we were able to serve the people in different ways though, so that was good. from moving bricks to picking haba to cleaning tiendas to cualquier cosa... i was grateful to use my hands in lots of ways this week. isnt it incredible what we choose to do with our hands tells about a person?  i wiped a tear, (then put it on my tongue to get them to laugh,) helped a person to their feet, hugged a child, shaking a priesthood leaders hand, turning the pages of the scriptures, lifting heavy loads and carrying someone on my shoulders... the list goes on. everything we choose to do has a purpose, and if the purpose is to serve someone else, we will have fulfilled our role in God´s plan..

ive met so many amazing people here in vinto and ive grown so much as a missionary. ive gained more confidence, more knowledge, and more joy each day in the Lord´s work. ive had high points and low points but through all the "points" ive been able to see the Lord´s hand leading me and thats truly the only thing i can ask for. He has strengthened me through His Atonement. i have been able to become more of the servant He needs. He has worked miracles through me. He has touched and changed hearts, (mine included). i cant even explain the gratitude i feel to be able to lift a person back to their feet and help them feel God´s love.

this Gospel is so simple and so true. i love it. and i love it when people understand its importance.

saturday was jasmine galarza´s baptism (daughter of members, hno narciso´s granddaughter). it was a little hectic with the details but when it came time for the ordenance, and as she entered the water, and her father baptized her with the true authority and power of God, the Spirit testifed to my heart the truth and sacredness of this Gospel. this was our conversation beforehand in the semana
"jasmin, why do you want to be baptized?" yo
"because jesus was baptised" jasmin
"and why does jesus being baptized make you want to be baptized?" (its better in spanish, sorry)
"because i want to follow His example." jasmin

that is exactly what we invite investigators to do in the very first lesson, to "follow the example of jesus christ and be baptized by someone who holds the true priesthood power and authority of God". it is of HIM whom i testify, represent, and love. it is JESUS CHRIST that we all need to do our best to follow His perfect example. and perfect it is.

its always touching to hear and see the impacts weve had on people and their lives. this morning our bishop called me (6:20 am) and expressed his gratitude for my service. he said that he and his family and the ward truly are going to miss me and its going to be a hard spot to fill for future missioanries. he asked my apology for not helping me more, for not doing more for the obra misional, but i told him not to worry. hes a humble man, and it was humbling to hear him express his love and gratitude for me. it testfied to me that when our heart is in the right place, if our desires are aligned with God´s, anything is possible. im leaving vinto better than how i found it and i pray that it can continue progressing. i truly love these people. my companion, my ward, my investigators, the people in the street.. its incredible all of the moments and experiences ive experienced here but im keeping them close at heart and i look forward to what these next and last 6 weeks bring.

have a great week! sorry this letter is all over the place. im filled with mixed emotions. im not sure what to expect but i trust in my SeƱor to lead and guide me to those who need me.

sonrie! :)

Hermana Wilson

heres jasmin with her dad johnny & brother cristofer 
(not sure who the little girl is, i think its her classmate)

h mebetabel, h giomara, y sus hijitas 

obispo raul jauregui, barrio vinto

 zona quillacollo! im truly going to miss these people, theyve become my family

 part of the district Nefi

 RIP E´ Robbins! heres the closest thing youll get to a hug. youll be missed!

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