Monday, September 21, 2015

Family, stop worrying about me!

im in the lords hands, and theres no better place to be.

i have no idea how i got sick. i didnt eat from the street, i never drink anything that isnt from the bottle (sorry, i havent been using the purifyers, i dont want to take the smallest chance). i wash my hands al the time. etc, etc, etc. im extremely careful.

i wasnt feeling too great this week. i hate going to the doctors and held off as long as i could, but... i felt like i needed to go, so we went friday morning. i took a bathroom test (funny story, thiought it was a urine test..... definitely, uhm, wasnt.)  and went on the white diet. which really isnt too bad, hna ancalle is a good cook. :)

i got my results today. no, i dont have a parasite. im to finish the medicine im on right now, and i have two other medicines that im to take, and then the pain should be gone. im going in next week after my medication is gone to check up and get the go clear.

honestly, dont worry . im OKAY.

i got a blessing yesterday from my zone leader. it was in english, which was weird to hear, but helpful bc i could understand everything. i am promised to have health, and that i just need to bear this with patience. which i am. you can include me in your prayers, but this is nothing that i cant handle.

my companion is taking extremely good care of me. i cant express all she has done for me, physically and emotionally and spiritually and mentally this week. but shes been my milagro. (her names milagros. im pretty sure i mentioned it before, but my first daughters middle name will be milagros. after her for partially, but also for more reasons.).


i love you! :)
you can pray for me if you wish, but i have full faith that Heavenly Father is with me. it isnt bc im not worthy, it isnt because i did something wrong. it will pass. He knows me. He is with me every step of the way. :)

thank you for your love and concern, but... concern no more. :)
also, your christmas pkg was sent today! syd &david, im sending yours next week. look for big brown envelopes in the mail!: )

hermana wilson

Hermana Wilson

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  1. Why am I just now stalking your blog?! So excited to catch up on all of your mission awesomeness. We love you!!